A/N: OK, well it's been forever and a year since I last updated this story. I had major writer's block. However, I found that my new story, To Hell With Logic, totally cleared up my brain. So when I got writer's block on that one. (LOLZ) I thought up ideas for this one. Anywho.. A lot of people were asking for more Sulu/Chekov time, so that's what pretty much this whole chapter is about. But, BE WARNED, I don't know their characters as well as I do Kirk and Spock so it's definitely a little OOC. Like.. majorly OOC. But, uh, I tried… so you try to enjoy. ENJOY!

Chekov's entire face instantly turned red and his eyes went wide. Kirk never lost the smirk on his face; in fact, it grew larger as the seconds ticked by. The bridged was silent.

"He- he what?" Sulu asked. Chekov didn't stick around to hear the answer. As soon as he heard Sulu's voice he stood from his station and ran to the turbolift. "Pavel! Wait!" Sulu shouted after him. By the time Sulu got to the turbolift it had already departed. "Damn it," he cursed.

"Perhaps you were too harsh, Captain." Spock stated.

Kirk just laughed. "Yeah, maybe. But now no one's going to be talking about us. Besides, I'm sure they'll get over it." And true enough, the gossip around the bridge was no longer about the Captain and First Officer. After all, everyone already saw that coming.

"Whatever the case, Captain, it seems like we are now in need of a replacement pilot and navigator."

"Oh yeah," Kirk said, looking around. "I guess Sulu took off after Chekov. I wonder how that's going to work out. Well, anyway, Mr. Spock. Find us two ensigns that have nothing to do."

"Yes, Captain."

Kirk smirked again. "I love it when you call me that."

Spock did the Vulcan equivalent of rolling his eyes at Kirk. "You are being highly inappropriate, Captain. I request that you maintain professionalism while we are on duty."

"Yeah, yeah," Kirk retorted. "Just know that I'm gonna rip you out of that uniform as soon as we're off duty." So much for laying low about their relationship. Spock now openly stared at his commanding officer with wide eyes, as did the entire bridge crew. Kirk glanced around. "Right, I was going to try to be discreet about our relationship." He laughed a little nervously. "I guess old habits DO die hard."


Sulu ran down a hallway of the Enterprise. "Pavel, please wait! We need to talk." Pavel continued to move forward, ignoring Sulu as best he could. "Please, Pavel! Is what the Captain said true? Please tell me!"Chekov slowed his pace so that Sulu could catch up. "Finally. Did you hear me?" Chekov didn't answer. "Please, Pavel, I need to know. Can we please talk?" Chekov finally decided to give in.

"My quarters?" Chekov questioned in a small voice.

"Well we seem to be headed that way anyway," Sulu replied. Chekov simply nodded and continued to towards his quarters. They walked in silence the entire way. After getting into the room the two men remained quiet. "Um," Sulu attempted to start. "I don't really know how we should talk about this."

Chekov tried to play off his embarrassment. "Then let's not." He said with a fake laugh. "The Captain was just being silly."

"Then why did you run out, Pavel? Please don't try to cover this up like it didn't happen." Chekov went quiet again. "So was he telling the truth? Do you- you know- love me?"

"Eh," Chekov stuttered.

"Well?" Sulu pressed.

"I- I don't know." Chekov said, his face once again an unnaturally bright red. Despite the situation, Sulu laughed. "What?" Chekov demanded in an angry tone.

"You're just so cute, Pavel."

That didn't help Chekov's embarrassment. "I thought I was the one trying to change the subject."

"This is the subject."

"I don't see how they're related," Chekov said, remaining stubborn.

"Well I figure, if I'm demanding to hear your feelings, I should probably tell you mine." Chekov wasn't expecting that.

"O- oh? A-and what feelings are you talking about?" He was staring at his feet, desperate not to look at Sulu's face directly.

"Well, I really like you, Pavel. When I heard what the Captain said I was really surprised. I didn't know you felt that way about me. I hope that he wasn't just messing with me because," he paused. "Well, because it made me really happy."

