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FROM: Admiral Christopher Pike

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FW: Do you like space jumping?

Garrison Henneley Co. would like to introduce their new line of space-jump parachutes. The new and improved F-series comes equipped with starship-grade titanium alloy security bolts, (that's the stuff the Enterprise is made of!) So you can bet these bolts will withstand just about anything you throw at them!

With these new bolts, the maximum weight limit has been increased to allow for a wider variety of possible situations, including gravitational pulls with the strength nearing that of a black hole.

The new F-series also includes a special, one-time use, backup parachute, if for any reason, the primary parachute should need to be detached. You merely need to pull the release on the upper right shoulder portion of your harness; the primary parachute will promptly separate and the secondary parachute will automatically deploy.

This secondary parachute is also fully replaceable! Once you have safely landed, all you have to do is pull the quick release levers on either side of the compartment, and the cartridge will slide right out. Then, just slip in a new one, making sure the safety tabs snap into place. And, because the secondary parachutes are both disposable and biodegradable, simply deposit the used item into the nearest trash receptacle.

To replace a primary parachute, (if there is a need), simply pick up a replacement at any retailer where Garrison Henneley Co products are sold. We have trained professionals standing by to assemble your new primary parachute, or, for you do-it-yourselfers, simply follow our easy to understand instructions included with every primary and secondary parachute replacement kit.

We've consulted Starfleet's best to give you our best. With our new F-series, you will be ready for any adventure the galaxy throws your way!

We pride ourselves on giving the customers what they want; safe, reliable equipment that will last for use after use. Here at Garrison Henneley Co., we hope that our products are the last you will ever use.


CEO William V. Garrison III

Garrison Henneley Co.

213 Cochrane Ave.

Suite 414

Miami, FL


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Admiral Christopher Pike

Starfleet Academy

15307 Phoenix Way

San Francisco CA


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