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A so-called psycho woman burst through the main door dropping her bags on the floor the second she entered.

" I'M HOME~" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

" OH CRAP. She's BACK!" The guys appeared at the bottom of the stairwell.

" Whose back?" the girls appeared by the kitchen doorway.

" I, Kel Kimura, am back."

~~~~~AMU'S ROOM~~~~~~

"AMU~~" She shouted as she kicked the door open.

" OHMAGAUD." She gasped at the sight. Two sleeping people were tangled under the covers of Amu's bed. Their names are Tsukiyomi Ikuto, the drop-dead-gorgeous heartthrob and Hinamori Amu, the beautiful oblivious-to-everything young lady.

" Get out of here! I have a important announcement you don't need to hear…WOW." Souma Kukai dashed into the room.

" Wow." Rima Mashiro stood by the doorway pretending to look surprised.

" OH MY MOMMA." Hotori Tadase gaped.

" About time." Hoshina Utau smirked.

" Interesting Day." Kairi Sanjo jotted down the happenings of that day down.

" I HAVE BEEN BLINDED! SOMEONE HELP ME! SOMEONE TURN ON THE LIGHTS! I CAN'T SEE!!" Yaya Yuiki was covering her eyes with her hands.

" I'll turn it on for you." Nagi Fujisaki peeled Yaya's hands of her face.

" AHHH!" She covered her face again, " I CAN'T SEE!!!"

~~~~~~LIVING ROOM~~~~~~

The atmosphere was tense, as everybody wanted to say something but just couldn't.

" COME ON ALREADY!" Kel shouted. She wasn't very patient.

" I-eh…" Nagi, Kukai and Amu stuttered.

" You first." Nagi said to Kukai.

" No you." Kukai said back.

" Ladies First." They both turned to Amu grinning evilly.

" Me?" Amu pointed to herself, a blushing monster.

" Just say it WOMAN!" Kel said straight in Amu's face.

" Yeah Amu." Kukai said.

" Just spill." Utau had a bored look on her face.


" Payback." The guys leaned in to tell her.

" Mine." Ikuto finally said something. He wrapped his arms around Amu's waist and put his chin on her shoulder.

" Yours?" Everybody asked at the same time.

" Yes. Mine. My girl." Ikuto mumbled.

" Your girl? Your Girfriend. Your Girlfriend. Come on its not that hard to say." Kel said before anybody had a chance to say anything.

" My girlfriend." Ikuto muttered.

" LOUDER." Everybody teased.

" I'M HIS GIRLFRIEND OKAY?" Amu yelled, her face as red as a tomato.

" See. Isn't that hard.' Everyone comforted Ikuto.

" Kukai and I are dating." Utau said.

" Hey! Breaking the news is a guy thing!" Kukai said.

" Hey. It's not like your good at saying this kind of stuff." Utau snapped and Kukai pouted.

" We're getting married." Nagi said.

" WHAT???" Everybody but Rima and Ikuto yelled.

" You're a disgrace to comedy." Rima spat, hitting Nagi on the head several…hundred times.

" Okay…dating…we're just dating…" Nagi managed to choke out.

" AM I THE ONLY SINGLE PERSON HERE??" Kel shot up from her chair, punching the air, stomping around aimlessly.

" I'm single." Tadase tried to say seductively but it came out more of a…old drunk man…yeah.



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