Chapter 1
The Road of Forgotten

Spyro slowly crept his way down the stone path that was laid out before him. Weary corpses watched him intently as he made his way. The impulse was to start running, but voices that consumed his head warded this instinct off. "Wisely and slowly is the runner who always finishes."

"I… want to win though." Spyro commented as though it was not at his own will; cautiously taking long glances at those who watched pretentiously.

"Then you have met the ugly head of temptation. You must battle this enemy until you are steeped in his blood. The path has many obstacles, Spyro, many barriers that you must negotiate to reach the end of the line. It is temptation that may throw you to the wayside like those others. It is the choices you make that make you, or break you."

"Why am I here? Why must I walk this path? What is at the end?" Spyro broke down suddenly getting over the initial feeling of the situation.

"We all walk this path, Spyro, and the matter of why is known only by the one who walks it himself. At the end of this path must be found on your own time. I could just as easily give you the name of this thing, but that would not quite paint the right picture for you. You must find it within yourself to do that."

"How do I do that?"

"Once again, a question that you will have to find out for yourself. For each there is a different answer. This is a road of self adventure and it's not by far an easy one, Spyro. You will encounter greater barriers than what many will. Greater temptation, greater hardships. It's upon you to avoid caving to them. To avoid becoming one of the forgotten and falling to the wayside."

Spyro could feel their eyes boar into his skin from every angle as he continued his trek on ward. "What becomes of them?" he asked.

"They are forgotten, Spyro. They in fact arethe forgotten. You will soon become one of them should you allow yourself to cave into that evil temptation Spyro. It will not be an easy task, but should you succeed the rewards are endless."

The eyes would not let him escape from their ever never wavering glare. His flesh felt loose upon him; feeling as though it was crawling with bugs underneath.

"Is this real? Does this place exist?" Spyro asked uncomfortably.

An older dragon materialized before Spyro and looked down upon him approvingly. "The question of reality depends upon what you mean by the word it's self. Should your concept of reality lye within material objects and things then your humble answer would be 'no'. Reality to me however would assume the answer to be 'yes'

"Wisdom is gained only through the study of life it's self and drawing theory's from your own personal experiences. One may become knowledgeable through the reading of books and practicing their skills, but they will not have truly become to the greatest of their possibilities until they have immersed themselves in life it's self and tarried within it's confining walls of spirituality."

Spyro soaked in each and ever precious word of advice and wisdom as they were thrown onto him. "How do I know if I am on the right path?" Spyro asked.

"Does this place stir your essence? Does it make your skin crawl in fear of what might become of you?


"Good, good. You all ready have begotten your first step to wisdom and gained a great tool in the process of warding away the demon of temptation. A fear of immortality will take you far even on it's own, Spyro."

Spyro continued his slow progression down the path. The feeling never relenting even in the presence of another dragon.

Mean while a perplexing question gained momentum in Spyro's mind until it compelled him to ask it aloud. "Who are you?"

The elder dragon turned his head around to him and took a glance. "Spyro, I am the evening. I am the sun rise. I am the seasons. I am all that you have ever seen. There is not one thing that I don't have a hand upon. From the stars that light even the darkest of nights to the smallest, most irrelevant blade of grass. That is what I am. I have not had a beginning. I have yet to meet an end. I don't know if you should be asking who I am, but rather what."

Spyro opened his moth to follow as prompted, but before the question was even be asked the answer was forthcoming. "The what is not even a question that I'm able to answer. The question of what is a truly difficult question for all of us regardless of who we truly are, and especially for one that is in my state. A life seemingly with out beginning, a never ending one that seemingly hath no end. It's like being trapped on a beautiful island all by yourself, Spyro. A misfortunate blessing."

Spyro realized that he had little comprehension of the revelations that was presented to him. At first it had seamed as though it was something that the Chronicler would have done, but as the conversation turned more and more towards that of the other it felt as though he was there simply for his company now rather than any real importance. "What purpose does this serve? And where is this. I know you have said that this place does exist, but yet at the same time you have also said that it is not a material place. So where is this?"

