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Introduction of a minor OC

Alfred sat down for wait felt like the first time in hours, and it was as well. the american took in a deep breath, the doctor had told him to make sure he took more care of himself, but that was becoming increasingly difficult. he had to much to do, there was always picking things up ,hidings thing in high cupboards,running around, he was so stressed he could barely eat now days since he either had no time, or when he did have time it was short lived, or he simply to exhausted to eat......

heavy lids began to fall over the blue orbs, it wouldnt kill him to close his eyes for a little while... but as soon as he began to doze, a loud wail came from upstairs, Alfred's eyes shot open at the sound, it hiccuped and screeched in a way that grated on his nerves. he slowly stood up, and dragged himself up the stairs and into the room the wailing was coming from. inside the thick blue curtains were drawn leaving the room almost completly dark. a small chest of drawers sat in the far corner, and placed beside that was a changing table. and a small crib was in the middle on the room, a small form wriggling and screaming in the tangles of the blankets, damanding attention. Alfred bent over the edge and picked up the small child, his little Alec still screaming, the tiny fists pressed up against his chest.

Alfred was simply not ment for motherhood, he knew it as well, but he wouldnt give it up for the world.

The american slowly made his way back downstairs, careful not to drop the newborn child. he shuffled around the kitchen and found a bottle, filling it with milk and heating it in the microwave. Alec refused to drink, and Alfred had checked his diaper and that didnt need to be changed. so all he could do was trdge around, comforting the baby boy and trying to get him to drink.

two hours, two whole frigging hours before Alec even started to calm down and fall asleep. Alfred carried the small mass of child up to the nursery.

Alfred practically colasped on the floor when he got to his room (which was just across the hall from his son's) for nine months he had carried that child, and for the following two months he'd been the soul caregiver. No one knew of Alfred's little blessing, not even the father. but he could mae it, he was the hero after all, and he'd be even more heroic if he could get 10 frigging minutes of sleep.

but once again he was denied this as a knock came from the front door. he growled into th carpet, why the hell couldnt he get a break!? maybe if he ignored it long enough it would go away. but the knocks became more heavy and constant, forcing Al to answer for the sake of the sleeping infant in the other room.

"Okay im comming!" he called when he entered the entrance, reahing for the door handle and swinging the door open, about to give the bastard a peice of his mind, but all threats and such died in his throat when he saw who it was.

Ivan Braginski stood at his door, that stupid childish grin on his face. Ivan took one long look At Alfred.

"Alfred should come to the meeting Da? he has not been in a long long time" he said, still smiling. Al stared up at the russian, all words caught in his throat.

"I- I cant Ivan not today"this was the first time they had sent someone to collect him, there had been phone calls for the last few months, no one had actually come to get him to attend. well he was the United States of America, he should've gusses that they'd suspect something was up. he hadnt attended since he found out he was pregnant.

"Ah,but you are coming da, you have to come" Ivan grabbed his wrist and began pulling him out of the door, despite the American looked like Absolute crap. Alfred frantically grabbed onto the dorframe, trying t stay at his home, there was no way in hell he was going to leave Alec. Ivan grabbed him around his waist and threw him over his shoulder. The America grunted against the pressure on his guts. He beat his fists on Ivan's back, kicking and screaming to be put down.

"Goodness Alfred, you have gotted heavy, you have been lazy da?"

i have NOT!! "Let me Go Commie Bastard!"he screamed in his mind. the were a few feet from the door when that same tiny screech came. Alfred gulped, Alec must've been woken by his yelling. Ivan almost immediantly dropped him on the ground and went inside to investigate the noise.

Alfred Struggled to his feet, weak from lack of food and sleep. By the time he made it to the door Ivan was half way up the stairs. "STOP! DONT GO UP THERE!" He shouted, but the plea fell on ignoring ears. Al ran up the stairs, tripping almost twice. "Ivan! Stop! PLEASE!" but by the time He reached the top of the stairs, Ivan had found Alec's room, the door was wide open.

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