"So how was your date?" Taylor asked me when we met later in the afternoon.
"It wasn't a date! And it was great, he is so nice and he's so much fun and you know neither of us had brushed our teeth so we both just had a gum and then we had spaghetti pesto and he called us a couple of garlic smelling people. Maybe you don't get it but it was really funny…"
"Morgan, you know what I think? You're in the danger zone."
"What do you mean?" I asked her.
"I think someone is starting to like someone and that someone has a boyfriend home in Philly, so that someone should not go on dates."
"It wasn't a date!" I said again, but I still clearly remembered him calling it a date.

I'm bad. I'm so bad. Can you possibly be in love with two guys? Is it ok if one of them is a British guy you're never going to meet again when you go home? But I'm not in love with him. And we do not have another date tomorrow night. And I do not want him to kiss me and I hate it when he says my whole name, Morgan Matthews, with that annoying British accent. No, all of this is a lie.

"Morgan, your phone's ringing."
"Oh, you're right."

"Hi babe, are you there?"

"Of course I am, hi, how are you?"
"I'm good, but I miss you, you must be having a great time over there, cause I haven't heard from you since you arrived in England."

"I'm sorry, I've been so busy with going to museums and stuff almost every day."

"It's sound like you're having a really bad time then, come home please."

"Haha, I wish, but I'm home in a week, than I'm all yours again."

"I can't wait, you know what happened the other day? Eric did the funniest thing when we met Feeny at the supermarket…"

"Babe, I gotta go, it's someone on the line, probably mum…"

"Hi, guess who's meeting someone tonight in town?"
"Hi Patrick, no, I don't know. Who's meeting someone?"

"Morgan Matthews is meeting Patrick Dawson tonight in town and he's going to buy her ice cream. I know where they have raspberry sorbet, your favourite."
I couldn't help it, I was melting inside. I wanted to see him right now.

"Oh, really? That sounds great, are we bringing any friends along?"
"No, I think we'll have a better time without them. See you at eight?"
"Sure, but I'll have to be back at eleven cause we have bed time then."
"No problem, see you Morgan."

Later at night we met and we went to an ice cream bar in town. They had the most amazing ice cream there.

"You know what Morgan, I really like you."
I almost choked. He likes me? Since when? Why? I didn't know what to respond.
"You do?" I just asked.
"Yes, and I think you like me too."
He wasn't wrong, I guess, but I'm not allowed to like him. I have someone that loves me and who I love back, at home.
"You cannot possibly like me. What's wrong with you? I have a boyfriend at home. He loves me."

"You have a boyfriend? You did never tell me that!"

"I do and he makes amazing pesto."

"Wasn't it your dad who made the greatest pesto?"

"I just said so and now I don't know why and didn't just say it was my boyfriend who made it."

"Maybe it's cause you like me back a little?"

"No! No, no and NO! I do not like you. Maybe I thought so at first, but I was wrong."

"And do you love your guy in Philly?"

"How dare you ask me something like that!?"

"Do you?"

"Of course I love him."

I have to go now. Leave him. This can't be possible. Maybe I like him back. A little. I admit that now, but I love Shawn so much more. I really do. I have been such a bad girlfriend these past weeks.

"And it's you when I look in the mirror…"
"What are you singing? U2? I love that song."
"No you don't. It's my song, mine and Shawn's song."

"Who's Shawn?"

"My boyfriend! Hey, I'm sorry for yelling at you. But I have to tell you that I can't see you anymore. I admit that I like you, but I love Shawn. He's the best that ever happened to me and I can't loose him because of a tiny little summer crush."

"Ok, I understand that. But I think it would have been nice to kiss you."

He understands that. He is too sweet. No, he is not. Go home and try to forget about him Morgan. He wanted to kiss me. But you don't want to kiss him, Morgan.

I went home and later at night when I fell asleep, guess who I dreamed about kissing me?