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"What's wrong Zero?" Kaname asked playfully smirking all the way.

Zero couldn't really think straight and barely heard what the other had said. His senses were on fire and everything was blurry. If only he could say he was drugged but he was sure he wasn't as he barely ate anything from the party. There's also the fact that drugs barely has any effect on vampires.

"You've barely said anything," Kaname whispered an octave lower as he licked his way on the other's neck.

Zero groaned at the action and clutched his hand tightly on the Pureblood's white shirt. His head tilted to the side unconsciously and gave Kaname more access. His breathing was already twice as fast and all he could smell was Kaname's strong scent and aura which was permeating the room. That was when his head finally caught up.

"Kaname… y-you bastard...ah!" Zero had to stop himself from talking when Kaname bit and sucked on his ear next to his piercings.

"Hm? What?"

"Your- ah! scent and aura… too strong… can't think…" Zero had his eyes closed concentrating on not raising his hips to meet the brunette's one.

"I can't help it. That is just how much I want you," Kaname said and ground his hips to the carrier's to prove his point.

The back of Zero's head met the mattress as he moaned deeply in pleasure that the small friction provided. It was his first time after all and he couldn't help but think at the back of his mind the size of Kaname's growing bulge. However, as much as he enjoyed it, he doesn't want his first time to be so utterly submissive.

"Kaname damnit… control your… fucking aura..."

"As you eloquently say, that's what I'm going to do Zero. To fuck you," Zero groaned at the back of his throat when the Pureblood swore. Who knew that Kaname swearing was such a big turn on?

"Kaname…" Zero nearly whined in protest.

"… Fine, fine," Kaname said and within a few moments, Zero's thinking capacity was half-back again releasing a deep sigh from his lips.

"Would it really be unpleasant if we just go on without taking it back?" The Pureblood ground his hips again and Zero met him halfway this time.

"Holy s- Yes it would," Zero gathered up his strength and flipped the two of them over.

"If I was so submissive I wouldn't be able to do this," He smirked and kissed the pureblood passionately.

Zero moaned in their kiss and fought with Kaname's tongue for dominance but unsurprisingly lost. He let Kaname's tongue explore his mouth thoroughly before suddenly rubbing his crotch over Kaname's. The pureblood growled low in his throat and grabbed one of Zero's clothed cheeks giving it a firm squeeze. The carrier moaned and separated his mouth from the other before quickly diving down to his jaw. Zero licked, sucked and kissed his way down from Kaname's jaw to his collarbone enjoying every grunt from his future mate.

"Annoying shirt," The carrier mumbled and didn't bothered removing it. He slashed the offending thing with his claws until it came off the Purebloods body.

"I think I rather like you this way," Seeing the usually blushing and reserved Zero when talking about sexual relations being so aggressive was a major turn-on to Kaname.

"I got over it," Zero replied sensing what the brunette was hinting at before worshipping Kaname's body.

Kaname had the muscles but he wasn't overly buffy. He had the abs that's for sure and Zero made sure to trace his tongue all over them before going down to the main prize. Kaname sensed what the carrier was about to do and nearly came in his pants at the idea. He didn't think Zero would be willing to do that.

Despite the 'bold' move, Zero was actually quite nervous as he removed Kaname's belt from his pants. He knew what he was about to do, he couldn't believe that he was about to do it but he knew he wanted to do it. For the first time in his life, he finally found someone that he really wanted so bad. He, dare he say it, had fallen in love with the bastard and he was sure he would be willing to do anything for him, as clichéd as it sounds.

As Zero unclasped the pants and pulled down the Pureblood's zipper, he felt Kaname's hand gently grab the back of his head. He was aware that the thumb running circles at the back of his head was probably messing up his hair but the small action was soothing and he silently thanked the Pureblood in his mind. Zero pulled down the only remaining barrier between him and his prize and was more than surprised at the size of his future mate. He felt it earlier yes but he didn't expect the brunette to be this big.

Swallowing his nervousness, Zero gave an experimental lick to the hard shaft. Despite his gruff and 'bad boy' attitude, the carrier was actually an unexperienced virgin. No one had taken a liking to him before and it didn't help that he was so grumpy and glaring at people all the time. He's only relying on what little knowledge he had from school (which aren't a lot because he sleeps in class most of the time) and his gut feelings on what he's doing right now. Kaname didn't say anything but the tightening of his fingers at the back of the carrier's head was probably a good sign so Zero became bolder and licked the whole underside before sucking at the tip.

"Zero…" Kaname growled out his fingers fisting a handful of the other's hair in the process.

Zero felt his own pants become uncomfortably tight as he swallowed the whole thing as far as he can without gagging.

"Ah!" Kaname gasped in surprise and forced himself to look at the carrier between his legs.

Zero's flushed faced and hollowed cheeks as he sucked on his crotch will be etched forever in Kaname's memory. However as much as he enjoyed it, it was too much for him and he really preferred not to blow his load on Zero's mouth.

"Zero stop," Kaname tugged on Zero's hair.


Kaname summoned up his strength and flipped the two of them making Zero fall back on the mattress.

"We have other things to do," The pureblood said and kissed Zero once more.

While Zero was distracted, Kaname made quick work of Zero's clothes ripping them with his claws just like what the carrier did with his.

"Hey! That was my favourite shirt!" Zero yelled nearly forgetting what they were doing in the first place.

"I'll buy you a new one,"

"I don't care if you'll buy me a new one, that was my favourite!" Zero snarled.

"Zero, now is not the time to fight," Kaname growled and grabbed on the carrier's hard shaft for emphasis.

Zero's head quickly hit the bed, a loud groan at the back of his throat.

"Why you-" Zero began to say but Kaname was faster and captured the others lips with his.

"Just stay quiet."

