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After watching the video where Zero drinks Kaname's blood, I became a KanamexZero fan instantly. I've read a lot of fanfics about them already so I decided on making one. I kinda liked the 'carrier' idea thing that I got from a fanfic somewhere... It's very hard to be original with this... It's my first time writing KanamexZero btw...


Oh, thanks to Tatari00 for clearing the ZeroXKaname :D I didn't know...Sorry for the confusion. It's KanameXZero :D

Zero was pissed off. He woke up today feeling his long hair sweeping against his back again. It's not that he wasn't expecting it though. It was quite the opposite and he really didn't feel shocked at all. He was just… irritated. After all, it was happening quite a lot these past days and it was a lot harder to keep his little secret. It was just months after his 'vampire nature' awakened when he noticed the drastic changes in his body. The most noticeable would be his hair. His hair was growing longer while he is asleep and it grows by centimeters each day.


"Zero, is it just me or is your hair longer?" asked Ichiru one evening when they ended up talking underneath a tree near the Sun Dorm.

"Longer?" Zero asked his twin with confusion in his eyes.

"Yeah," the other replied.

"You must be imagining things," the hunter scoffed leaning onto the tree's trunk, his hands serving as a pillow for his head.

"I know I'm not imagining things," huffed Ichiru.

"Prove it then," Zero challenged his twin, glaring at him as he did.

Ichiru just sighed at his brother's behavior. He pulled out his hair from its ponytail and let his hair fall and leaned closer to his twin until their foreheads touched. Zero would have pushed the other at the contact but since this was his twin, he knew he wouldn't do anything crazy. There were only few persons who he lets approach him boldly and that's Yuuki, Ichiru and his master, Yagari (Chairman Cross is not an option). From this position, both of them can tell the difference between their hair lengths and indeed, Zero's hair is longer only by a few though.

"See, it's longer," Ichiru stated as a matter-of-factly.

"Okay, I'll cut it tonight," he replied before separating from Ichiru and returning to the Sun Dorms, the latter following him a few steps behind.

After that incident, Zero did what exactly he told Ichiru he would do. That night, he cut his silver hair back to its original length. It's also a good thing that he has knowledge on this kind of stuff since he actually paid attention when his mother had cut his brother's hair when they were kids. He snipped his hair carefully in front of his bathroom mirror making sure he don't cut too much. He really doesn't care much about appearance but he does treasure his hair. After all, how many people in this world do you think has silver hair? When he was done, he threw the remains to a trash bin and after taking a shower, he fell on his bed and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Zero woke up feeling rather unusual. He wasn't sure what it is that's troubling him so he just shrugged the feeling away.

'Maybe I'm just imagining things again' he thought to himself as he stretched on his bed. That day was a Saturday so he didn't need to get up early nor sleep early. He was always looking forward for Saturdays because it was the day that he was free to do anything he wants.

He went to his bathroom to wash his face and that's when he noticed the thing that was making him feel 'unusual'. He stared at his reflection in the mirror, his face showing pure shock. It wasn't his face that's the problem, it was his hair. He swear he cut it last night but then, why does his hair looks like it hasn't been cut at all and looks even longer? He grabbed a ponytail from his drawer and tied his hair quickly making it a bit messy with a few locks out of place. Zero then ran to the Chairman's office as fast as he could and opened his door with a slam.

"Chairman!" Zero's shout echoed the room.

"Z-zero?" Chairman Cross sputtered his tea at the violent entry.

"Chairman I need to talk to you!" he said almost desperately.

"What about?" the chairman asked in his usual cheery tone as if the whole 'violent entry' incident didn't happen.

"There's something wrong about me. I know it!" the ex-human said slamming his fist into the chairman's table.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Well, My hair,"

"Your hair?" the chairman almost laughed.

"Listen to me first!" he shouted silencing the Headmaster.

"I cut it last night because Ichiru said it's already too long. I cut it back to its original length but when I woke up this morning, it's back again as if I didn't cut it in the first place and it looks even longer," he explained.

"Wha- Zero let me see your wrist," the Headmaster said turning to a serious expression.

