What did the band say to the drummer when they didn't want him in the band anymore?



That was just hilarious was it not?

Okay so now for the real reason of this post….

Duh duh duhhhhhh!

Drum rolling….(and it's a solo drummer cause his band said to beat it) ahhaha I crack myself up!

Someone….and not just anyone…but someone who will determine the future of this story…has asked to continue this story…and guess what I said?


Because it would be selfish of me to all you readers out there for me to say no.


So that someones name is….

Duh duh duhhhhh…..

Ddrumm rolll(by that poor drummer who drums alone)

Grand Immortal Blindmerman

Tah dah!

So there you have it!

As long as Grand Immortal Blinderman keeps his/her word, you shall be reading his words from now on! Hahah get it ? Keeps his word…read his word…AS I continue to crack myself up!

Okay enough of my meaningless blabber…I mean it…before you tell me to beat it heheh J

I give many thanks to Grand Immortal Blinderman, for graciously taking in this story as one of his/her own. And you all should too!

By bye yall!

-Janey Green