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Seeing Red

What on earth was Ron thinking, when he abandoned his friends? Was he thinking at all?

"I believe the last time I saw the sword of Gryffindor leave its case was when Professor Dumbledore used it to break open a ring."

The locket twitched on its chain; heavy, cutting into the skin on the back of Ron's neck. He adjusted it impatiently, aggravated at the distraction. He needed to hear what the others were saying.

"Wait! Have you told Snape you saw this?"

Ron winced at the volume of Harry's voice. His head hurt and he wished they'd all just talk in normal voices. Was all this yelling really necessary?

"Professor Snape has more important things on his mind than the many eccentricities of Albus Dumbledore. Goodbye, Potter."

"Harry!" Hermione's shrill voice cut through Ron's eardrums like a knife.

"I know!" Harry shouted. Ron saw him punch the air and found himself annoyed at this sign of triumph.

Stop pacing, Harry. You're making me feel sick. Would you just shut up! Everything hurts and I need to think. I can't think when you're both going on like that!

He didn't know what to do first. His wrist hurt like the very devil, but the locket was growing hot against his skin. He rubbed at his wrist vigorously, not feeling any relief.

What are they saying? Focus, Ron, you need to listen to what they're saying.

The locket grew cool against on his skin, but his wrist still hurt. Harry and Hermione were still discussing Ginny and the others at Hogwarts. Harry was ... Is he LAUGHING?? That's my sister you're talking about, you wanker. It's not funny.

Look at the two of them. Laughing about Ginny and the others being sent into the Forbidden Forrest. Not a care in the world, everything's just a big joke. I hate you sometimes, Potter. I hate this place and I hate the situation you've put me in. Who the hell do you think you are, Potter? Dragging me out to this god-forsaken place. And for what?

Look at her, hang off the Chosen One's every word. She doesn't look at me like that. Why the hell would she? Even my own mother thinks the sun shines out of his arse. The Great Harry Potter, come to save the world. The best at everything. I hate you. I hate you so much. Always better than me, everyone loves you better than me. You always get everything and you couldn't give a rat's arse, could you? You just breeze in and take it all, leaving me with nothing.

I have to get away from here. Away from you. I have to get away from her and the way she looks at you.

"Yeah, you're right!" said Harry. "So, would he have hidden the sword well away from Hogshead, then? What do you reckon, Ron? Ron?"

Rage coursed through him, colouring his vision red and buzzing in his ears.

"Oh, remembered me, have you?"