Zero did as he was told. He was nervous of what is exactly happening to him. He showed his wrist and saw something that he hadn't seen before there. A few centimeters above his wrist, there was a tattoo of a rose. A rose surrounded by vines with thorns that encircled his wrist. Just as Zero was eyeing the tattoo, a certain pureblood entered the room.

"Chairman Cross I would like to-" Kaname's statement was lost when he saw the tattoo on Zero's wrist.

"You're a-" the pureblood's eyes became red.

"Kaname!" the Headmaster shouted which reverted the said vampire's eyes to normal.

"Can we talk later?" he added in a serious tone.

"… Yes…" Kaname replied in a barely noticeable whisper.

Zero stared at Kaname the whole time, shocked by his reactions to the tattoo that magically appeared on his wrist. Once the pureblood had left, that's when he decided to talk.

"What the hell happened?" he said in a whisper, too shocked to raise his voice.

"Zero, this is a serious matter so don't talk back to me now," Headmaster Cross said to his 'son' which was looking blankly at him.

"There are many kinds and status of vampires and you already know them. Good examples are Level Ds, Level Es, Purebloods, Nobles, Level Cs and so on. But actually, there's one kind of vampire that isn't said often because they are rare. And those are the Carrier Vampires,"

"Carrier Vampires are all males and ex-humans but their blood is the second strongest blood in the vampire society. The second as the first is a Pureblood's blood. Why? Because Carrier Vampires are male vampires that can bear children,"

"The reason for that is when a pureblood bites a human, sometimes, the vampire DNA that is passed to the human causes a mutation. But this mutation only happens when the said human's DNA or blood history is strong thus making Carriers a very rare case. The said mutation allows the male vampire to bear children and his blood sweet and tempting to any vampire's sensitive nose,"

"Carrier Vampires are sought after because males are stronger than females making stronger children. Even purebloods are seeking after Carriers,"

"The Carrier Vampire's blood is also a wonder. They can drink from any vampire of any status and not have that vampire's scent on them. It's because the mutation makes a Carrier's blood 'attack' the foreign blood entering his system and turns them into Carrier blood cells as if he never drank from another vampire. Thus, removing the scent because the blood that he drank is now transformed to smell and acts like his own blood,"

"This doesn't apply to a pureblood's blood though. As I have told you, a pureblood's blood is still stronger than a Carrier's so when a Carrier's blood cells attack the pure blood, the pure blood 'counters' the attack. And since it is stronger, the pure blood wins and transforms the Carrier's blood to pureblood inversing the process. Even though the Carrier is now a pureblood, that doesn't mean he can't bear children anymore making Carriers a treasure among purebloods,"

"You must be careful Zero, once a vampire bites you, it automatically makes you theirs. Their mate and you cannot undo it even if you don't want to. Just ONE bite and it will tie you to that vampire forever,"

"There is still more about them, but I can't say them to you all at once," the Chairman ended and gave Zero a book that has information about Carrier Vampires.

Zero was still in a daze, obviously shocked as he absorbed the information the Headmaster had given to him. He read the book later and found out extra information about carriers.

~ The Rose insignia on the wrist is the symbol or mark that a vampire is a carrier.

~ Another physical sign that a vampire is a carrier is his long hair that grows automatically even if you cut it so carrier vampires are the only ones who has long flowing hair.

~ The smell of a carrier is strong and vampires can smell it easily but they will also know when a carrier is already taken because that vampire's scent will stay on to him.

~ Females are only slightly affected since carrier vampires are almost always mated with males but a carrier can also mate a female and have a normal life.

~ The scent of a carrier vampire also does nothing to those who already have a mate. The scent will also be lessened to those who already have feelings for another vampire

~~End Flashback~~

Zero sighed. He has to deal with his hair every morning and it is now getting harder to cut it. His straight long hair is already past his butt and it is hard to see all that precious hair of his go to the trash bin.

The only ones who knew of this are Chairman Cross, Yuuki, Ichiru and Kaname. The ex-human growled at the last one's name. Out of all the vampires, Kaname has to know.

"Zero!" Yuuki's energetic voice came outside his door.

"What is it Yuuki?" he asked as he went to the door, opening it so Yuuki can come inside.

"Chairman says he wants to talk to you," the girl said.

