Finally! Angry Bob is back! It may have been a while, but I came up with a fresh new idea that I'm sure will get a few of you laughing/offended. Enjoy!


By Rat

Angry Bob was angry.

Angry Bob wanted to be happy.

Angry Bob saw the great outdoors, not camping, just being in it, made people happy.

"I will see the great outdoors," Angry Bob vowed, "And I will be happy."

So, Angry Bob went to the park and sat down on a bench.

He watched the birds fly by and heard them sing.

He watched the rabbits play with each other.

He heard the birds sing.

In fact, Angry Bob was so still and attentive, that a red-headed bird flew on his shoulder.

Angry Bob fed it some bird food.

"Ah, how great the outdoors can be." Sighed Angry Bob.

And he felt something he had never felt before.


Then, the bird started tapping on his head.

It started tapping harder.

And harder.

And harder.

Soon, it had hollowed out Angry Bob's head.

It took its family in and raised its chicks, who grew beautiful in plumage and graceful as eagles.


Rat turned to Goat, who was watching him type, and said, "I always try to have a happy ending."

And to think people say Angry Bob stories are never happy. Anyways, so long until next time! And check out my Youtube account-the link is on my profile. Byez!