Back together.

*Team Hebi = Team Snake.

Bold: Inner Sasuke/Sakura

Italic: thinking.

"Inverted Commas": Talking

Sakura, Sasuke, Suigetsu, Juugo, Karin, Orochimaru, Itachi and gang, Naruto and Gang.

Summary: After 3 years of Sasuke's departure, Sakura comes eye to eye with Team Hebi, ALONE. Team Hebi was in need of a Proper Medical Ninja for their team so Sakura joins them as Naruto and the others were still missing, but unknown to her, looking for her frantically. What would happen? Suigetsu and Juugo are totally fine with her, Karin glares daggers at her and Sasuke, plain old Sasuke.


Sakura just had to find a way to be reunited with Team Kakashi. Kakashi, Sai, Yamato and Naruto had been separated from her after she got hit by Naruto in his Kyuubi form while battling Hidan and Kakuzu, akatsuki members. The impact was so bad, that it sent her flying and breaking many trees with her back, away from her Team. As she jumped through trees, she sensed the chakra of 4 people. Two of them had an exceptionally large amount of chakra. Assuming it was Kakashi and Naruto in her weak and injured state, she wasn't able to think clearly so she just headed that Direction. She didn't know that she was in the direction of trouble.

"Sasuke- Kun! I sense someone coming towards us!" Karin exclaimed.

"SomeONE? That shouldn't be a problem considering that its just one against us." Sasuke replied impassively.

"Okay Sasuke-Kun!" Karin replied.

"OH MY GOSH! I HIT SAKURA AND SHE WAS SENT FLYING DOWN TREE TO TREE AND NOW SHE'S MISSING?!" Naruto screamed, after returning to his original form and regaining consciousness.

"… Yes." Kakashi and Yamato replied.

"Yups. You sent ugly flying away." Sai added on.

Then, the encounter.

"Guys! I was so worried I wouldn't find you! So-" Sakura came to a complete halt as she realized the 4 presences she sensed were not her team's but another team's.

As team Hebi turned around, two certain people had the shock of their lives. Sakura stared in disbelief as she came face to face with her ex Team mate.

Uchiha Sasuke.

Sasuke couldn't help but have his eyes widened at this sight. From his Impassive face to this- Suigetsu and the rest were impressed.


Sasuke couldn't help but wonder…What happened to 'Sasuke-KUN'?

"Sakura." He replied, trying to sound as impassive as possible. Apparently, it was a failed attempt, as Team Hebi began to wonder who the hell that mystery girl was and why Sasuke seemed so taken aback, in all their years of knowing his impassive personality.

"W-what are you doing here?" Sakura asked.

"It's none of your business. What are YOU doing here?"

"I guess its none of your business too." Sakura replied, shocking sasuke. This is definitely not the Sakura I know… she would be running up to me and hugging me and not even dare to answer me in that way…

Karin could not take the 'oh my god, its you!' vibes coming from both of them and decided to charge towards Sakura. She sent her famous kick towards Sakura, of which has killed many people due to the weights in her boots and her accurate aiming,(A/N decided to add this to Karin's abilities so she would seem, err reckless) but had a different outcome then she had expected. Sakura easily dodged. Karin then sent a hand filled with Chakra that would stop all of Sakura's chakra points (like kabuto or neji). Sakura was unable to dodge that move in time, so she had no choice but to attack, in order to avoid Karin's attack. She sent her fist flying into the ground. Karin laughed as she did that, to ridicule Sakura. Suddenly, cracks formed in the ground and a crater was formed. It was like a terrible earthquake. Team Hebi jumped off the ground, in order to avoid the attack. Sasuke's facial expression was priceless. H-how on earth did she get THIS strong?! The whole ground crumbled for god's sake! This isn't the weak and useless Sakura I knew! He wasn't able to gather himself and acknowledge the fact that Sakura has grown; into a respectable Ninja known throughout Konoha.

Karin, unfortunately, had fallen during the impact. She was now holding onto a tree's buttress root. Sakura had no intentions of killing her, so she pulled Karin from the root and helped her onto safe ground. "Are you okay?" Sakura asked, as she noticed the huge scratch on Karin's thigh which was bleeding. "W-why did you save- OUCH!" Karin replied as the scratch stung her. The rest of Team Hebi had jumped towards the spot where Sakura and Karin were. Suigetsu, Juugo, and HELL, even Sasuke was shocked beyond words. How could a 15 year old girl like Sakura do that!? Their shock increased to the utmost level when green chakra began emitting from Sakura's hand. She brought her hand to Karin's leg. They all saw Karin's wound slowly closing up and healing, to a extent that not a scratch was now seen. "Awesome…" Suigetsu muttered under his breath. Not only has she superhuman strength, she also knows Medical ninjutsu?! How FAR has she grown!? This sentence kept repeating itself in Sasuke's mind as he stared at his ex Teammate as she healed Karin.

When she was done, she looked up only to see 3 guys looking at her in awe, and Karin giving her a 'You are darn strong to be true' look. "What?" she asked.

"GIRL! YOU'RE TOTALLY AWESOME!" Suigetsu exclaimed.

"How is she related to you, Sasuke?" Juugo turned to Sasuke as he inquired.

"We're not related… We were teammates. Back in Konoha." Sasuke explained as he continued to stare at his Pink haired Teammate.

"Hey pinky! Did you get your hair dyed or something? Even the roots of your hair are pink! It's unbelievable how effective your hair dye is! I want to dye mine Purple! " Suigetsu asked with a huge grin, interested.

"First of all, my name is Sakura, NOT pinky! And second…"

"Her hair is naturally pink." Sasuke interrupted.

"OH? That's awesome!" Suigetsu exclaimed.

"Yeah, Right. Having a head of Pink is definitely great. NOT. She looks like a complete Retard." Karin butted in, jealous that her Team was so interested in this girl.

"Excuse me? Having a hairstyle of yours just says that you haven't washed your hair in a hundred years! And did your comb break in half while you were combing your hair halfway or is that your style? One side messy and one side neat." Sakura growled back.

"! PINKY! I LIKE YOU!" Suigetsu exclaimed, laughing his head off as Sakura had the same hobby as his- irritating Karin.

"Sakura, you mean. You wouldn't want to make her angry, Suigetsu." Juugo said, as he chuckled at Sakura's words. Karin on the other hand, started whining and complaining to Sasuke.

"Saaassukkkeee- Kunnnn! Loook what your EX said to meee! She's soo meannn!" Karin whined as she hugged Sasuke.

Sasuke pushed her away before walking away and saying "You deserved it."


How was it?! HEHE! What would Sasuke do with Sakura? Kill her? Let her go?

Sakura: He better not kill me. SHANNARO! *

Karin: Sasukkeee-Kunn! Kill her!

Sasuke: …Hn...


Juugo: Oh look! A birdie! :D

Me: OKAY! Enough Chit Chat! Suigetsu!

Suigetsu: See you in the next chapter! Review, and give ideas please!

Shannaro- Japanese translation for CHA! In English version of Naruto


Notice, the name of the chapter appears in the story? It's in bold :) This shows I don't randomly pick chapter titles! :P


"I should get going now." Sakura announced. Karin seemed overjoyed.

"You're not going anywhere." Sasuke suddenly said, looking at her.

Suigetsu walked up to her and leaned down on her, face inches from hers, and said with a huge grin, "You're exactly what we need."

Sakura was paralyzed. What would they do with me? Kill me?

With that going through her mind, she finally had the guts to ask, "W-what do you mean?"