Chapter 1

I sat staring out the window, another dreary day of rain creeping in. You would think since we had to move away from the tiny town of Forks, Washington that we could at least try to escape the rain, but no dice. Being a semi-one of kind creature had its advantages but they didn't do me too much good since the rest of my family had limitations on the daytime activities available to them in sunnier climates.

I could go out in the sun, on the few days the weather afforded such a luxury, with only a slight sheen on my skin. Nothing too obvious that would ignite a supernatural suspicion around town. Most people just chalked it up to a good genes and clear skin. Of course, my interaction with people had always been very limited up until recently. I had been growing so quickly that I had to steer clear of people for quite some time, so it was nice to finally be able to be in public on a regular basis.

I had reached my full grown stature about a year ago. Well, at least I think so. I haven't noticed any substantial growth spurts in a long time. The only long stares that passed my way now and then were if I was out with my "Aunt Bella and Uncle Edward." That was the story anyway, which worked well enough in theory, but when we were seen together the resemblance was so uncanny people had tendency to stare. We would have to think of something else soon to pacify the gossip because we all looked the same age now.

My face was a nearly a perfect blend of my parents. I had inherited my father's peculiar honey-bronze hair color, which had grown out in soft waves to the middle of my back. My eyes were the rich, chocolate brown my mother had in her human life, but I didn't have too much of an inference from her immortal face. I wished I had picked up a little more of my father's height, but I had the same slender shape as my mother and matched her 5 foot 4 inches.

Of course, as vampires, they were inhumanly beautiful, indestructible, fast and agile. I was half-human so I blended in better with humans, but I couldn't match their speed or strength. My skin was softer and warmer yet just as durable, and I was faster than any human….stronger too, but I had definite limitations that my vampire family did not. As far as we knew I was immortal and would not age or change much from my current state. We did share the same "vegetarian" diet, meaning we only fed on animals, only I could exist on human food. However, the local grocery store didn't hold the same exhilaration as hunting did.

I tapped my fingers rhythmically on the window sill, letting the impatience seep in, while the rest of my family went about their day. Carlisle was at work and the girls had taken a trip to Seattle to shop. I held my mother's disinterest for fashion and shopping, but somehow my aunt Alice had managed to drag her along on another shopping spree. Alice had a knack for using mom's easily influenced nature to her advantage. Emmett and Rosalie were on another honeymoon to who knows where this time and weren't expected back anytime within the near future.

Only dad was around today. Earlier we played chess and, as usual, he won. He did compliment me on the improvement of my strategy though. Not that I ever expected to win against him, with him picking every maneuver out of my head, but I could at least use his cheating gift to my advantage with everyone else.

His gift frustrated people at times but I was accustomed to it by now. I knew how to control my thoughts around him if I needed. Plus, I had a somewhat formidable gift of my own. I've had it as long as I can remember. When I was a baby it was a highly effective form of communication, transferring my thoughts thru touch, but over the years I learned to manipulate it into something much more.

I heard my father's footsteps on the stairs and as he walked over to stand behind me.

"Waiting for Jacob, love?" he asked

I continued to stare silently out the window but nodded in response. Was my boredom so obvious?

"He'll be here soon." He assured me.

We hadn't moved too far from Forks. Just far enough that I could escape the requirement of having to attend public school, but close enough that Jacob could stay connected to the rest of the pack in La Push. He usually stayed there during the week with his dad, but came up to visit with our family on the weekends. He was running a little late today and it was hard for me to keep my attention focused.

We were going to go to La Push for the weekend. Evidently, some Quiluete tribal meeting where the elders told old stories and roasted marshmallows was on the horizon, and my mother said I shouldn't miss it. I was just excited to have an excuse to get out of the house for a change and Jacob had been talking about it for weeks.

Jacob and I were "soul mates" as my father explained to me a long time ago. He told me old stories of the Quiluetes and 'imprinting'. In his explanation, Jacob was tied to me in the strongest way humanly imaginable. I was his sun, so I had been told. The reason for his existence since the very day I was born. He loved me completely, the way I needed throughout each stage of my life. To be honest, it all seemed a bit dramatic to me the way he explained it- comparing it with all the classic love stories.

As far as I was concerned, Jake was my best friend. He had always been the person I laughed with, a buddy I spent time with on the weekends. He was like a big brother in a way, but that was it for me on my end. Still, if it bothered him he never let it show. He came to visit, sometimes pitching camp in our living room or a spare bedroom for weeks on end. We were practically inseparable and I couldn't imagine my life without him. He did everything I wanted to do, always putting me first- he was completely selfless in every way.

I heard the door open and Jake's voice bellowed thru the front door.

"Hey, anybody home? Where is everybody?"

I turned to around to see him tuck his massive 6'7 stature under the door frame to look around.

"Hey Jake, good to see you!" my father yelled from the kitchen. "Where've you been? I was going to call you to see if you wanted me to drive Renesmee down myself."

He looked over at me and winked, "I was worried she'd waste away waiting for you by the window."

Jake looked over and flashed me a huge grin, his perfect white teeth glowing in the dim light of the living room.

"Oh yeah…did you miss me, Nessie?"

I grinned back at him. "Of course! You have no idea how much I could use a change of scenery right about now. I've been cooped up here for days." I replied.

Jacob looked over at my father and shook the rain out of his hair.

"Is it cool if she stays in La Push overnight? It's my turn to be on clean-up duty after the bonfire. I can bring her back in the morning."

"I suppose that would be alright" he agreed with a shrug and turned to face me, his lips twitching a tiny bit at the corners. "If that's okay with Ness?" as soon as he said the words it was obvious he knew what my answer would be.

I ran up the stairs at and grabbed my pajamas. It wasn't very often I got to stay out overnight. The Clearwater's were nice enough to host me on the off chance I couldn't make it back home since we moved. I used to stay at Billy's but I felt bad making Jacob take the couch. I was honestly surprised that he could even fit on it when he was lying down. He looked so uncomfortable all crunched up but he never complained.

Jacob had already walked back to the car and started the engine. I bounded down the stairs and out the door planting a quick kiss on my father's cheek as I left.

"Thanks, love you!" I called as I shut the door.