Super Mario Sketch Show Episode 11

All sketches written by Stephen Paget (AKA a random man you don't know who takes things too seriously.)

But Mario, his friends and enemies are owned by Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo.

Mario: Hey everybody! It's the Super Mario Sketch Show! Dah da da daa!

Sketch 1 – Be warned stars have sharp edges.

Mario is walking along a level in Super Mario Brothers. He sees a block and punches it releasing a yellow invincibility star.

Mario: Hey! A Star!

Mario reaches out to touch the star only to have his hand cut off by the sharp edges of the star.

Mario: Gaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! My hand!

Sketch 2 : Do the job right.

Mario is standing on a lava pit with Bowser with his hand stitched back on.

Mario: Alright let's do this right.

Mario pulls out a star and become invincible, he runs through Bowser killing him.

Mario: Yes! I did it!

Peach then appears from the next room.

Peach: Mario! You saved me! Gimme a hug!

Peach then runs to hug Mario, while he still has the invincible star! He then accidentally kills Peach with his invincibility!

Mario (holding Peach's dead body) : Ahhhhh! Shit!

So remember kids, use stars responsibly!

Sketch 3 – Seeing as Luigi still has his sore throat, here's Waluigi's random thought of the day! And here's the Wicked Brothers, Wario and Waluigi!

Wario: A gold coin for your thoughts, Waluigi!

Waluigi: Have you ever thought about all these gold coins, floating in the sky everywhere? Never mind how they get there, if they are gold coins floating everywhere in the mushroom kingdom, why does anybody in the mushroom kingdom even have a job, when they can just get all these coins everywhere.

Wario: Good point.

Waluigi. Adding on to the plus side at least you won't ever get asked by homeless people for change.

Wario: It's not that cool, who else am I gonna beat up when I'm bored?

Waluigi: Wario that's not evil, that's tourette syndrome, you gotta have a bigger reason to beat people up.