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"That self-absorbed, nosy, little prick!" Zero huffed, throwing his coat onto the coach in the suite's main area. He stormed over to the window and shoved his hands in his pockets as he looked over the city. He heard Kaname tip the bellhop and then close the door.

"I know Zero, but I took care of him." Kaname put his arms around Zero's shoulder from behind, trying to comfort his lover. Zero sighed and tilted his head back so that it was resting on the pureblood's shoulder. He closed his eyes and tried to relax. "Yeah, I know. Thank you by the way." Kaname smiled gently and pressed his lips into Zero's soft, silver locks. "No problem."

Two hours before

After their plane had finally landed, Zero and Kaname had met a representative with the company Kaname was working with. The business man had met them with a limo and on the way there, Zero had been ignored while the other two vampires reviewed the material for the next day's meeting. Several miles from their hotel, they had finished their business and were having an idle conversation. Suddenly, the noble had turned to Zero and then asked Kaname if his "pet" was pleasing and if he knew where he could get on of equal beauty. The car suddenly seemed to get smaller and darker. The noble nearly shrieked when the wine glass in his hand exploded. Zero looked over to his lover whose face showed a frightening calm. Kaname kept his even stare at the noble as he reached over and picked up Zero's left hand and held it up. "Zero," he said to the noble, "is not my pet." He held up his own left hand with its matching ring. "He is my life partner and I would appreciate it if you remember that."

The noble's wide eyes flicked between the exhuman's glare and the pureblood's serene gaze. He finally bowed his head and crossed his good hand over his chest. "My apologies sir. I will not make the same mistake again." Kaname nodded and pulled out his handkerchief, tossing it to the noble. "See that you do not."

The limo stopped in front of the hotel and a valet opened the door for them. "Please tell your boss I will be there in the morning along with Zero Kiryuu-Kuran," Kaname told the noble before joining Zero outside of the car. "Yes Kaname-sama," the noble whispered. He sighed in relief when the car's pressure returned to normal as the pureblood and his mate walked into the hotel. He pulled the handkerchief away from his now healed hand and folded it so that he could clean it later. "Won't do that again," he mumbled.

Present time

"Hey Kaname?"


Zero turned his head slightly so that his lips tickled Kaname's ear as he spoke. "We have not checked out the bedroom yet," he whispered seductively. Kaname hummed in agreement and slipped his arms off of Zero's shoulders so that the hunter could turn around. Zero sucked on Kaname's neck before pushing his fangs into Kaname's bite spot. Pleasurable shocks ran through Kaname as their bond opened their minds to each other. He tilted his head to the side so that Zero could have better access. His hands travelled down the hunter's body and cupped his backside. "Zero, jump," he moaned. Zero slid his fangs out and looked at Kaname in confusion. Kaname pressed upwards slightly on Zero's cheeks. "Jump," he repeated. Zero finally understood and jumped so that his legs encircled Kaname's waist, looping his arms around Kaname's neck, but leaving enough room for him to lick up the few stray drops of blood. After the pureblood's neck was clean, he pressed his lips against Kaname's. Kaname kissed back as he supported Zero by keeping his hands on his backside, not that he would ever complain. He quickly made his way forward, to the suite's bedroom. The French doors swung open and the entangled couple entered, their hard and heated kiss never breaking. They finally reached the bed and Kaname laid them on top of the silk comforter. Zero unlooped his arms and blindly worked at the buttons on Kaname's shirt. After the offending piece of clothing was discarded, he worked on the dress pants, slipping his hand underneath the boxer's waistband. Kaname moaned and bucked into his partner's hand. As Zero attended to him, Kaname copied Zero and began to remove the hunter' clothing. Soon both vampires were nude and a pile of gasp and mans as Zero stroked Kaname and the pureblood inserted a finger into Zero, using their own pre-cum as lubricant. Kaname quickly entered two more fingers, desperate to claim his lover.

"Zero, I want to try something new. Do you want to?"

