Alice awoke slowly. She started when she saw Basil's face peering down at her inquisitively.

"Mr. Basil?" She questioned, sitting up cautiously. She looked over to see Mr. Dawson staring at her too. "Has something happened?"

"I'm afraid so…" Dawson admitted sheepishly.

"We've been able to deduce several clues but you mustn't panic…"

"Panic?" She questioned and looked past him to the mirror. There it was. Scrawled out before her,

"I Love You And I'll Never Let You Go."

"H-how?" She gasped in horror.

Basil was quickly at her side,

"Calm down…"

"How could he have gotten in with no one noticing?"

"Here luv, settle down…" Mrs. Judson said handing her a cup of tea.

Alice accepted it, sipping its warmth as she tried to calm herself.

"There are several deductions to be made by this." Basil began, "He does not participate in any of the usual behaviors, such as picking or breaking locks, he does not steal any possessions and he doesn't come near you at all. Meaning he does not under any circumstances want you to see him or to be caught."

"But how could he have done this with you watching?"

Basil sighed and knelt beside her,

"This really is elementary. I want him to come in, if he doesn't then discovering any information from him is much more precarious and time-consuming. Now we can understand his motives and methods better."

"So what does all this mean?" Alice asked, her mind attempting to maintain his mental pace.

"It means that you are his target. And as far as we can tell at the moment he is merely content to let you know that you are on his mind and that he has an unwavering devotion for you."

"What about when he is no longer merely content with writing messages on my mirrors?" Alice asked.

Basil just smiled,

"That's why you've called me, is it not? Its elementary, we catch him before such urges may arise."

"But how Basil?" Dawson asked.

"We try again," Basil said easily, "He's left no footprints and everything remained untouched. He moved silently and out of sight. So we will keep the mirrors within my sight this time."

"You mean you weren't watching the mirrors?" Alice asked.

Basil glanced at her,

"My dear, the first priority was you."

Alice looked down into her lap, she hated being a burden but she couldn't live the rest of her life in fear either.

"Thank you." She said softly.

Basil gave her a small smile before rising to his feet once more,

"Now everyone if you'll excuse me, I need to rest before tonight."

Alice watched him retreat to the back room in silent wonder. The man was incredible.

"Come on now, dearie. Let's get you dressed shall we?" Mrs. Judson said referring to her nightgown. Dawson flushed and looked away quickly,

"Oh! Pardon me!"

Alice smiled and followed Mrs. Judson to the guest bedroom.

"This one suits you." Mrs. Judson said looking Alice over when she had gotten dressed.

"Thank you." She said softly, "May I help you with anything?"

The elderly maid looked at her with shock,

"Oh no! You needn't do that!" Alice could see that Mrs. Judson clearly appreciated the offer just the same, "You just relax dear."

"If you'd like…" Dawson began, "I'm about to go out to run a few errands…if you'd like to accompany me…"

"I'd love to!" Alice said honestly.

As they stepped out the door, she couldn't help but think about Basil.

Please Mr. Basil…

…save me

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