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Chapter 1

The True Blood in Us All

'Are you sure you'll be alright?' Edward stressed once again and I sighed, all but pushing him out the door. I know that he had been putting off hunting for a while now. Even though it had been a while since the fight with the Volturi, he still didn't like the whole idea of leaving me alone. As I had pointed out hundreds of times, it was only the weekend. Still, that's a whole two days without my beloved Edward. And as Renesmee and Jacob were away visiting Renee in Florida, it meant that I was left with just Emmett and Jasper. Fantastic.

"Go on my beloved, I'll be fine. I promise you! What could possible happen? Anyway, Jasper and Em are here, and you know they will protect me against anything"

He gave me one last nervous glance, before he kissed my forehead tenderly and bounded off after Carlisle, Alice, Esme and Rosalie. I had hunted with my new brothers only yesterday, so I hadn't felt the need to go again. I leaned against the door frame and watched until my family was out of sight and hearing range, before my thoughts were interrupted by a loud voice.

"Where's my little sister?" Emmett boomed from upstairs and I couldn't help but cringe at the loudness. It was times like this I wish my hearing hadn't improved.

I blinked and there he was at my side, instantly causing me to jumped back in fright which made him laugh.

"In the name of... Em, what are you trying to do, give me a heart attack?" I knew it wasn't possible, as did he, but some things where hard to change, and that saying was one of them.

He laughed again loudly, causing me to cringe again and cover my ears with my hands.

"C'mon Bella, don't tell me you're not used to it by now?" His eyebrows wagged indicating he was up to something and I shook my head, smiling slightly. Em bent down and kissed me on the cheek before whispering in my ear.

"Oh you're just jealous Edward might, I don't know; make love to a deer or something."

My jaw fell slack as Emmett guffawed and skipped cheerfully back upstairs like an overgrown child.

I growled under my breath muttering about overgrown children in vampire bodies, as I walked human pace off to the living room. I found Jasper in there sprawled on the sofa, watching True Blood. I burst into laughter at the tremendous irony of it all. Jasper looked up as I entered and grinned before turning back to the TV.

"Hey Bells, don't tell me you're afraid of the big bad vampires?" I snorted in a very un-lady like manner, as he shuffled along the couch to make room for me. I nodded thanks and sat down to have Jasper place his feet in my lap. Without thinking, I started to give him a foot massage as we continued watching the TV. What I didn't realize was that this vampire series was basically soft porn, which considering this was American TV, I was surprised.

However, it got awkward very quickly. I watched as one of the characters and a vampire were engaged in some pretty intense activity. It reminded me that I had a whole two more days to wait for some of my own, causing me to sigh, but it was too late and I felt a familiar tingle below the belt. Without realizing it, my hands started to knead Jasper leg causing him groan.

"Uh, Bella. Please?" I looked over in surprise and noticed his face was distorted, trying not to concentrate on my emotions, or the fact I was massaging his leg like I tended to do with Edward. I couldn't also help but notice that it was having some effect on his below the belt region as well.

"Oh sorry, Jazz." I tried to think of something, well, unattractive as I removed my hands from his leg. Mike Newton. Grannies. Granny panties. Panties. Edward taking mine off with his teeth…

I shook my head trying to clear it. Okay, that was an epic fail. Jasper wiggled minutely in his place causing his foot to brush up against the wet patch that had soaked through my jeans causing me to moan.

"Sorry, sorry. I know. I am trying to calm down." He laughed and mumbled something that sounded oddly like, "I know you can't help yourself" before he spoke up.

"If you think this is bad," he began slowly. "Think of how I felt when you were human." He shuddered and I frowned, feeling very guilty, knowing full well that as a human I was always sexually aroused around Edward. If I was still human, I would have blushed. But instead, I ducked my head and went back to watching the TV.

We watched on as the show progressed, though I did notice that Jasper's little, or should I say big, problem didn't change. In fact considering he was purring, I imagined it was getting to the point he would need to do something about it. I wondered if he was bigger than Edward. No, stop it Bella. Your married and you have a daughter, you should not be thinking about your brother in-law like that.

I did feel very bad for the attractive, blonde vampire. I couldn't imagine how he could cope with such a thing, dealing with everyone's lusts and anger and fear.

I was sure were our roles reversed, I would explode.

His deep laughter snapped me out of my thoughts. I turned my attention back to the television and saw the main vampire preparing to bite his damsel in distress. For the quickest moment I was thankful Edward or any of the family did not require fangs. They made the human actor look so much phonier.

After another twenty minutes, the end credits rolled and Jasper glanced down swiftly. My eyes of course, followed his and his eyebrows dented as he took in his current situation.

