Final Notes from the author:

As my time upon this site that has done so much for me dwindles down I find myself leaving it with a reputation that I can both be proud of, and disappointed in. With over 20,000 hits to all of my stories only my first fic isn't a lemon based story. Something that I hate writing I have become popular for. With the advent of Mating Season this has become ever truer. I hope that those of you who have read this as well as my lemons that you'll remember this over top of them

This is what I enjoy writing, this is all that I have ever wanted to write. I repaired this fic in hopes that some of today's readers will erase their memory of my lemons and replace that with this.

This is my true love in writing. I hope that you have enjoyed this. Old as it is, I think that it still stacks up against my newer works. Feel free to drop in a review.