The carrier frowned but did as he was told much to Kaname's relief.

"That wasn't so hard wasn't it?"

Kaname smirked at Zero's annoyed face and leaned once more to give him a kiss.

"Damn it. Hurry up," The carrier impatiently mumbled between the kiss and Kaname nearly growled at the order because as much as they would like their first time to be romantic and perfect, the two knew that they wouldn't last much longer.

The pureblood grabbed the lube on top of the side table beside Zero's bed and poured a generous amount on his finger while still kissing the silver-haired vampire senseless. Kaname made sure to cover his finger thoroughly before putting one of his fingers at Zero's entrance.

"Relax," Kaname whispered before inserting his finger.

Zero flinched at the slight pain of intrusion but relaxed as much as he can which was hard considering that he had a finger up in his ass. Seeing that Zero was focusing too much on the preparation, Kaname used his other hand to stroke the carrier's shaft and lavish his neck at the same time.

"Ah! Kaname… Ah, shit!"

The second finger hurt more than the first one.

"Shh… It'll go away Zero,"

"Easy… for you.. to say," Zero panted as he tried to keep his focus away from the finger prodding inside him.

Kaname's fingers kept moving trying to find that one spot inside that can alleviate Zero's pain. He knew he found it when Zero's back curved up, his curse echoing inside the room.

"Holy sh- What… was that?!"

Kaname smiled deviously as he continued to hit Zero's prostate. The carrier's shout and moans filled the room turning Kaname on more and more. He didn't even noticed the additional finger that Kaname inserted along the way.

"K-Kaname…" Zero whined which he knew he would later deny doing.

"K-Kaname… enough…" The carrier repeated through his moans.

The pureblood on the other hand bit back a growl at the submissive sight Zero was unconsciously showing.

"What is it? What do you want?" Kaname whispered hotly in Zero's ear, sending shivers down the other spine.

"D-damn it Kaname… Don't.. play this… gam- Ah!" Zero nearly yelled when Kaname's fingers hit his prostate once more.

"What? How would I know what you want if you will not tell me Zero?" Kaname repeated his actions earning another curse from Zero's mouth.

Zero knew that the brunette was enjoying what he was doing and normally, he would be damned before he would give in to such a request. However, Zero couldn't last any longer. He needs it. There was nothing but sexual tension hanging in the air when the two of them meet ever since he was changed into a pureblood. Besides, it wouldn't hurt to humor the pureblood once in a while.

"K-Kaname damn it… JUST FUCK ME ALREADY!"

With that said, Kaname's fingers were out of Zero's ass and he quickly lubed his member.

"This will hurt," That was the only warning that Zero got before Kaname plunged in one hard stroke inside him.

Zero's pained shout echoed in the room and was probably heard all throughout the Moon Dorms. The carrier felt the tears well up in his eyes and for once let that one sign of weakness fall. He was trained for pain and was proud that he never cried in his whole life after his parents were killed but this pain was another story altogether.

"Shh… Relax…." Kaname forced himself to soothe his soon-to-be-mate while summoning every ounce of self-control to not pound into the tight heat surrounding his member.

"Give me… a minute…" Zero tried to get his breathing to normal in order to relax his body.

After some time which felt like an eternity to the brunette, Zero finally gave the nod to proceed, "Move…,"

Kaname, not wanting to put his lover in any more pain than he is, moved in slow strokes in order to help Zero get used to his size which Zero was thankful for. Despite the slow pace, Kaname's member would sometimes brush the carrier's prostate sending a wave of pleasure in his body and making the process less painful. Soon enough, the pain turned to a dull ache and Zero had enough of the small waves of pleasure. He wanted more.

"F-faster," Zero breathed out that Kaname nearly missed it.

The pureblood growled loudly in response. He lifted both of the carrier's legs and removed his member from Zero until only the head was in and roughly pushed inside.


Zero moaned unabashedly as Kaname set a fast and hard pace. Despite the large amount of pleasure, there was still a tinge of pain that Zero could feel but he loved it all the same. The pain reminded him that he was not dreaming, that it was real. He felt so full not just literally but also emotionally of Kaname's passion that he felt he could cry from it, as cheesy as it sounds. He cussed loudly once more when Kaname found his that spot again.

"FU- AH! K-Kaname… I'm…"

"Me too…" Kaname replied knowing that both of them are nearing the edge.

Zero moved his hand to stroke his hard shaft but was swatted away by Kaname's hands.

"No. You'll come by having me inside you," Kaname answered huskily which the other replied with a groan.

The pureblood then proceeded to latch his mouth on Zero's tattooed neck, sucking and licking in place.


Zero was beyond words by that time and just tilted his head to give the other more space. Somehow, at the back of his mind, he recognized it as a sign for marking and his instincts instantly told him to submit. It wasn't long when the feeling of being pounded roughly and being stimulated in the neck became too much for Zero.

"Ahhhnnn… Ahhh… Kaname," Moaned Zero and Kaname then chose that moment to bite through Zero's flesh making him nearly tore his throat out and came from the pleasure that it brought.

The pureblood felt the walls of Zero's insides tighten around him and coupled with, finally, the taste of Zero's blood on his mouth, he emptied his seed into Zero's. Kaname was midly aware that Zero had made himself relax on the bed in a mess of semen, sweat and hair sticking in his skin but he still hasn't let go of the other's neck. The carrier's blood tasted divine on his tongue and he knew it was going to be hard to feed on blood tablets once more.

"Kaname… Are... you done?" Zero tiredly asked, his breathing barely back to normal.

Kaname then slowly removed his fangs from Zero's neck and gently wiped any spilled blood on his mate's neck. That's right. Mate. He could get used to that.

"Go to sleep Zero," Kaname planted a short kiss on his lips and Zero, who was too tired to argue let sleep take him.

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