Er. Yeah. HMC drabble. 512 words. movie.

Sophie was very comfortable giving out kisses to anyone that she felt grateful to. That's what he had observed from her.

(Though her eyes were for him only, and that he could tell. He grinned, feeling smug.)

But then she was still very comfortable in giving out kisses to Markl, the Witch of the Waste, Calcifer and even that blasted Turniphead (he absolutely absolutely refused to consider him as a Prince). It was a good thing she had kissed him before she did the Turnip Head or else the uglyfaceprince would have been her first kiss.

He couldn't help but feel (BLAST that emotion!) jealous. She was his…she was his…(girlfriend? wife? partner?). Whatever. Sophie was his. Her kisses were his. (Though she might protest, get angry and be scary again. He cringes in thought.) And he wanted to make sure she knew that.

But how to do it? If he did it in a roundabout way, she would be sure to misunderstand, or jumble up the message or something. Sophie was intelligent when it came to many things (especially him. Yes, Sophie is more powerful than he will ever be.), but sometimes, just sometimes, she'd misunderstand (and he'd be up for another scolding again. NO, HOWL is not a henpecked husband!).

So he decided to get straight to the point:

"I want your kisses to be mine only." He told her.

She stared at him, her face going what? the instant he had opened his mouth.

Belatedly, he realized what he wanted from her, and felt an embarrassing heat creep up his face, making his ears tingle and his nostrils flare.

She blinked, "Why? You aren't the only one I kiss?"

That set him off, "That's right! You kiss Markl and the Witch of the Waste everyday. You kissed Calcifer and that goodfornothingTurnipHead! You even let Heen lick your face!"

He stopped, and glared at her. But she was looking at him with amused eyes, and her mouth was twitching, as if it was going to break out in a smile in three, two, one…

Nope, not a smile, a grin. A second later she was chuckling at him.

"Are you jealous?"

Well, he had admitted that to himself a while ago, but why was it so hard to admit it to her? After taking a deep breath he managed a small nod.

"Oh, Great Wizard Howl, you needn't be jealous. For while I may kiss them, those kisses are not the same with the kisses that I give you, okay? Rest assured that your kisses are different, and yes, they will be only yours. Okay?"

He wasn't going to agree with her, and still tell her that she should be kissing only him, but she smiled at him sweetly, in a way that he thought that smile is mine, too. And he thought that perhaps, Sophie has just taught him another lesson about not being greedy, and he concedes.

But not before he pulls her close and kisses her, in the way that only he can.