Midnight in Konoha, a city somewhere close to the coast…

A child's wail could be heard piercing the night. A small blond boy had just learned that he had lost his Father. Naruto's Father had worked for a powerful Mafia that controlled half the city. He was the head, they said… His dead body was found by his small son when he ran into his Papa's room because of a nightmare. Little did he know… His nightmare was just about to begin…

At the same time, on the thier side of town, a little Raven looked out of an window into the night, Sasuke could not sleep, he was in a state of Numbness, he had been for the past year, when his brother had killed his whole family, leaving behind his small brother. Not out of love, but because a siren could be heard in the distance, and getting closer fast. His brother disappeared into the night, leaving not a trace, except walls washed with his entire family's blood… and a petrified child in the bedroom.

18 years later… Royal Konoha University


Sasuke walked into the overcrowded Main hall, looking around with a bored expression on his face. Year one of hell begins today he thought to himself. Sighing, he turned left and made his way up the stairs to his assigned dorm room. He had requested a room alone, and with a couple of smiles, and sweet glances at the dean, not to mention a wad of cash, he was granted permission. A peaceful, uncluttered year at the top University in Konoha.

Looking around the spacious room he noted why he had paid that much money for the privelege of attending. His room was in short magnificent, not what students at other Universities were accustomed to, this was luxiourious and well adapted for the best. His obsidian eyes flicked to the bed, the silver and deep blue covers did indeed look luscious, begging to be touched. He ran his hand over the covers, yes, he thought, I am definitely going to enjoy myself here.

Making his way out of his room, he quietly walked down the hall, he was hungry, and he needed to find the cafeteria. As he walked through a set of double doors, he noted the overflowing hall packed with students, getting in line would probably place him beside some girl who would start to drool… or cry… or both…

Sasuke knew he had good looks, but the way women acted around him sometimes let him to wonder if by any chance they missed out on the existence ot millions of other men, just as good looking, but available… Something Sasuke considered himself not to be. To anyone…

Nevertheless, he got his tray, paid for the food and pointedly ignored about ten ogling, giggling girls in the background. Looking back, he scanned the area for a place to sit. He located a vacant seat beside two boys who seemed decent. Sasuke decided to go in for the kill. "I sorry, is anyone sitting here?" He politely asked, the boys turned to him regarding, One had shaggy brown hair, with dark red triangular marks running down his face, the other had long chocolate flowing tresses that were loosely tied at the end. "Sure help yourself."

In no time at all, the Shaggy boy (his name was Kiba) started talking up a storm, where Sasuke wasn't much for talking, neither was, apparently, Neji (long haired boy) but their sitting together, listening to Kiba explain all about their teachers and hwre each one of them was dorming, not to mention exchanging cell numbers, was somehow quite comfortable and Sasuke was sure that they had somehow become friends.

Halfway through their lunch, their conversation died off when the cafeteria suddenly became quiet. Everyone turned to see what the cause of this unnatural behaviour could possibly be.

It turned out to be a young man, tall, powerfully built, with golden hair that was long enough to just graze his shoulders. His bangs covered his eyes, but as he walked in with a stony expression, the wind blowing through the doors flew by and Sasuke caught a glimpse of cerulean orbs, at the time narrowed and looking around intently, whatever the boy was looking for, he spotted it and made his way through the now growing loud again café.

What he was aiming for was an empty table in the corner by the window. As he passed by their table, a whiff of orange scent enveloped them.

Sasuke was confuzed, the young man walked in and everyone hushed as if afraid. He studied that man closer. From the profile alone he could tell that he was extremely handsome, With sun kissed skin, and that golden hair, the captivating eyes. Sasuke could not understand why he wasn't flocked by a fanclub of squealing girls.

Whats his secret? Sasuke wondered. He himself had to constantly be on the lookout for them, they trailed after him like fleas, pestering him and clinging to any available piece of him they could get.

As he turned to his friends to ask who he was he was met with a smirk from Neji and a smile from Kiba. "That would be Naruto Uzumaki" Neji said. "Hes also known as the Yellow Flash of Konoha, apparently he's the fastest runner recorded in the history of the city." Kiba added.

"They wanted him to represent n the Olympics, but he refused right off the bat." Neji cut in, "Not to mention hes the scariest dude you will find here." Kiba chimed.

"Why?" Sasuke inquired, eyes flashing briefly to the blonde who had by this point plugged himself into his Ipod and was staring out the window eating peacefully.

"His Father was rumored to be a big shot gang leader" Kiba stated eyes hard, "He was murdered when Naruto was young, but stil, no one wil go near him even now, hes bad news." Kiba said

"What Kiba means," Neji cut in, "Is that Uzumaki over there has no friends, is rude to everyone around, not to mention explosive, on top of which he is strong to the point of scary, so no one WANTS to mess around with him."

Sasuke turned his attention to Naruto, he didn't feel scared or ruffled by the blonde, Sasuke was Uchiha, which meant that very little ever got to the point of ruffling him, and he did not scare easily, what he did feel was a sense of understanding. Mainly because he knew how the blonde felt, being shunned and rejected because of what he was. That was the reason for Sasuke in moving from the other side of town, to escape the whispers and looks people sent him because of his brothers murders, that many years after the Uchiha massacre, the raven was still a hot topic among the society in which he lived.