"So, is there anything that I can do for you, Hisako-sensei?" asked Miyanokouji Mizuho, inside the empty staff room. Hisako Kajiura-sensei was there with him.

"Mizuho-san, I'm sure it will take some time for you to adapt to this school."

"Err…. Yeah, I guess. But I got Mariya-san, Sion-san, and the rest of them, so….."

"Now that you are Elder as well, is it really ok for you?" Hisako-sensei placed the extra notes onto her table before sitting on her chair.


"Is Sion-san with you right now?"

"Err, yeah. She's waiting for me outside."

"Sou ka? Ja, let's forget about her for the moment."


"Mizuho-san, since you are still new here, yet you are already Elder as well, the school teachers' council had decided to help you out with your duty as Elder."

"Eh? You mean….." Mizuho sounded surprised.

"Look, what I mean is that we have decided to allow you to have an Assistant Elder for you. The principal has already approve it as well. That's why I'm telling you now. You will be having your own Assistant to help you. It shall be a new post introduced immediately this year, for your sake."


"That's right. Someone who is capable enough to guide you and help you out in fulfilling your duty and responsibility as Elder."

"Oh, I get that?"

"We haven't decide who should be your assistant, but, if you think you have someone you think can help guide you along as your helper, then we will accept your suggestion."

"Well, actually…………… I already thought of it……. Well…….."

"Ara? Then, who is it?"


"Sion-san? For real?

"Yeah. Sion-san's last year's Elder, isn't she? Well, I'm sure she will be a good assistant to me."

"Hmmm…." Hisako-sensei rubbed her chin for the moment, frowning.

"I know Sion-san didn't finish her duty as Elder, but I'm sure of her capabilities. Plus, if she's my assistant, won't it be just like her carrying out the duties that she missed the previous year? I mean, she will be helping me out right? So it's almost like she's indirectly fulfilling her unfinished responsibilities as the previous Elder. She will be helping out with Elder, I mean, me. It's like she's also the Elder here. I can still learn more from her." Mizuho made up his mind there.

"I see your thoughts already." Hisako-sensei pushed up her glasses. "I guess I can't stop you if you already had your own decisions. Go get Sion-san in."

"Haik." Mizuho hurried to the door and opened it, and peeped outside. "Sion-san."

"Mizuho-san?" Sion was leaning against the wall. "Are you done yet?"

"Err…. Hisako-sensei wants you in. It's about the Elder post. Come in."


"Well…. It's also part of my idea, I guess."

"Hi hi." Sion just giggled. "If it's Mizuho-san who did it, then I guess I got no choice." she entered the staff room.

"Sion-san." Hisako-sensei looked at both of them standing side by side. "From now onwards, you are the Assistant Elder to Mizuho-san. You shall help her….."

"Sensei, Sion-san knew my true gender." Mizuho cut in."

"Mmmm." Sion nodded her head.

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Sion-san, help Mizho-san whenever you can in his duties. Oh, of course, it's her when it's around the school." Hisako-sensei cleared her throat.

"Sion-san as my guide, I won't have to be afraid anymore." he turned to her. She just smiled.

"Sion-san, you know what an Assistant Elder should do, don't you?" Hisako-sensei continued her words.

"I understand, sensei. I shall help Mizuho-san in carrying out his…. Errr, her duties as Elder, as part of a compensation from my previous stint." she bowed her head at Hisako-sensei.

"It's great working out with you, Sion-san. Yoroshiku onegai shimazu." Mizuho turned and bowed at her.

"It's my pleasure to serve Onee-sama, too." Sion smiled again as she bowed in return to him.