Hey, it's me! Apparently I'm not busy enough, so I'm starting a new story. Again… Hope it's not overdone, or clichéd.

Me no ownsies Maximum Ridey. Or GI Joey. Or- Why am I talking like this?

Third Person POV

Fang stood there in front of General Hawk. Why am I doing this? He kept asking himself. And every time he did the picture of Max running down the hall, the blood curdling screams…

"You're young, but you have-advantages," the full grown man had to change his words. He knew that the "advantages" came with a deadly price. One that shouldn't be being carried by the sixteen year old bird-boy.

"You don't talk, do you?" Hawk asked, only getting a shake of the head from Fang. Ever since Max had died he'd taken a vow of silence.

"But you can fight?" Fang nodded.

"How well?" Fang just looked at him.

"What's your name?"

Fang shrugged. Anything but Fang, he grimly thought.

"How 'bout this? We'll let the Joes choose. Unless you want a particular name?" Fang shook his head.

"Alright. I know about your age. The Joes wouldn't exactly be happy if they knew you were still a minor. Can we keep that a secret? For now, at least?" Fang nodded.

"Here's a suit." Fang felt a bit of childlike giddiness bubble up in him as he looked down at the ninja-like suit. It was almost enough to make him show expression. Almost.

"Kid, you know how much of your life your giving up?"

Fang looked Hawk straight in the eye. Do you know how much you're helping me? Fang wondered.

"Your room is down the hall. The Joes won't be back for two days. All or them have flown out to different countries to represent GI Joes. This should give you enough time to get used to the layout, right? Good."


Dukes POV

This was the boring part of being a Joe, I thought as I entered the Pit. All the faraway meetings.

"So, Scarlett… I was thinking," Ripcord started on Scarlett. (Who is not Brigid. Ya know, red head braniac. It's just a coincidence.)

"Rip, please stop. I've had enough head aches." I complained.

"Whatever, whatever," he replied.

Everything was going straight until I saw a glimpse of black. "I turned and saw someone (probably a man from the height) dressed in black. I dropped my things and chased him.

I caught him on surprise. I took a swing at him, but he just ducked. Way too fast. Neoviper, I thought. But how did M.A.R.S. do it? I thought Rex was locked away for good.

We fought (well, more like I fought and he just… won.) for a bit then Hawk came.

"Hey! Both of you! Duke, stop it. This is a new member," he informed all of us. What the hell was this new member? Too fast to be human. Maybe. Nah, he probably just worked out a lot. Yeah, that makes sense. He's probably an ex-ninja assassin.

"General, sir, you haven't told us his name," Scarlett said. She turned to ninja assassin dude. "What's your name?"

He just stood there. "Look, Bud, the lady asked you a question," Rip said.

"Listen up. I know this is a little weird, but he doesn't talk," Hawk informed us.

"Then what's his name?" Scarlett asked.

"He doesn't have one."