**Authors note**

Hello, I hope you like the story, I just had this great idea, and had to write it up! But be warned, I don't know how often I will up-date. I seem to go through stages where I write a lot, and where I don't write at all, but I promise I will try my best! ^_^ Also, I would like to deducate this story to my friend JasperSaysRelax128, she wanted me to write a twin story, so I am! Enjoy, and review!


The twins did something to anger Nekozawa incurring his wrath. But the curse that was meant for them had some unexpected interference. "let's play which one is Hikaru game!"

A foreboding aura filled the hallway to the host club room that was unnaturally dark. It would have sent chills down any normal persons spine, but when have the Hitachiin twins ever been normal?

They where bent over in laughter, seemingly unaffected by the menacing presence in front of them.

"Haha, you should have-"

"seen the look-"

"on your face!" they said together hysterical tears streaming down their faces, and mirth dancing in their eyes.

Nekozawa on his part could not find the humor in the situation. "My precious Berezznoff!" he said, voice dripping with anger. "What have you done to my precious Bereznoff!" Anger clouding his eyes as he held the slightly charred doll in his hands. "You will pay..." he said in a soft, and slightly crazed voice as he reached into his robes to produce a hand full of dark powder.

The twins looked up at the comment, trying to tame their laughter, leaving them with gleeful smiles on their faces that looked slightly demented. "What are you going to do with that?" kaoru questioned in a taunting voice.

"throw it in our eyes?" Hikaru mocked.

"he!" a sadistic smirk twisting onto Nekozawa's face. " REVENGE!" and threw the dust to the jeering duo.

Haruhi walked down the hall wondering why it was deserted when it was normally so full of life (and fan girls), but quickly dismissed the thought. She had to get to the Host club before she was late for fear of the shadow king adding to her debt.

More debt was the last thing Haruhi needed. At the pace she was going, she would barley be able to pay off by graduation. She didn't want to think what it would he like if this continued on longer. The thought of it was enough to cause a slight cringe. It's not that she didn't like them,because she did. They have all become her precious friends, and she wouldn't trade them for the world, but they could get a little overwhelming at times.

So deep in her thoughts that she did not notice that she was walking right into the path of something she would have been much better staying away form.

Passing in front of a form that she now recognized as Hikaru she was startled to feel a jolt go through her body as midnight black powder covers her. She could dimly hear the sound of a thud on the ground as she falls down. Her vision swarming, and balance off kilter.

What was happening? she wondered, she had this strange feeling of weightlessness, like she was floating and none of the normal laws of gravity applied to her any more.

She basked in the feeling and distantly wondered if she cracked her head on the floor, and was now hallucinating. She had to be she decided. There was no way this was really happening, it felt to good to be real.

Just as she was getting used to this idea of floating in nothing she felt a sharp pull in the opposite direction form where she came. She was disappointed, she didn't want it to end. She wanted to keep floating. She wanted to feel the calming bliss that it brought her. How cruel fate was to bring her such happiness only to take it right back.

She let out a groan as she felt herself slam into what felt like a steel wall. She could distantly hear voices behind it. She strained her ears out of curiosity, the voices sounded so familiar. But who where they?

By now she could feel a pressure building up on her back as if to force her through the 'steel' wall but she knew that wasn't possible. That is until the pressure began to build.

She silently whimpered as the 'steel' began to form around her dragging her as the force upon her body pushed. She felt like she was suffocating. If she wasn't already dead than she was now. There where no words to describe the agony she was going through. She just wanted it to end, to make it go away, for she didn't think she could stand much more.

As if waiting for her to ask the pain disappeared, all that was left was a dull ace through her muscles. 'Thank god' she thought just as everything went black.

It felt like only moments later that she awoke to a blurry face hovering over her. She squinted her eyes and made out the worried features of Hikaru.

"Kaoru!"he exclaimed as he puller her into his arms in a tight embrace "Thank God, I was so worried when you and Haruhi passed out!" Her face contorted in confusion, Kaoru? She looked over her shoulder to see that Tamaki had her in the same position on the other side of the infirmary with shouts of daughters, fathers, and other words thrown into the mix. Wait her? How could she be there when she was here?

"Sorry Tono, but your not my type," she heard her voice say in a bored voice, right before her eyes opened in shock and locked on to hers.

"Oh shit." Haruhi said, her voice coming out in Kaoru's voice as she was suspecting it would. She could feel the beginnings of a head ace.

Kaoru (in Haruhi's body) gave Tamaki an uncaring shoved and made his way to her and Hikaru, confusion written on his face."Haruhi?" he asked in an uncertain voice, catching the rest of the Host Clubs attention.

They exchanged worried looks, "Haru-chan, are you feeling okay?" Hunny asked as he tentatively stepped forward, usa-chan clutched tightly in his arms.

Hikaru slowly let go of her giving Kaoru a strange look.

She let out a tired sigh, "unfortunately, yes." Silence descended on the room.