Zero stopped his hand and looked up at his lover. No, he thought with a smile, his husband. Kaname had stood up for him earlier too and had proudly claimed him. The pureblood deserved a treat. He lay back against the bed and spread his legs wider. "I better be able to walk tomorrow." Kaname kissed Zero on the lips. "Yes sir and thank you. Now, roll on your side."

After a moment of hesitation, Zero did as he was asked, waiting for the next instruction. Kaname tapped Zero's thigh, the one on top of the other. "Lift please." Zero did and he looked over his shoulder as Kaname threw the thigh over his shoulder and straddled the other. He slid closer to Zero's hips, his arousal pressing against Zero's entrance. "Ready?" he asked. Zero clenched the sheets by his head and nodded. Since it was a new position, Kaname eased himself in instead forcing Zero to accept him. Zero pressed his face into the pillow as he adjusted to the new feeling. When Kaname was fully seated, he reached down and turned Zero's face. Moist amethyst eyes met his and he felt a pang of guilt. "You okay Zero?" Zero saw the guilt run through Kaname. He turned to kiss the palm of Kaname's hand which was still on the side of his face. "I am fine Kaname. Just give me a second." Kaname smiled down at his lover and since he could not reach the hunter' slips in his current position, he settled for hissing the inside of the thigh on his shoulder. One hand reached around to Zero's member, pumping it to full arousal.

"Nnn!" Zero moaned in pleasure. "Kana…me…move," he commanded. Kaname set a slow pace, his thrust matching his hand's movement. Zero jolted as he felt fangs slide into his thigh. "Ahh…Kaname! Damn it!" He clenched the sheets tighter. "More." Kaname chuckled as he pulled out his fangs and lapped up the excess blood. "Yes sir," he purred. He pulled back so that only the tip of his member remained and then slammed back in, continuing the movement. "Zero, you are amazing," he groaned. Zero just panted into his pillow, a line of saliva running down his chin.

"Crap!" Zero shouted as white liquid shot across the comforter. "Kaname," he gasped. Kaname thrust harder into his husband and threw his head back and arched his back as he released into Zero. He then bowed his head as he tried to catch his breath. "Kaname?" Kaname looked down at his lover. Zero's eyes were bright with a loving glow but his eyelids were starting to fall. He tapped the piece of bed beside him. "Come here," he mumbled. Kaname gently pulled out and got off of Zero. When Kaname was no longer holding him, Zero rolled onto his stomach and pressed the side of his face into the pillow. Kaname kneeled beside Zero and Gingerly lifted the hunter's hips. Zero gave a groan of protest. "Hold on Zero. I am pulling down the sheets." After the task was done, he settled on his side facing Zero, pulling the covers over them. He rubbed Zero's lower back beneath the cover and Zero let out a sigh, his eyes drifting closed. "You alright Zero?" Kaname asked with a hint of concern.

Zero forced his tired eyes open to look at his lover. He crooked a finger, beckoning Kaname closer. Kaname leaned in and his worries flew out the window when a familiar set of lips touched his gently. Zero pulled back just enough that Kaname could look into his eyes. "I love you," he whispered. Kaname kissed his lover again. "I love you too." Zero relaxed back on to the bed with a sigh and closed his eyes again. "Zero, I need to clean up." Zero mumbled something about waiting. Kaname smiled wickedly, "I could clean you too if you want." Zero opened one eye to glare at Kaname. "Try it and you won't get any for a month."

Kaname pouted and snuggled closer to Zero. "So cruel." Zero hmphed in acknowledgement. The room was silent and Zero was about to let his guard down until he felt the rubbing on his back go lower. "Kaname," he growled in warning. Warm breath tickled his ear. "You would not last a month," Kaname whispered. A calloused hand grabbed his arousal in a painful grip. "I can if there is nothing put in me," Zero growled, squeezing tighter.

"Okay, okay!" Kaname gave in. The grip eased and Kaname reached under the covers to bring the hand to his lips for his own protection. "Still love you Zero."

"Love you too. Now go to sleep! We have to go to your meeting tomorrow," Zero grumbled. Soon two chests rose in even rhythm, intertwined fingers with matching rings lying between them.

Author's note

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