"Um, I'll be right back, Bella."

He disappeared up the staircase so quickly I couldn't help but let out a small laugh, shaking my head. Poor, aroused, Jasper.

I could only guess what he was doing at the moment, and my thoughts whirled as an immense amount of waves of lust flowed over me. I moaned gently and rubbed my thighs together, trying to create friction as I became even wetter. It had no effect. I could not think straight and before I knew it, I found myself outside Jasper and Alice's bedroom door. Softly, I pressed my ear to the door and could hear Jasper's low groans.

I inched the door open slowly, but he seemed long gone to notice. Jasper lay on the bed, legs spread and his hand swiftly running along his engorged member. I was right, he was bigger than Edward though not by much.

"Oh, god Bella."

He moaned and I froze. Had he discovered me peeping or was he really thinking about me while he pleasured himself? For some insane reason this made me so much more turned on. But when I looked back into the room, he was gone.

I opened the door widely and looked around, confused. That feeling of need, or lust still hung heavy in the air, but Jazz was nowhere to be seen.

That was until I heard the door close behind me. I spun around and came face to face with Jasper. One thing I did notice, he was absolutely and one hundred percent naked. His dark eyes plowed into mine, and I stood frozen in the doorway.

"So Isabella," he all but purred out my name. "We have a thing about sneaking around now do we?'

I opened my mouth to respond, but no sound came out. Jasper grinned wickedly and took a step closer. I felt something touch my stomach and my pussy suddenly throbbed painfully.

I saw the resolve in his eyes, before it reached mine. He grabbed my face in both his hands and smashed his lips into mine. I groaned, knowing that soon everything would feel much so much better. My hands weaved into his golden locks and he pushed me back onto the bed. We grunted in unison as Jasper removed my clothes in one rip. He stopped, glancing down my perfect pale naked figure.

"Oh, Isabella you're a very naughty little girl. You're not wearing underwear. Do you know what happens to naughty little girls like you?"

I shook my head quickly, just wanting to feel him again. He pushed himself back down onto me and I felt his tongue dance across my jaw. My breathing increased rapidly as he continued down neck, and across my collarbone. He rubbed his nose gently along the crevice. He kept going before stopping at my right erect nipple. I groaned loudly as his tongue flicked out and took it in his mouth. My hands held him there while his left one rubbed slow circles around my left breast.

"Please, Jazz."

I begged desperately and he looked up, grinning evilly.

"Oh Isabella, just what are you asking for, darlin'?"

He teased. I almost growled. "I need you in me, NOW!"

He laid a long finger over my mouth, silencing me at once.

"Your wish is my command Isabella, but you must be patient."

His voice was husky with lust and before I knew it, his kisses trailed softly down to my navel. He blew sweet air into it and I shuddered.

I closed my eyes and whimpered, my pussy aching now more than ever. Without so much as a warning his tongue thrust it way into my aching pussy and I almost screamed. He bobbed his head slowly along my slit and I wrapped my legs around his head. Edward had never done this to me before.

"Oh, fuck, Jasper. That feels amazing!" He withdrew quickly and I growled at the loss of contact. But he dragged his body up mine so he was looking into my eyes and hissed.

"Oh, god Isabella, I like it when you talk dirty. Keep going!"

He moved back down and settled between my legs again and his tongue sunk deeper into me. Before I knew it, he hit the spot. That was all I could take.

"Ahhh, Jasper. Fuck. I'm going to cuuuum!"

He started plunging his tongue in faster and I felt my walls clench around it, as I came with a feral scream.

He drunk up all my sweet nectar and cleaned my pussy thoroughly. He reappeared between my thighs but something about his expression told me he wasn't finished.

"Sweetheart, now you're going to do something for me."

I licked my lips in anticipation and sat up, rotating as I pushed him back onto the bed.

I rubbed my hot hands along his cock and he groaned. It was the sexiest sound I had ever heard. I blew my sweet air onto his thick head and had the satisfaction of watching him shudder. I had done this to Edward once and I knew that he had enjoyed.

"Isabella, please."

He begged and I smiled seductively. I loved the fact that I had the god of war begging. I looked up and winked before I took his entire nine inches down my hot little throat in one go. He sighed, breathing heavy as I bobbed down, making sure my tongue trailed down as well.

After a few seconds he put his hands on the back of my head and with each thrust his entire length went down my throat. I thanked the generous gods for my vampire non-existent gag-reflex and I could tell that Jasper seemed to appreciate it too, as he started to increase his speed.

I started to hum, knowing full well what it could do to him as his beautiful long, thick cock pulsated in my mouth.

"Isabella, don't you dare stop. I'm, ahhh, I'm going to..."

