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Silence reigned. The cool night air hung heavy with a thin, wispy mist hovering just above the planet's surface like a thin blanket. The magnificent white palace rose from the earth silhouetted against the three-quarter moon. No clouds shadowed the sky allowing the starts to shine brightly. All is peaceful.

But not all is calm.

In a certain wing of the palace, there was a bedroom. This bedroom lay on the second floor of the palace with a large windowed door looking out over a small balcony. The moonlight reflected gently off the dark waters of a nearby river. The wind rustled the new spring leaves in the trees. An owl hooted somewhere in the night. But inside...

A gasp. A semi-muffled cry. A deep-throated moan. Quiet though these sounds were they were not totally silent.

The large window split down the middle into two doors was opened ever so slightly allowing the cool, spring breeze and soft, bubbling of the river to filter in mixing with the inner, more human, sounds. The window was steamed from the inside from the heat given off by the efforts of the two people currently entangled in the large circular bed.

A man with long black hair falling loose and free down his back and over his shoulders was gently riding the pale figure lying beneath him. A long, slender, pale leg was draped elegantly over his left shoulder and his right hand was slowly hitching the other matching leg up his other side to give him better access to his goal.

"Ah!" the figure beneath him cried out. It was the sound of pure ecstasy. The figure's arms reached up to encircled the black-haired man's neck pulling him closer. They were opposites, these two lovers. Dark and light. Black and white. Sword and dagger. Warrior and musician, though in all fairness, the musician was also a competent warrior. It should not be so surprising, this union between two so different people. Any yet…

The pleasured moans, the breathless gasps, and the yearning whines seemed to last forever, punctuated by each loving thrust. Finally, the climax. Both came almost simultaneously, crying out the other's name.

"Kunzito-sama!" the pale gasped, pale blue eyes widening in shock.

"Zoisito!" the darker one cried out, his long hair falling in his face. He collapsed ungracefully onto his willing partner's slender, sweat-coated chest. Only the suddenly hitched breath brought him back to reality and he quickly raised himself off his lover and rolled over onto his side and gazed at his beloved's beautiful, white face still frozen in a perfect image of ecstasy surrounded by a cloud of white hair.

He smiled and nuzzled into those snowy locks brushing his nose against that pale slender neck he knew so well, kissing it gently, lovingly. A soft moan escaped those pale, swollen lips adding to the already bright red blush on those pale cheeks. He laughed quietly.

"Zoisito," he breathed, relishing the weak whimper it drew.

"…mmmnn…Kun…zito-sama," the musician moaned.

"Hmph, who knew the quietest of the Shitennou could also be the most vocal," Kunzite commented.

"Mmmm, Kunzito-sama. You were just as…," Zoisite blushed, "vocal."

Kunzite laughed again as his lover rolled over on his side to face him. His lover's features were just as soft and curved as always. His hair was a bit disheveled – hmm, wonder why- and his soulful blue eyes gazed at his reproachfully.

"True," Kunzite leaned in to kiss his lover chastely on the forehead, "but I love seeing you blush."

These words, couple with the kiss, brought another blush to Zoisite's incredibly pale cheeks. The musician's eyes hardened or tried to before drifting closed as Kunzite met his lips with a tender kiss. When they parted, Zoisite found it increasingly difficult to keep his eyes open. Sleep's sirenic call seemed to be almost imperative. He knew his resistance was failing, so he just lay back allowing his lover to mold their bodies together. He snuggled closer to his lover's tanned chest feeling strong arms hold him close and muscled legs entangle with his. He allowed himself a warm smile; then he knew no more.

Kunzite sighed when he heard Zoisite's heavy breathing even out into the rhythmic rise and fall of sleep. The light of the three-quarter moon seeming to make his skin glow eerily making him seem more ethereal than he already appeared. He loved his precious musician, but, somehow, he knew it wasn't to last much longer. Something was wrong. He could feel it in the earth, the living ground. He held Zoisite tighter to him knowing in his heart that he wouldn't be able to do so in the near future. He didn't know what, but something was going to happen. Something that would completely flip their world upside down. But what? That was the question.

If Zoisite were conscious, and his mind not fogged up by pleasure and sleep, he'd relish the chance to figure out this mystery. After all, he was at home when it came to matters of the mind and soul. He was, after all, the first in a century to ever unlock the secrets of soul flight, a power feared and almost forgotten by the great mages of old. He also had fairly strong telekinetic powers and his ability to sense auras and detect enemies was unchallenged. His loyalty to Master Endymion was unparalleled. He was loyal to fault, but it was a fault none looked down on him for. He was, to put it simply, uncanny. He was also –Kunzite smirked-- a fabulous kisser.

He pushed the darker thoughts from his mind and instead focused on going to sleep. He closed his already heavy brown eyes and listened to the sounds of the night. The breeze as it rustled the leaves outside, the babbling of the river, the hooting of the owl, the steady breathing of his lover.

The moon, hanging suspended in the night sky, passed silently on its charted course awaiting the time when secrets would be revealed, and setting the course fate would take. A single silent sentinel gazed up at the moon awaiting the time when he would once again hold that delicate hand in his, see that long, silky blonde hair blow in the breeze, gaze into those enchanting blue eyes. He reached out his hand as if to touch that hand that would remain elusive till tomorrow.

A single white-clad lover stood on the stone patio gazing through the stone arches at the beautiful emerald and sapphire planet hanging in space that was home to her true love. Her soul mate. Her forbidden love. She reached out her hand as if to grasp the identical hand that reached out to her from miles away. Tomorrow. Tomorrow they would announce their engagement.

A single red-head paced, putting the finishing touches to her plan in place. Her black eyes burned jealous holes into that grand palace of the Golden Kingdom. Prince Endymion would be hers. The throne of Earth would be hers. Access to the sanctuary of Elysian would be hers. The Moon Kingdom would be hers. Tomorrow her plan went into place.

A lone white-haired boy gazed solemnly at the night sky. The stars sparkling above were shamed by the moon's silver glow. His soft orange eyes, so unusual, filled with a sadness he couldn't explain. He feared for what was to come. His knew his brother, Zoisite, could sense it as well. The Pegasus spirit within him warned him of a danger yet unseen; a danger that could very well mean the end of the Golden Kingdom. Who was the pink-haired maiden he saw in his dreams? Why did he feel drawn to her? He would await his next session with Zoisite tomorrow to get a clearer view of the future. Tomorrow everything would be a little clearer.

Tomorrow, lovers would be torn apart and introduced.

Tomorrow, a prince and princess of rival kingdoms would announce their union.

Tomorrow, a dark queen would begin her reign from the shadows.

Tomorrow, a young priest would foretell events yet unseen.

Tomorrow, it begins.

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