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"Big brother? Are you alright?" A voice snapped the said vampire out of his thoughts.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Sorry,"

"You've been staring at the hay for the past minute already," Zero's twin, Ichiru chuckled.

The two brothers were out in the stables in the company of Zero's self-proclaimed horse, White Lily. It has been a while since the two of them spent time together, no Yuuki, no Cross, no Night Class, and no Kaname.

"I was just thinking," Zero said lamely.

"About the Pureblood prince," Ichiru's reply was not a question, rather, it was a statement.

The younger twin just snickered when Zero's cheeks colored a pale pink.

"Oh, shut up,"

"So what is it this time?"

"Are you… Are you okay with this? With what's happening?" Ichiru raised an eyebrow at his brother's question.

"Are you seriously asking me that right now?" He asked in a sarcastic tone, smiling a little.

Zero pursed his lips at what his brother said. It was true though. He hadn't told his own brother about anything that's happened recently. To think that Ichiru had to hear about everything from other people… what a horrible brother he is.

"I'm sorry," The carrier's guilty tone made Ichiru worry.

"Hey, hey, it's okay. Sheesh," He patted Zero on the back but it didn't do much help. Ichiru sighed at his stubborn brother.

"Look brother, you like him, he likes you-" Zero's cheeks heated up at that statement.

"-and anyone who cannot see that he makes you happy is obviously blind as a bat,"

"So…" Zero trailed off. He couldn't believe it, that his brother would agree.

"Of course I'm fine with it! If he makes you happy, I'm all up for it!" Ichiru almost yelled exasperatedly.

Zero thought about the events the past few days. He, dare he say it, becoming closer with the pureblood. He spends most of his time studying, sleeping, and being with him which is kind of alarming in his point of view. The pace of their… relationship is fast and he allowed the brunette to kiss him on more than one occasion already. He knew vampires don't probably court, especially pureblood ones since most of them are given whatever they want and that included lovers. As much as he enjoyed his first real kiss with Kaname, he'd rather not think of it as it causes him to do embarrassing stuff unconsciously.

"Zero, you're blushing again," His younger twin pointed out.

The carrier just scowled and forced his thoughts out of his head.

"Anyway, I need to go now sorry. Yuuki's been bugging me about her Chemistry assignment," Ichiru said.

"Oh sure. See you and say hi to Yuuki for me,"

"Will do," And with a grin, the younger Kiryuu left.

'Maybe I should go back as well?'


Zero nearly jumped from his skin at the loud noise that bombarded his ears once he opened the doors to the Moon Dorm. Looking around, everyone was there: Yuuki, Ichiru, Chairman Cross, Kaname's inner circle, Shiki, Rima and even his former teacher Yagari. Strewn around the lobby were tons of confetti, curly ribbons and on a tray pushed by Yuuki herself was a cake.

"What's happening?" He asked with furrowed brows.

The occupants of the room looked ready to throw something at him, especially Yuuki.

"C'mon Zero! It's your birthday today! You and Ichiru's!" She yelled in exasperation.

Zero took a few minutes to process the information.

"It's just like you to forget our birthday brother," Ichiru smiled.

"It's the 24th today?" Zero asked.

"Yes!" Yuuki yelled excitedly causing the vampires to wince.

"Geez, Yuuki you don't have to yell," The carrier stated rubbing his ears.

He looked at everyone present again and felt his lips twitch a little. Everyone remembered his birthday even if he didn't and it made him somewhat happy. But then his eyes scanned the crowd again and expertly hid his disappointed that the almighty Pureblood was not present.

"Thank you. I got busy at training every day that I guess I forgot," Zero forced to keep the disappointment from his voice.

That night everyone partake in enjoying the dinner that they asked the chefs of the Moon Dorm to make. Zero, without surprise just sat on an empty sofa and observed the party from the side. He wasn't much of a party person after all.

"So, what's bothering you?"

Zero looked and saw his twin sat down beside him.

"What are you talking about?" He asked.

"Zero, we're twins. I know when something's troubling you and your attempts to hide them," Ichiru kept his eyes on their guests, his lips still smiling in amusement.

However, the carrier chose not to reply.

"It's him again isn't it?" The younger twin answered for Zero but the eldest chose not to reply.

"Trust your Pureblood more Zero. Don't worry much," He said before returning to the party.

Zero stared at the empty space in front of him, contemplating his brother's words. Maybe he's just being foolish. Maybe he does need to worry less.

'And he's nor my Pureblood,' The word 'yet' was left unsaid.

When the party was nearing its end, Zero excused himself back to his room. The party has given him a small headache from all the spinning and reckless dancing that Yuuki started.

He was about to turn the door to his room open when he stopped in his tracks. There's only one scent in the whole school that smells like that, and it belongs to Kaname. The Pureblood was in his room. And the scent that invaded his senses, it was Kaname's but somehow different. Then suddenly, his arm shook and his heart beat faster. He started sweating lightly especially in his hands and he couldn't bring the strength to open his door anymore.

Zero then heard the knob turn and his eyes widened. Slowly, the door to his room opened and revealed the form of the Pureblood wearing plain black trousers and a white dress shirt. Kaname looked at the carrier and he felt rooted on the spot.

"Well, aren't you coming in?" The brunette asked his gaze unmoving.

Zero's mind didn't felt like entering at all. It felt like he would be walking to a lion's den and he was the prey. However, his instincts are pushing away his thinking at the moment. The scent filling his nose was so strong so warm and Kaname's eyes were like molten pools of lava that were effectively sinking him in.

"Y-Yes," Zero's answer was so sudden and so automatic that he probably didn't realize that he answered in the first place.

Kaname's quirked upwards and formed a smirk.


And with that, he hooked his right hand onto Zero's lower back and effortlessly pushed the carrier to him before closing the door with a soft click.

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