Going against his own words he tried to push me away but I only took him even deeper. After a couple of seconds I felt his delicious seed coat my throat. I swallowed it all and didn't let him go until he forced his way out. I noticed, amazingly he was still hard. Again, thank you lord, for us vampires.

With a blink of an eye he wordlessly turned me around so I leaned over the desk against the wall. He rubbed my back softly and kissed the entire length of my spine.

"Isabella, my dear, I'm going to fuck you so hard, you won't be able to walk for the rest of the weekend."

My knees almost buckled as his delicious dirty talking affected me. I pushed my ass out further and he put both hands on either of my hips.

Without a single word, I felt him rub his 9 inches along my soaking slit and we both groaned. In one single thrust he plunged deep into me and I let out another feral scream. He paused, hesitantly. I shook my head and begged him,

"Keep going, Jazz. Don't you dare stop!"

He laughed and thrust the rest of his length in until the head hit my cervix. My hips seemed to have a mind of their own and started thrusting back into his cock. He sighed and put his hands onto the back of his head. "Isabella, has my dear brother ever told you how tight you are?"

I thrust back into him like the whore that I probably was. It didn't matter at this moment; nothing did as Jasper continued to take me. He let me take the lead and I dug my ass back into him. All that was heard were our combined moaning and the slap of my ass hitting his hips. I started to circle my pelvis and this made Jasper go nuts.

"Oh fuck, Isabella. That's right, fuck my dick as hard as you can baby."

And I did. I loved it. My hand twitched towards my clit but Jazz got there first. Then he had me under his complete control. I circled onto his hand and back against his dick. Every time his cock would hit my G-spot sending my mini orgasms as strong as the previous one. I wanted more. I had no clue how to get it. But again, Jasper sensed it.


He called proudly, and I froze. What would Emmett think when he saw me bent over Alice's desk with Jasper's long cock thrusting into me? Exactly what Jasper wanted him to think, I thought smiling.

Emmett appeared in the doorway and took in the situation. Jasper did not even pause his relentless fucking. Emmett smiled and whipped out his own hard cock.

"I thought I could feel someone going at it."

He laughed and strode over to us. Emmett stroked my face softly and licked his lips.

"So, bro. What can I do to help you here?"

He asked, excitedly. Jasper held up a long finger and slowly eased it into my ass. I paused. Edward had always wanted to take me there claiming that it was part of his nature to claim me in every way possible, but I had always refused. Now with two extremely horny and strong vampires on my case, I was sure of where this was heading.

Emmett stepped under me and lay flat on the ground. Jasper withdrew his thick rod and lowered me down onto Emmett. I felt his head hit my clit and I bit my lip.

"Fuck, Isabella you look so fucking sexy right now!"

I grinned and took his entire 12 inches! We groaned again and then I felt Jasper push me forward onto Emmett's chest so that his cock hit my G-spot every time.

"Oh god, Emmett. Fuck me harder. Fuck me!" He groaned as he sank his massive dick into my wet pussy.

Then I felt an intruder. Jasper crouched behind me and pressed his head to my ass. It didn't feel right but I tried to relax. Jasper helped. A wave of calmness and almost drowsiness overwhelmed me and I felt Jasper inch more of his dick into my ass. It clenched him tightly, which only made him more excited. With one swift movement he dug his cock right into me and I screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Emmett rubbed my clit while he sunk his massive cock into my cervix again and again. I sighed over and over again until that warmness seemed to radiate from inside my stomach.

Emmett felt it too and started to thrust harder, grabbing my breasts as they swung wildly in his face. I tried holding off on coming, but Jasper had other ideas. He grabbed a fistful of my hair which only made me scream out with lust and I felt his hot seed fill my bowels. He inched out again and licked the outside of my asshole.

"I want you to cum now, Isabella! Do I make myself clear? I want you to cum with me!"

Emmett almost screeched as he thrust his entire length into me and held me down, as my pussy walls clenched around him. It seemed to drain him of all his sweet cum. I felt full to the brim. Emmett softly pulled out of me and took me in his arms. In my post- orgasmic bliss, I didn't realize that Jasper had left, until I felt him put a plug in my ass and another one in my pussy, holding the brothers' cum inside me. Jasper smiled evilly.

"Now Isabella, be a good little girl and leave those in there for later. Or we will punish you."

Both vampires dressed quickly and punched fists as they walked casually out of the room, leaving me to drown in my own lust.


'Bella, my love! I return to you!' I jolted up off the couch, and then winced, remembering that I was still completely filled with Jasper's plugs. I walked gingerly to the front door, ignoring Jasper and Emmett's grins and hugged my beloved husband.