"But classes are already starting," said Zero. He skipped his morning classes today because he just came from a mission last night that left him very tired.

"So? You won't go to class anyway,"

"Fine…." He sighed.

"And go back to class!" he shouted at Yuuki.

"Yes!" she yelped and ran out of Zero's room.

The silver-haired hunter sighed before changing out of his night clothes. He combed his hair before heading to the Headmaster's office. He didn't bother to cut it since every day class student is on their classes so no one will see him.

"Are you sure about this Kaname?" asked the Headmaster to the pureblood sitting on a chair in his room.

"Yes. Even though I know he won't like it, it's still the best choice," Kaname sighed.

Suddenly, Kaname's whole body nearly jumped, his eyelids opened revealing red, bloodlust eyes.

"You can smell him right?" asked Cross.

"Yes… He's about 10 meters away. His smell is intoxicating," Kaname's words barely came out of his mouth as his fangs grew slightly longer.

"Zero has charms placed in his body so his scent wouldn't linger all over the place. You are just not used to his scent but after a while, the reaction would probably lessen,"

"I hope so,"

"Close your eyes so he won't see them," the Headmaster suggested which Kaname obeyed without hesitation.

"Thank goodness, I took my blood tablets…." Kaname managed to mumble out before the door opened.

"What is it Chairman?" Zero's voice filled the room. He wasn't angry or irritated which is a little good.

"Zero!" the Headmaster said happily

"Why is he here?" he asked and even though the pureblood cannot see it, he knew he was glaring by his tone.

"Let me get straight to the point. You are moving to the night class," said Cross.

"What?" the hunter yelled.

"There are reasons. It's hard to keep your secret to the day class and you're changing in every way possible that the students are already noticing it. If you are in the Night class, the day class students won't really bother about those changes," the Chairman said in a serious tone while Kaname gripped his hand onto the chair's arm, scratching the wood with his claws. It was his first time meeting Zero without the charms in his body and his instincts were faced head-on with the carrier scent. The pureblood was fighting his every nerve to pounce on the other and bite his neck. Since Zero was inside the room and in front of him, the silver-haired hunter's scent is literally filling his lungs and its smell makes his stomach crave for blood, Zero's blood.

"No! I will not accept it! I'm safer in the Day Class! I mean, you said it yourself! Just one bite and I'll be any vampire's mate! Look at him! He's already struggling so hard in my presence! What more for the rest of them?" Zero shouted pointing at Kaname.

That was all it took for Kaname's patience to snap. The pureblood stood up and even though his hands were shaking from bloodlust, he managed to speak in a calm voice.

"Look Kiryuu. I AM fighting every urge to bite if that's what you want to hear. But I assure you no vampire will bite you, unless you are willing to, because of my orders," Kaname explained as he tried not to stare at the beautiful boy in front of him. His eyes were wide open now revealing red eyes from his bloodlust.

'Beautiful? I must be insane' he thought. But he still continued to awe at Zero's appearance and his hair. Oh god, that hair. That long silver hair that he wants desperately to feel against his fingers. Again, Kaname fought the urge to touch them, his fingers twitching a little before he lost the struggle with himself. He walked towards Zero, the latter stepping back until he hit the Headmaster's table leaving him with no escape. The hunter stared at the pureblood with shock and a little fear. He couldn't move for reasons that he himself don't know.

Kaname reached out his hand and got a few locks of that long silver hair. It was just as silky and smooth as he thought it would be. It was like holding the finest silk or feeling the water running down the stream. He brought them to his nose and inhaled the scent of his hair which surprisingly smelled like lavender and daisies. Zero froze in his spot and unfortunately, the pureblood had felt it.

"Don't worry. I won't bite," he chuckled and that's when Zero snapped out of his daze.

"W-what?" the hunter stammered as he slapped Kaname's hand away earning a growl from the other. He needs to get out of here and fast.

Zero didn't waste any time. He quickly walked to the door to get out of the Headmaster's office.

"Zero, I'll be moving your stuff to the Moon Dorms now and your first class in the Night class starts tonight!" said Chairman Cross as Zero walked.

"Do whatever you want!" he yelled and slammed the door shut.




"That was easier than I thought," the Headmaster whispered.