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" Look, its that nerdy girl that hangs around our Tsukiyomi-sama!!"

They were talking about me. Hinamori Amu, 5 years old, best friend of Tsukiyomi Ikuto, 7 years old. He has navy blue hair, the most gorgeous indigo eyes and a HUNDRED fan girls. Me? Well, I have pink hair, thick black spectacles and…basically I'm a nerd.

" Amu lets head to class!!" Ikuto grabbed my hand and we dashed to class laughing.

What I saw shocked me. My parents were standing in my classroom talking with my teacher. Why? Don't ask me, I have no clue!

" Amu dear, we're moving…"

~~~~~Flashback End~~~~~

Now, 10 years later, I'm back from Tokyo, without my parents. No more the nerdy girl but the 'Cool and spicy' Hinamori Amu. Waist long pink hair, big boobs, tiny waist, huge butt and a rebel attitude to match! Wait till they see me now! I haven't been keeping in touch with Ikuto but…since I'm staying with him now I won't have to worry about getting back on Ikuto's friend list!

" 20 Kirashu Avenue…" I murmured to myself as I walked down a stretch of gigantic mansions, " Ahh…found it! Whoa!" The mansion was amazingly enormous! High white walls and a dark blue roof. I walked up to the main door and knocked on it. After a few minutes, a brown haired, emerald green-eyed teen maybe a year older than me opened the door.

" Hel…lo…" he said more to himself than to me as his eyes widened.

" Yo. Is Tsukiyomi Ikuto here?" I asked politely. I didn't want to give a bad impression to a hot guy like him. He looked back into the house and then turned to face me. Nervousness was plastered on his face.

" N-nope." He stuttered, voice full of panic.

" Show me the boy. I have no time to play." I snapped.

" Whose there Kukai?" someone said from inside the building.

" Show me Tsukiyomi Ikuto. Now." I ignored the voice.

" Whose looking for," he walked to the doorway, " me…" All I can say is 'Oh My Gaud'. Ikuto, my childhood friend was standing right in front of me. Lean yet muscular. Tall and handsome. Oh yeah did I forget to mention super hot!

" Hinamori Amu…?" he seemed surprised.

" The one and only." I said coolly.

" Wait! Wait! Wait! How do both of you know each other?" The other guy interrupted our lovely reunion.

" Lets go inside first." Ikuto carried my luggage for me and we headed in.

" That's why my parents asked me to come back and stay with him." I pointed my thumb in Ikuto's direction. The inside of the mansion proved more amazing than the outside. High ceilings, chandeliers everything!

" Was my little visit unpredicted?" I asked Ikuto.

" No. Just…surprising. I didn't think you'd turn into such a young beautiful creature." He shot me a dazzling smile. I tried to hide my blush.

" And I didn't think you'd turn into such a old ugly monster." I returned the smile. He just smirked and murmured something I couldn't hear.

" Hello??? I'm still here!!" the brown haired guy practically yelled.

" I'll introduce myself! I'm Souma Kukai, 16 years old. Captain of the soccer team!" He shoved a thumbs-up sign in my direction.

" I'll find my way to my room." I picked up my stuff and started up the spiraling staircase, ignoring Kukai.

" What an unfriendly girl…"

"I heard you Mr. Soccer team Captain." I turned to face him, the cutest smile I could muster on my face. He blushed and looked down. I giggled to myself and continued my way up.

Oh shoot! I don't even know where my new room is? I don't even know if I have a room dammit.

" Having trouble finding your room Amu dear?"

I jumped and shrieked in pure shock. I turned around hesitantly.

" Thought you might."

That's when I saw who it was. It was Mr. Look at me I'm so Sexy. Which was quite true. Wait…what am I thinking? I am not going to fall for Ikuto! I am NO T going to fall for that stupid idiot.

Out of the blue, I heard someone sigh and grab my hand. Huh? I looked up. Ikuto. Holding. My. Hand…SO WARM!! His hand was so big and warm and…

" Amu? Amu? AMU!"

" GYAH!!" I was so surprised by Ikuto calling to me that I lost my footing. I felt the wind brush my face as my body and the floor were closing the gap between them. I braced myself for impact but instead of the hard floor I expected, I landed on something soft.

I opened my golden eyes only to see indigo ones staring back at me. Wait, wait, wait the floor has eyes…not possible right? I pulled back to get a better look but I got dragged down again. My lips met with something warm and soft. My honey colored eyes winded as big as they could go.

Now it all made sense!! Not that I wanted it to make sense!! The blue eyes belonged to Ikuto and hence these lips that are…touching mine…are… HIS!!!! NOOO!!

I pushed him away with all my might. Sadly, all my might didn't even budge him!!!

" That was…my…first kiss…" was all that I could say.

" Ikuto you just made that girl lose her first kiss!!!"

" You do know its really important to a girl…right?"

" How could you do that???"

" If I recall that was Ikuto's first kiss too…am I right?"

Kyahhh!!! Who are these people? They saw that? That was Ikuto's first kiss? He lost it to me? WHATS HAPPENING HERE??


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