A/N: Hey, hey. So here's the first chapter of the sequel to Chekov Can't Lie. I should have the second chapter up pretty soon, it's already written.

Kirk lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling. His breath was heavy with nerves. "This is going to be weird," he stated. There was movement to his left and his hand was covered by one much warmer.

"There is no need to speak of this, if that is what you wish, Jim," Spock spoke softly and Kirk was still not used to it. He laughed.

"Spock, it doesn't matter if we speak of it, which by the way, I know you won't anyway," Spock tilted his head in a way that Kirk knew meant explain. "Everyone knows that you love me. Everyone knows that we had dinner together, alone, in my quarters. Also, I'm pretty sure that Bones and Chekov both know that I love you back, because, apparently, the two of us are very transparent." Spock raised his eyebrow disagreement. "I know!" Kirk practically shouted. "That's what I said. But anyway, everyone knows that we've fallen for each other and the minute we walk onto the bridge and they see all the tension between us gone they're going to know we're together," Kirk seemed exasperated. Spock pondered his words before commenting.

"I fail to see your dilemma, Jim," Kirk sighed.

"It's a common human response, Spock. We care about what other people think."

"You are embarrassed by our situation," Spock stated. Kirk shifted onto his side so that he could face Spock.

"Of course not, Spock. How could I possibly be embarrassed when I have the smartest Vulcan Starfleet has ever seen by my side?" Spock turned his head.

"Then I do not understand your frustrations," Kirk sighed again.

"Look, Spock, I'm your superior officer. A romantic relationship won't look good. I am afraid. I'm afraid that people will think I took advantage of you or something. I'm afraid that we'll get in trouble for this. I'm afraid that you'll leave me," With that, Kirk rested his forehead against Spock's.

"Jim," Spock stated in a serious tone. "I would never have entered into this arrangement had I not seriously considered and dismissed all conceivable arguments against it." For a moment Kirk was stunned.

"What?" He asked, pulling his face away from Spock's. "Are you telling me that you've already had this conversation, by yourself?" Spock once again tilted his head.

"Esentially, yes."

"Well, I'm offended by that."


"You left me out of a major relationship discussion! It's like I don't even matter. Here I am, freaking out and you're just cool as a cucumber because you've already done this!" By this time, Kirk had rolled back onto his back and ripped his hand away from Spock's.

"I did not 'leave you out' of anything. I considered the repercussions of a relationship with you long before you knew of my feelings." Kirk turned back to Spock.

"Then why didn't you say anything earlier?"

"I was unaware of your reciprocation. I assumed that you viewed me solely as your first officer."

"Oh," Kirk breathed, beginning to calm. "So, there's really nothing you consider to be, threatening, to our, well, us?"

"That is correct, Jim." Kirk grinned.

"Well then," he started. "I guess there's nothing for me to worry about," He took Spock's hand in his own and laced their fingers together.

"I agree." They continued to lie together for a long while before Kirk finally spoke again.

"The alpha shift starts in nine hours." His eyes were closed and he assumed that Spock's were as well.

"You require sleep."

"Yeah," Kirk said, yawning. "I'm exhausted." Spock nodded, unlacing his fingers from Kirk's and sitting up from the bed. Kirk's eyes snapped open. "What are you doing?" He asked, seeing that Spock was preparing to leave. "Where are you going?"

"I am returning to my own quarters to meditate. You require sleep," Spock seemed confused by the question.

"Well yeah, I do, but," he hesitated for a moment. "I was hoping you would stay."

"You wish for me to remain here as you sleep?"

"Yeah, I figured you could sleep here too. You know, on the bed, with me." Spock's surprise showed in his face.

"I was under the impression that humans considered 'spending the night' to be a somewhat advanced step in a romantic relationship."

"Well, I know we just started this but, I mean, you've liked me for a while and I've liked you for a while and, I just, don't want you to leave," Spock didn't have to think about his answer.

"I will of course remain then." Kirk beamed.

"Good." He moved over so Spock could lay back down. Spock looked at him strangely.

"Surely you do not intend to sleep in your clothes." Kirk looked down.

"Oh right," he said. Spock almost smirked.

"You seem to be having a great deal of trouble with clothes this evening, Jim." Kirk blushed, remembering his issues when Spock first arrived.

"Shut up."