"Wisdom alone my bring you the answers to all of these questions. I could reveal the answers that you seek, but the truth behind each statement would not make sense to you, or would be soon forgotten, unworthily begotten."

"Do you have a name?"

"The sad part is that if I had one I don't remember that. The years sure have a strong effect upon the mind and the body. The mind forgets all that it had once known and the only thing that remains is the basic structure that make you who you are; only the soul remains in truth. Only the soul endures and avoids this slow and crippling endless death walk that I seam to be trapped within. Counted as I have the times that I have reached the end of this path, only to lose track. Taking in all of that surrounds millions of times and memorizing the entire length of this cursed path. The eternity I have spent so close to the world that I so much would like to be reborn into only to be scorned by this endless trail."

It truly was sad for Spyro to watch the elder to state his distaste for his position. Being lost to the world, forgotten with his honor still intact. The ages surely had a place for this being. History must know his disposition some how. Something must have been recorded about him in the Chronicler's books somewhere. Chances were that he might even have a whole book to himself by now. Nobody could possibly be completely disposed into such a state without history having so much as a whisper.

The dragon turned to him once again monetarily as light bulbs light up about his face and he smiled a depressing smile. "You know young one, it gets to the point that you know who you are, what you believe in, and how you feel about things, but yet the reasons and situations that brought those feelings about are completely and totally dissolved. In old age we all become creatures of habit and simply cease continuing to shape our person. I have long been crossed over into that void. My essence lives on here while my mind lives off else where in a world that has long since past. I don't know why I'm attracted so to that world that is strung together only by brief flashes of photographic memory. That may be the only memories that have endured"

They continued their trek onward. "It has been so long since one of such power has been present that I do not even know what become of my old friend. It has been many centuries since I have had a coherent company. I believe that his name was… oh, my memory once again fails me. He looked and acted in many ways just as you do now. Silently sorrowful of my situation and yet not fully understanding. If my memory served me correctly as it used to I would be able to tell you all about him, his name, what he looked like and everything. Unfortunately I can not remember a thing about him. Yet you vaguely remind me of him in some sort of way."

The dragon blankly looked onward as though he was deep in though. Spyro could tell that he was no longer consciously present with him. It was not long before he had returned however.

"The morning sun breaks over the horizon." He said surprisingly in contrast to all of his other gloomy assertions. "Your new day awaits you at the doorstep of consciousness. Loved ones await. A great day it shall be for you today."

"Shall I see you again?" Spyro asked hopefully.

"As long as you don't slip or mess up. So long as divinity is still within your grasp you shall be able to reach me at any time. I'm always traveling the trail and always watching as you make your way down the path and until you have reached the entryway I shall be at your side.

He took one last long glance at Spyro before raising his head high and nodding his farewell.

"May this new day bring you great blessings and provide you with great triumphs."

The bright morning rays shone through the window at the foot of Spyro and Cynder's bed. Their body's intertwined in one another from the long and recuperative night's rest.

He could feel the life stir within her with each breath as her lungs tasted the pure sensation of reality over and over again. Cynder's skin against Spyro's engendering sparks of emotion deep in Spyro's gut giving birth to butterflies of joy.

Cynder's ebony eyes opened up and stared directly into that of Spyro's. "Good morning, Spyro" she said affectionately.

"Morning, Cynder" he replied in perpetual bliss.

Outside of their room the city was just beginning to spring to life. Moles and dragon's alike conversing on an even plain. Many of them headed to their daily post of defense or for the younger ones their place of study. The verbal exchange in the streets was hardly audible through the thick walls of their bedroom as the couple took in each other and absorbed every single moment with their lover and stored it within their heart.

"You get a good night's rest?" Cynder asked.

"An interesting one to say the least." Spyro chuckled in reply.

"Oh, how so?"

Spyro debated with himself rather or not he would have the time to tell Cynder the entire story so he rolled over and massaged the back of Cynder's neck. She surrendered herself under his hands and relaxed her entire body in complete submission.

He finally decided that he had the time to tell her the story before they themselves followed those outside to their training session. "Well, that would be a long story to say the least…"

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