Alice awoke with a start. It was the middle of the night and she gripped the blanket in her fist with fear as she frantically looked about the room. Everything appeared to be normal, no person in sight but she had to check. She bit her lip in terror and surety that what she was afraid of would be present. She sat up and left the couch from which she'd been sleeping and slowly made her way to the hallway mirror. When she reached the mirror and looked in its reflection she put a hand to her mouth and began to cry, reading the words she had come to dread,

I love you and will never let you go

Hitting her knees and shaking she tried to keep her sobs quiet. She bit her knuckle to avoid waking anyone and wandered back to the family room, picking up the small scrap of paper she'd been carrying with her. She looked at it and read the address for what had to have been the hundredth time. This was enough, she needed this to stop or she would never find peace no matter where she went. She slowly packed her small bag once more and crawled back under the covers, willing herself to sleep and prepare for the day ahead.