Chapter 3

"So Rachel, I think that you need a whole new image. I mean, did you see the guys staring at you after you changed your clothes? I wish I got that much attention." Britney sighed as she dragged Rachel through the mall.

"You do get that much attention Britney. Plus, there aren't very many people out there I want attention from."

"But there are some people you want attention from. Plus; don't you want to be a big Broadway star or something?"

"Well yeah, but-"

"Then c'mon. The more attention the better right?" Britney said as she pulled Rachel into a 'Forever 21'.

Together they went through the entire store, looking at every rack of clothing. Britney pulled out jeans, belts, cute tops and some jackets. They spent hours in the changing room trying on different outfits. Rachel looked good in all of them. She made sure that nothing revealed any of her scars and always changed behind the curtain. Britney changed out in the open and knew why Rachel was hiding but didn't want to say anything to her just yet. They were just becoming friends and she didn't want to scare Rachel off.

"Umm, Brit. I'm not going to be able to afford all of this stuff." Rachel said as she watched Britney pile up all the clothes she wanted Rachel to get.

"Don't worry about it Rach. My daddy gave me his credit card. If he asked what I bought I'll show him something from by closet with the tags still on." Britney grabbed just about everything Rachel had tried on and walked over to the cash register.

"You really don't have to do all of this Britney."

"I'm happy to do it Rachel. Trust me. You're my friend." Britney watched Rachel's confused expression. "People don't do nice things for you very often do they?"

Rachel shook her head no.

"That's too bad. You're a really nice person Rachel. I wish things were different for you." Britney hoped she was getting through to Rachel a little bit. "But, if you feel a little guilty I'll let you buy me some dinner." She said as she handed the Sales Rep her daddy's credit card.

As they walked to the food court, Britney spoke, "you know Rachel; there are people who care about you."

Rachel turned to her. "Hardly. Everyone just tolerates me. They tolerate me because they know that in a couple of years I'll be gone. Hopefully to New York City but you never know. People don't care about me Britney. I learned that from Finn." Rachel confessed.

"Finn? All of this is about Finn. Rachel… Finn is an idiot. Quinn has his so whipped its ridiculous. Plus with the baby on the way…"

"He kissed me." Rachel said. "Then he told me not to tell anyone." Britney gasped. "Then when I quit Glee he asked me out on a date. Used me. Made me believe that we would be together if I came back to Glee. Then he went running back to Quinn." Rachel said with distaste.

"None of this is Quinn's fault Rachel."

"I know that. She can be very nice."

"You need to forget all about Finn ok? He is no good for you. And pining over someone who treats you like crap is no way to go through high school Rachel. People do care about you. I care about you… and Puck cares about you too."


"He lets you call him Noah. He really cares about you. I think he kind of likes you."

"You and him are in on some kind of sick joke aren't you?"

"No Rachel. Puck does like you. And he worries about you too."

"Why would he be worried about me?"

Britney knew she was saying too much. "Well, yeah. I week. He's really sorry for all those times he's gotten you."

Rachel looked at Britney strangely. Sure, she was a little weird, but Rachel liked her. Maybe she could have a friend in highschool after all. "I have to admit, Noah has been quite nice to me lately."

"Just give him a chance. Let him into your life. He might surprise you."

End Chapter.

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