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This fic will be Truls Rohk and Bek centered, because I LOVE them both. Summary....um...well basically Walker wants Truls to look after Bek in case rabid, magic raping beings happen to sense the presence of the wishsong in him. Truls is to act as protector and he is also to keep an eye on Bek's magic, warning Walker if it does surface. Little does our druid know, Truls Rohk intends to do a little more than just ensuring Bek's safety and keeping an eye out for the wishsong. For in his mind, how can Bek truly be safe when he has insanely powerful and unpredicatble magic that he cannot control? Especially if he remains as ignorant as Walker wants him to. Of course then, how long will Truls remain an unknown party to the voyagers and how long will Bek be able to maintain his charade of average cabin boy with secret magic lessons every other night? And what will others say when they do find out? What will Walker say? This will be a mentor type fic and probably not romantic, although I'm still debating.

Ch 1: Thoughts or Plots

"What did you want, Druid?"

Walker controlled his instinct to jerk in surprise and merely turned to face the dark shadow that was Truls Rohk. The instant back-step that any other who had not known and trusted the shape-shifter for so many consecutive years as Walker had, was no longer present in the druid. It had not been for some time, although the abrupt apparition of Truls, who towered above most men (or he would he if did not hold himself with that prepared hunched posture built into him from years of solid survival among other dark creatures and the cruelties of prejudiced or frightened men) was terrifying to behold and had not diminished in it's intensity. Walker waited a moment for the minute surprise that was alive within him to fade. It would be best in the long run if this meeting was something for which the shape-shifter could recall with the sense that Walker was sure-footed and strong-willed. And Walker knew Truls to be animal enough to detect any hints of uncertainty or discomfort.

"We need to discuss something very important. First off, I must have your word that this conversation travels nowhere beyond us, except for the party that we will be discussing. I will also need you to swear to me now, that you will at least consider and think about what I will say and not dismiss it as irrelevant or too risky for it's worth."

The densest portion of shadow - what Walker knew was Truls - appeared to shift, layers of darkness detaching from itself to resettle into another place. Low, rumbling, throaty sounds reached the druid's ears. If he had not known Truls so well, he would have mistaken the dark laughter for growling. Not that the latter wasn't any less likely with the Truls.

"You want me to swear to you that I will attempt to see this hazardous trap from your side of the forest, as opposed to finding the best route from my own. You want me to reassure you that I will attempt to utilize the very distorted and nonsensical logic of yours. See it from your over ambitious mind. All without even the skeleton of an explanation for what trap it is that I am to see and avoid."

Walker listened to his friend and ally stifling his laughter again. He waited patiently for the worst of it to subside.

"This is important, Truls. I need you to promise me."

The shape-shifter sniggered venomously again.

"Promise you something of which I have no knowledge. Games-playing. Barely the voyage has begun and you are already at work with it. It is all well and fine for you, and I admit it is amusing to observe you in the midst of these games and to see the outcomes, but I want no part in them otherwise. You should already know this, druid. I hold nothing but disdain if it is I who is involved in your plots. Why should I swear to you? And how would you know that my word was even trustworthy? I don't harbor the foolish morals that men do. What is it for me to break a promise? Even to an old and good friend."

Walker regarded the bear like shadow, stiller than the death in the secrecy of night. How to make him see?

"I need for you to hear me out. No interruptions, no changing the subject, no leaving me to talk to myself. Just listen. From there, I ask only that you think about what I say. I have known you long enough to know to expect for you to disagree with me, and probably you will try to find another method or your own way, if not leave it as a hopeless cause as soon as I finish. But you must consider my thoughts. I am by no means holding you to it, but I want you to think before you decide. I do not think that that is so much to ask."

Everything was still. Walker may as well have been consulting himself. But he knew Truls' patterns. At least enough to know when to acquiesce to his silence.

"Speak then, druid. I will consent to think," Truls growled suddenly in that low, threatening rumble.

Walker settled his thoughts and pondered how best to begin.

"It's about one of the boys that I sent to impart you with my message. Bek, is his name." Walker paused to gather his thoughts further.


Walker was jerked from his mind. The shadow rippled slightly as he looked at it, throaty laughter emanating forth again.

"You think I wouldn't notice? The boy all but reeks of his heritage. It would be unlucky indeed if he were to cross paths with a ret. They are magic thieves. But then again, maybe that is what you were planning all along."

"I did not bring Bek to use as bait." He ignored the laughter from the other. "However, what you said is on par with what it is that concerns me.

"Bek will undoubtedly discover the use of his magic soon. I need for you to watch over him and inform me immediately if he does, as well as take care of the situation. Also, he will need a…protector of sorts…until he discovers the wishsong. And then from there until he learns to control it. As you mentioned, others are likely to detect it in him as you have and they can become threats.

"Once Bek begins to utilize the magic, he will need someone to monitor him and ensure that he doesn't get into trouble with it. It is quite powerful, and a daunting heritage to come to terms with."

"Are you going to allow him to stumble blindly until he does discover it?" the shape-shifter interrogated. "If that is your brilliant plan, then how will he ever learn to control it? He'd be safer and better off if you tell him now. Then he can have time to practice and to 'come to terms with it' as you put it, in the relative safety of the ship and its crew."

Walker pondered his response, sensing the importance of his answer.

