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Jules was usually very happy when she woke up in her boyfriend's arms, especially when it was the morning of a day off of work, but Jules felt sick in every way possible. Moaning, she closed her eyes to make the room stop spinning but her head continued to spin. She buried her head deeper into Sam's chest for comfort just as she let out a few coughs.

"Jules," Sam groaned as his eyes slowly opened, "Jules, you've been coughing all night do you need some medicine?" He asked as he slowly sat up in bed, keeping his arms around her.

"I feel awful." Jules said as she placed her head on a pillow and curled up into a tight ball. "The rooms spinning, and I'm dizzy and everything hurts."

Sam nodded his head as he placed a gentle kiss on Jules forehead, "I'll go and get you some medicine." He told her as he disappeared out of the room for a few minutes and came in a few minutes later with a glass of orange juice in hand and two yellow pills in the other. "Here you go sweetie, this should help make you feel better," Sam told her as he handed her the pills and placed the glass of cold orange juice on the bedside table.

"Thanks." Jules said weakly as she put the pills in her mouth and took a sip of the orange juice. "Sam, you should go home, I don't want to get you sick." She said after she had swallowed the pills.

"No way Jules, I'm staying here and taking care of you." Sam said, kissing her forehead gently, "I don't care if I get sick because of it, I'll have the best nurse taking care of me if I do." He tried to joke.

Sammy that's really sweet but I feel awful and I don't want you getting whatever I have." Jules told him as she started to cough hoarsely. "I-" Jules began but was cut off when she starting throwing up. She was throwing up for a few seconds and when she had finished she had tears in her eyes "Sam, I'm really sorry." She cried as she washed her mouth with the back of her hand.

"No, Jules that's fine." Sam told her, "Let's get you out of these pajamas and into something clean." He said gently as he helped her sit up and gently took her pajama shirt off her and helped her lie back down as he put the dirty one in the dirty laundry basket and looked for another one.
"Here you go sweetheart." He returned to the side of her bed with a blue sweater, "This should help keep you warm." He said as he gently put the shirt over her head.

Thanks," She tried to smile as she let out a small cough, "You can have a shower if you want," She offered, "I don't mind."

"Thanks," Sam smiled as he looked at his throw up covered body, "I promise that I'll make it quick so you can get some rest."

"Thanks," Jules replied weekly as she closed her eyes and tried to get back to sleep.

Sam walked out of Jules bathroom around fifteen minutes in fresh pair of pajamas. Walking quietly into Jules room, he was very glad to see that she was asleep. Walking soundlessly into her bedroom, he wrapped her tightly in her covers and placed a gentle and soft kiss on her forehead. "I love you so much Jules, I hope you feel better soon." He whispered as he walked
quietly out of her bedroom to sleep on the couch in case she needed him.


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