Title: Fantasy
Author: Shadow Arashi
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Ichigo x Grimmjow
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1068
Summary: "I'm here to give you my answer to that proposal of yours." This is direct sequel to 'Choice'.
Warnings: Romance, boylove, humour, Shirosaki (that boy deserves a warning on his own).
Disclaimer: Bleach and its characters belong to Tite Kubo. I own nothing and am doing this for entertainment only and don't make any profit of it.



"What the-"

Ichigo stared, his stunned mind trying to compute the unexpected (but not unwelcome) sight that had greet him the instant he had walked into his bedroom.

Grimmjow stared back, ears twitching.

"You're finally back. Good, now untie me."

The teen blinked and had the sudden urge to pinch himself to see if he was actually asleep.

"I'm not dreaming am I?" He wondered out loud, only to be shaken out of his daze by the hollow's deep laugh.

"Naaa, you ain't dreamin'. Now get your ass over her."

Numbly, Ichigo nodded and walked up to his bed where Grimmjow was currently tied up.

The arrancar was sprawled across his mattress in his released form with his wrists bind above his head. The long locks of his blue mane was falling like water across his shoulders and his tail was curled lazily behind his back. He was not wearing his armor however, except for that crown like ornament on his forehead. Instead, the panther had seemed to trade the white material for a light, pale colored yukata with a deep blue silk obi that barely covered his tall frame as it was already falling off one shoulder. The whole look was topped by a pale ribbon tied around his throat.

The former Espada shifted in annoyance as he saw the young shinigami just standing there and attempted to stretch his legs, uncovering a long expense of tanned flesh in the process. Ichigo gulped, feeling his face flush at the sight.

"What happened?" He asked, shaking himself out of his daze as he began to unwrap the silky strings of ribbons. His eyes trailed back and forth between the arrancar's legs and his wrist against his will and he nearly slapped himself when he realized what he was doing.

"Your hollow happened. "

Grimmjow replied nonchalantly, seemingly not bothered by the situation. He rubbed his wrists as soon as the last piece of ribbon was untied, sighing in relief as life rushed back into his limbs.

"He didn't hurt you?" Ichigo looked up at the arrancar, eyes shining in concern.

"No. Don't worry your pretty head, shinigami. He was just very determined that you got your gift."

The blue haired male purred, smirking lightly as he saw Ichigo startle in surprise. He didn't miss the way the boy's dark eyes darted over his form, his cat like ears twitching under the scrutiny. Grimmjow merely made himself more comfortable as he lay down onto the bed. The teen was so easy to read.

"What do you-"

"Shiro thinks you need a queen. According to him, I'm apparently a pretty good candidate. The clothes were his idea."

Grimmjow shrugged, his tail flicking lazily behind him as his yukata fell a little more off of his shoulders.

Ichigo's brain broke down.

"I thought you were a tomcat Grimmjow, not a queen." His mouth ran off without his consent, before his eyes widened when he realized what he had just said, and Ichigo slapped a hand over his mouth.

The former Espada merely tossed his head back and laughed.

"Just get your ass over here." Grimmjow held out a claw toward him, making a beckoning gesture.



Ichigo's eyes flew open as he was violently pulled out of his sleep, and very nearly fell out of his bed.

It took him a few minutes to pull his thoughts together, at which point he promptly began to viciously curse his hollow with every swear words he had ever learned.

/I'm hurt King. After all, I was just helping you out./

"How is messing around with my dreams is helping me out?"

He mumbled out loud, a sigh escaping him as he ran a hand through his head. Now he had another dream to add to his long collection of inappropriate visions about a certain former Espada. Ichigo distinctively heard his hollow chuckle in the back of his mind.

/Well, it was either that or letting the kitty gives you the good news himself. I think my way is funnier./

"What are you talking about now?"

/Just look at the window King./

"What are you-"

Ichigo's head immediately snapped to the side, having long learned to be wary of his hollow's enigmatic words. His jaw promptly dropped in shock.

For there, staring back at him, was the familiar figure of a well-known blue haired arrancar.

"Hey, shinigami."


The very arrancar he had been lusting after for months was nonchalantly leaning against his window, sharp blue eyes never leaving him and a grin on his face. A small pink tongue came out to lick full lips and Ichigo promptly swore that, if this was another of Shiro's dreams, he would personally kill the white little bastard himself.

The spell was broken when the panther pushed himself away from the window. In the blink of an eye Ichigo suddenly found himself with a lap full of arrancar as the taller man straddled his thighs with a low purr. Grimmjow smirked down at the sprawled shinigami, eyes lit up with glee.

"Grimmjow? What are you doing here?" Ichigo finally managed to find his voice.

"I'm here to give you my answer to that proposal of yours."

The panther said, twisting his body so he was practically wrapped around Ichigo and cuddling the boy like a true cat. The teen was hard pressed to not hold onto the taller man, his hands twitching with the need to grab the slender waist so teasingly close.

"I don't remember ever... oh let me guess, it was my hollow, wasn't it?" Ichigo sighed in dismay.

Grimmjow laughed, the sound muffled as the arrancar rubbed his face against his shoulder, causing Ichigo to shiver.

"That's right. Your hollow told me you had an offer for me. And the answer is yes."

"That's great Grimmjow... but... what was the offer again?" Ichigo asked a bit sheepishly.

Grimmjow looked up at him, a serious expression on his features, before his face melted into a mischievous grin. The blue haired male bent down, his lips brushing against Ichigo's ear as he whispered.

"I agreed to be your mate."

The panther didn't have to say another word.

They spend the rest of the night sealing their new bound and when the morning came, Ichigo had the pleasure of waking up next to his new mate, contently curled up next to him and purring loudly.