Chapter 1: Strangers

Harry Potter finally defeated Voldemort. It took a lot of training and magical energy, but in the end it finally paid off. Lord Voldemort was dead. All his horcruxes have been destroyed. The only problem remaining were some persistent death eaters that weren't willing to give up on their revenge on Harry for killing their master.

Harry Potter was in the middle of the forbidden forest. He was in front of the cold dead body of Voldemort. He felt weak in the knees after releasing that much magic and collapsed in a seated position, his back leaning on a tree trunk. No one would begrudge him if he closed his eyes for a minute, right? He was so tired.

In Harry's unconscious state, he didn't notice the approaching five death eaters in front of him. In his vulnerable state, he wasn't able to dodge the oncoming barrage of different colored spells that met him head on. The five spells were the most dangerous evil curses that the death eaters could think of at that moment. The spells merged with each other and hit the destroyer of their master.

The combined curses formed the a large color black. Upon hitting the 18 year-old-man, the impact caused the most brightest light and then Harry disappeared into thin air.

Harry woke up with the sudden onslaught of pain everywhere in his body. He opened his eyes and couldn't see anything.

Merlin, was he blind? No it's just dark, but then why was it so quiet? He was expecting the chaotic noise the aftermath of the final battle would certainly cause. And for that matter, at least he should hear the usual noise of a forest, like the rustling of some leaves or distant stomping of an unknown animal.

Well, there's nothing that he could do about it. Let's see, first try to assimilate the area where he was in. Okay, time to stand up and get to someplace.

What the hell!!! Why can't he stand? Why was he tied up? His hands were bound behind the sides of some kind of cold metallic pole and his feet were tied together on his ankles. Shit! What the hell was this?!

Was he caught by the death eaters? why didn't they just kill him? He wouldn't have minded. He was tired with alll the killing and bloodshed anyways. But, no they wanted to prolong his agony.

Was he going to have a slow painful death? Nah, He'll just have to have a long peaceful sleep. That's right, He's already wounded anyway, and He feels weak. He'll just sleep to death then. Great!

"HAAARRY HARRY!!!! If you're there, make some noise!!"

Couldn't they just leave him alone? The constant calling was grating on his nerves.


Oh wonderful, he wasn't just tied, someone also stuck something on his mouth that couldn't let him speak properly. Now, he couldn't even tell them to shut up. And why does his throat hurt? Somebody must have sliced some nerve on his neck, it's dripping blood down his chest. Great just great!

"I heard some noise over there, Ry."

"I heard it too, John. Let's go over that room."

Someone opened a door, and suddenly bright lights from various wands were hurting Harry's eyes. He closed his eyes, and felt someone approach him. Oh no, don't come near. He didn't recognize their voices. He tried to open his eyes again, but everything was blurry and bright. It looks like more than five people entered the room.

Shit. Harry doesn't do crowds. He's outnumbered and defenseless without a wand. Please just go away. He tried to back up and was struggling against his bonds which just resulted to angry red marks on his wrists and ankles. He closed his eyes again and backed up all he can, away from the unknown voices and hands.

"Shhhhh, it's alright Harry. You're safe now, stop moving okay. You'll hurt yourself more."

After that he heard someone chanting something under his breath, and then all was dark.

When Harry opened his eyes. He was in a soft white bed in the corner of a white room, with white walls. Everything was white. There was a bandage around his neck. And it seems like all his other wounds were healed,but he still felt weak.

Harry doesn't like this. The bed was too soft. He was still used to sleeping on hard stuff, and he felt too vulnerable in this bed. Under the bed looks fine to sleep in.

Harry took his blanket and crawled under the bed. He backed into a corner and slept in a sitting position. He was too tired to notice that he could sit in the small dark space under the bed. He didn't see that he was now a small 10 year-old-kid. He didn't see either that he wasn't alone under the bed. There was a big black shaggy furry dog with him.

"Where is he, James? There's no one here except Snuffles when I left him in this room."

"Don't worry, Lily. I'm sure he's just around here. Let's look for him before we panic."

Harry woke up when he heard voices. He backed up in the corner and folded his legs. He didn't know who they were. He heard Lily and James, but that could'nt be right. His parents were dead. Must be some other person with similar names. He clutched the blanket around him and assessed the safest way he could run towards the door. He was trying not to make any sound. But then his hand touched something furry.

In his surprise, he cried out and scrambled out under the bed.

"Ahhh!" At least that was what he tried to say but it came out as some kind of muffled gurgling sound. That was not a good idea, his throat was hurting again. He grabbed his throat and turned around to run to the door. But he was blocked by the man that looks a lot like his father. He was trapped.

"There you are Harry! Why were you under the bed?"

The tall man that looked alot like an older version of his father approached him. Before he could try to take a step around him. He was lifted and carried over his bed.

Wait a moment, why was he being lifted like some kind of baby. Harry was finally over the stage of being a midget. While not as tall as Ron, he was taller now after his growth spurt when he was fifteen. Ah Shit. Forget it, there was something under the was it?

Harry tried squirming away from the bed, but the hands on his shoulder kept him in place. He tried pointing down and furiously tried to portray that he didn't want to be there with something under his bed.

"What's wrong, Harry?" A woman that looked alot like an older version of Lily asked him.

"It's just Snuffles, don't you remember him?"

Snuffles, the big black wolf dog came out from under the bed, jumped over the bed and approached Harry. Harry was shocked, the dog was easily bigger than him and looks dangerous.

The dangerous dog kept approaching Harry. The dog opened his mouth, exposing his sharp teeth, and licked Harry on the face.

Ewwww. Okay the dog looks friendly enough and kind of looked like his deceased godfather, so no problem. Harry petted the dog on his bed and turned to confront the two familiar looking strangers in front of him.

He automatically eliminated the possibility that he was in heaven because of the ache and pain in his body and throat respectively. So who were they that dared to look like his parents? The woman was now in front of Harry beside the man holding his shoulders. The couple was looking at him and Harry couldn't help but stare at the couple that looked a lot like his parents.

The woman hugged Harry, and was now crying like there was no tomorrow. Harry tried to push off the woman holding him, but the woman was holding him tightly. He should be stronger and bigger than the woman right now. What the hell was happening? This is not good. Harry doesn't do close physical contact with anyone if he didn't have a close relationship with him no matter how nice they were.

Harry was close to hyperventilating now. The man noticed this.

"Lils, you should ease off. You're cutting off his air supply. He looks kind of blue now." the man chuckled.

"Of course. Sorry Harry dear. Let's see, even though I'm not your healer. I want to check you up." Lily was now in healer mode.

The woman took out her wand and pointed it at Harry.

Harry was surprised at the wand pointed at him. His eyes opened so big that it made him look like a 5-year-old baby instead of his normal 10-year-old face which still kind of looked like an 8-year-old. Face it. No matter how hard he tried he will always look younger than his supposed age.

Lily Potter, was a professional healer, but she didn't work at any hospital. Instead, she chose to stay at home with her own small clinic for small children. Of course, when she was bored. There was her little baby harry to check up on. Every scrape or cough was checked by the resident healer, Lily Potter, the mother of four children.

"Now don't move, sweetie. This will only take a minute. You know the drill."

Lily waved her wand and a blue light proceeded to surround harry."