The Not So Perfect Rachel Berry

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Rachel Berry's skirts and blouses were always so clean and wrinkle free. She would iron them the night before and hang them on the back of her door

She would do this just before slipping into her bathroom and pulling a blade out of her shick razor. She would step into the shower and run the blade along her stomach and the very tops or her thighs. She would turn on the shower and watch the blood pour down the drain. She was always careful never to spill blood on the floor or wipe it off on any of her towels.

Rachel Berry was a straight-A student. After her evening shower she would do her homework and study for her upcoming tests. She was the perfect student; every teachers ideal student.

She would study until her eyes could barely stay open and then she would down a couple more tablets of speed that she would buy from the school drug dealer. She would take some more pills and she would study some more. She was always careful not to wake her fathers while she studied.

Rachel Berry was in love with a boy. He was the hottest guy in the school. She let everyone believe that it was just a small crush. He was spoken for. He had a baby on the way. She took his rejection with grace and perfection.

She would tell her father's she was going out on Friday nights. That she was staying at Tina's or Kurt's house. She would then end up at the local university to attend a party. She would drink and smoke things handed to her and end up in a college boys' bedroom trying to forget that the man she loved was having a baby. She would wake up disoriented and stumble to her car, slipping back into her bedroom to sleep.

To everyone around her, Rachel Berry was perfect and strived for even more. She was good at everything she did.

Sure she got slushies thrown in her face, called a freak and recently got denied to the summer program at Julliard over the summer, but she would cope.

Rachel Berry was perfect.

She was perfect at pretending to be perfect.


So.. kind of dark.. I just thought of it the other night and wrote it out. I was planning on it only being a one-shot