Summary : Mikan has a low self esteem, Natsume is perfect and Ruka doesnt have emotions. What do these three have in common? Please R&R ^-^

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Character Profiles

Mikan Sakura (Age 17)
They say that broken down girls have low self esteem and are more likely to shut themselves off from the rest of the world. It's mostly true, that is if you are not Mikan. As a girl that can say she has experienced true pain, Mikan finds herself trying to mask her inner emotions and replace it with a cheerful, positive attitude. She never wants anyone to feel left out and tries to make friends with whom ever she meets. But her strength is also her downfall. Not knowing the right time to cry or to be sad, Mikan is oblivious to her true feelings.

Natsume Hyuuga
(Age 17)
The all too clique nice guy at school. He's everyone's friend, buddy, pal, or any other name you can think of. Being the captain of Seoul High's soccer team and THE ulzzang of the school, girls swoon over him and the guys want to be just like him. Perfect grades, perfect smile, perfect life. Never has Natsume come across a path that he couldn't easily prevail. But when certain events changed, he found himself hopelessly lost in a whirlpool of challenging problems.

Ruka Nogi (Age 17)
Mostly known as the "mysterious new guy" in school, Ruka mostly keeps to himself. Barely speaking a word to anyone, his company is basically his ipod and those worn out pair of nike dunks. Being an ulzzang right after entering Seoul High, everyone one is curious about where he came from and what he is like. One who doesn't smile, talk, or even look up – you can just imagine why everyone is talking about the new kid.

So what do these three have in common? Let's say that a certain person experiences a tragedy and has to move in with another certain person. It doesn't go smoothly in the beginning and before you can even say "school's out!" these three people will become internally and externally entangled with each other.

Too vague for you? Well, time will only tell.

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