mint: Hi everyone! So I bet you were surprised when you saw an update to this fic. Well, it's not a chapter, sorry…. So I'm putting this Author's note to tell you that I finally have an inspiration on how Zero's pregnancy would be like.

I know a lot of people were disappointed by the quick ending, myself included. Anyway, that was because I did not know how to proceed with it. I didn't want to put Zero's pregnancy in this fic because to me, this fic is about Zero and Kaname getting together. The baby is another one. So I waited until I got an inspiration which I now have. I probably will put my other story "Kurama of Silkwood" on hiatus for a while until I finish this or I could probably write them at the same time, who knows.

I also ended up tweaking the ending a little to make it seem like there's a continuation.

Well, that's all. See you!

EDIT: Sequel is up now - Nine Months of Struggle

fanfiction net/s/11763377/1/Nine-Months-of-Struggle