Chekov was shocked. "I-it did?" He asked. "I mean! No! He wasn't just messing with you! I really do love you, Hikaru!" He soon realized what he had just shouted and became embarrassed again. "I mean-" But he didn't have time to take it back. His words were stopped by strong arms wrapping around his waist and another mouth covering his. After about a minute he was finally released.

"Don't you dare take that back, Pavel," Sulu said in a slightly deeper voice than normal.

"Ok," Chekov squeaked.

Sulu kept one hand on Chekov's waist and moved the other to the younger man's face. "I know this is kinda sudden," Sulu began. "But, I'm pretty sure I love you too. So, I'd really like it if we could go out."

Chekov just nodded dumbly. "Yeah."

"A date tonight then? After our shift, dinner in my quarters." Chekov nodded again. Sulu went in for another kiss. "We should head back to the bridge."

"Yeah," Chekov said again. He seemed to have developed a problem with speaking in sentences.

Sulu chuckled. "Come on," he said letting go of Chekov only to grab his hand in order to drag him out of the room. "I'm sure the Captain's going to see the results of his meddling." Chekov blushed again, realizing that they would have to face everyone on the bridge. "Calm down, Pavel. I'm sure he's said something stupid enough in the time we've been gone that no one's even going to pay attention to us."

Chekov remained embarrassed but said, "You shouldn't talk about the Captain that way."

Sulu laughed again. "You know it's true. Kirk is a great man and an amazing Captain but he never thinks before he acts. You've got to admit that."

"I suppose," Chekov mumbled.

"So let's just get this over with," Sulu demanded as they got into the turbolift. Chekov's nervousness didn't dissipate. When the turbolift opened onto the bridge all eyes turned to them. "Uh, we're back." Sulu stated with an awkward sort of laugh present in his voice.

Of course, Kirk was the first to speak. He twirled around in his chair and grinned one of his famous grins. "Ah! So the lovers are back! How'd it go?"

"Captain," Spock said in his best shut-the-hell-up-and-do-your-job voice. Kirk just glanced over at his First Officer briefly before returning his gaze to the two embarrassed, lesser officers in front of him.

"Well?" He asked.

"It went quite well, actually. Thank you for asking, Captain. Now we'd like to continue with our shift." Sulu said, attempted to keep Chekov from exploding with embarrassment.

Kirk's grin fell. "That's it? That's no fun. What happened? What'd you guys talk about? I need details here."

Sulu and Chekov had already relieved their replacements and had taken back the seats of their respective stations. Sulu turned to look back at Kirk. "Then you'll have to speak with us after this shift. We have work to do, Captain."

Kirk sighed. "That's a load of crap and we both know it. This ship practically runs itself."

Uhura's laughter interrupted Kirk's little fit. "Just because you don't do any work, Captain, doesn't mean the rest of us don't." She laughed again. "In fact, that's probably the reason why you don't have any work, we do it all."

Kirk sat up straight in his chair. "Well, I take offense to that. I do plenty of work."

"Oh yeah? Like what?" Uhura questioned.

"Well," he said, trying to think of something. "Aha! I always think of awesome plans to get us out of danger."

"That's true," the communications officer conceded. "But aren't you usually the one that puts us in danger in the first place."

Kirk thought for a moment. "Damn it." He slumped down in his chair and Uhura laughed again. "You know what!" Kirk exclaimed jumping up from his chair completely. "I'm a damn good Captain! I have to do all the diplomatic crap, talking to a bunch of washed up Starfleet admirals and acting like I give a crap about what they think of my ship. Plus, I'm always having to talk to the leaders of weird alien planets. You guys remember the last mission? With that tentacle guy that kept coming on to me? I'd like to see any of you deal with that kind of shit. My awesome skills may make my job seem easy, but believe me, it's not!" It was safe to say that by this time Kirk had completely forgotten that he was supposed to be hassling Sulu and Chekov.

"Yes, sir," Spock began. "You are, indeed, a fine Captain."

"That's right I am," Kirk said taking back his seat. "I'm a damn fine Captain, and don't any of you forget it." Spock once again 'rolled his eyes' and the bridge went quiet again.