"I do not think that now is the time to tell him. Do not worry about that. That is the problem that I must oversee. You need to worry about watching him, keeping him safe, and perhaps becoming his friend, although I will not press it if is against your wishes. But it will be difficult for you to aid him later on if he is just then getting to speak with you and judge your character as trustworthy or not."

"A cautious boy then. With powers he is unaware of, which can cripple him when he does discover them, as much for their strength and lure as for the way in which they will mark him as different."

Walker cocked his head in interest this time. This was a most unexpected turn of events. He had never heard of Truls relating to others in such a manner before as he was now. The prospects of this whole mess working out suddenly brightened. Truls could become Bek's friend through his own choice after all, it appeared. He fought to contain the smile that pulled at his lips.

The shadow paced away from him, to the other side of the room. Truls moved, presumably to turn around. It was a mark of the nature of their friendship that the shape-shifter would trust him enough to allow him to fall from his sights. But then again, Truls was likely observing him and assessing his motions and actions through other means.

"So I am to think on this? That is all?"

Sighing, Walker shifted, his lone arm wrapping around his torso. He looked into the cowl.

"This is very important, Truls. You are one of the few among this crew that I can trust completely. Furthermore, you are realistically the only one with the skills and capabilities to watch and protect Bek. The only one who can watch his magic." He quieted. "And you are right in your thinking that the two of you share similar pains, and similar problems from them. This likely makes you the only one who can help him once he does uncover the use of the wishsong."

The dark shape rippled menacingly. When he spoke, Truls' voice was a raspy growl which Walker knew he forced into lower tones for the sake of discretion. "And when, druid, did I ever say anything like that?"

"It was implied," Walker said calmly, placatingly. He waited for his friend to settle down within himself. It was signified to Walker in the form of a rough, bark like laugh that ended as abruptly as it had begun.

"So it is important. You keep repeating," he growled, moving again, as if agitated. Walker was not sure. "So. What part of this did you think that I would disregard? It does not seem so terrible a task, granted that it should be yours, but I know how you like to involve others in these games. I will play along. Watching a boy is child's play for a shape-shifter, Walker. You should know that."

Walker could feel eyes studying him from beneath the cowl. He tried not to let the relief that he wouldn't have to argue with or persuade the other to show.

"You have shown…reluctance before with regards to my thoughts."

"Your thoughts?" The shape-shifter cackled. "You mean plots, druid. How well you manipulate others and their actions. That is not thinking!"

"Even so. And please keep this between the two of us and Bek when he does come into his magic."

The other shivered, a series of venomous rumbles resounding lowly throughout the darkened room.

"Are you suggesting that I would make myself known to others without a care? You know I prefer to do things differently. At least in a place like this. But I will not inform others of the boy's potential or of my doings regarding it. Do not worry.

"And druid, just because I disagree with you on most things, does not mean that I will fight you with something so mundane. Do not lather your 'ideas' in such suspense in the future, or I will contest you simply for a lack of patience. I was beginning to wonder if you'd decided that the crew needed a lesson on survival in the wilderness from me. But no matter." He brushed the air with a hand. "I will watch your boy, and I will watch his magic."

"Thank you, Truls."

"One more thing, druid." Walker looked back at him. The darkness shimmered, then solidified. "What about the boy's awareness of these events? Surely you do not hope to keep his heritage caged from him until just before the moment when he will need it? That would be a very poor plan, even for you."

"Do not concern yourself with that. I will talk to Bek in the future, but not now. It is too early yet."

The other huffed a guttural laugh, stifling it quickly into dangerous cackles.

"Too early? And when in the future? The future is a big and vague thing, druid. Surely you know this? And why is it too early? Is there any sensible reasoning behind this newly hatched scheme of brilliance? Or am I losing my capacity for intellectual thinking and sketching details?" He stopped to laugh lowly again, the reverberations deep and animal like.

"These are not matters you need to worry about. It is too early because there is still much time before he will ever need it and in that time he can build doubts and fears, which will make using the magic all the more difficult once he does uncover it.

"Besides, there is much about the magic and about the story of who he is that will also need to be explained. I have not yet determined what it is that he needs to be aware of nor how best to relay it once I do. These are more delicate things, Truls. I would feel more comfortable with the wait and if I could plan ahead a little."

"So you believe the boy will falter if you give him the time to become accustomed to it? To learn how to use it and live with it? What sense does that make? You best revise your 'ideas', druid, or else these early mistakes will catch up to you."

Walker began to respond, then stopped, realizing that the shape-shifter had departed. He was left standing alone in the dim little room, pondering his friend's words and becoming increasingly uncomfortable with leaving Truls to think in such a manner without more firmly advising him against worrying. Without clarifying that it was his problem to solve, not the shape-shifter's. That it was important for Bek to remain comfortably unaware for the time being.

Why was he fretting about Truls' words? The other rarely did involve himself with other people unless he had to. Or if his interest was piqued. He certainly did seem interested in Bek. But enough to do anything more than watch and protect? Probably not. That wasn't Truls Rohk's style. But why then, was Walker so worried? What was it that his magic imbued instincts were warning him off?

Contemplating this new possible dilemma, Walker frowned into the relative darkness and tried to label the piece of the puzzle which so disturbed him.

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