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Summary: Naruto is a trouble making alcoholic. Sasuke is a suicidal emo. What happens when these two are sent to a boarding school that is supposed to help "cure" them of these problems and have to room together? Total and complete chaos.

WARNING: In this story there will most likely be Lemons, Limes, Violence, Language, Suicide Attempts, and perhaps more. Hence the M rating. So make sure you read this cause I don't want people writing me that I didn't warn you.

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Hell High

Chapter 1

Big News

In front of the Sannin mansion, in the middle of the night, and blonde haired boy sneaked over the gate. Limping down the path way and to the front door. He got out a key and unlocked the door with a click. He stayed quiet listening to make sure no one got up on the other side of the door. When he heard nothing her opened the door slowly. The blonde walked in and closed the door silently. Half tiptoeing and half limping her made his way to the stairs. Just as he was about to reach the room the light went on startling the boy so that he fell over.

The light that now illuminated the living room also illuminated the blonde's wounds. He had cuts and bruises all over his caramel colored skin and blood stained his bright orange clothes as well as his messy blonde hair. "Uzumaki Naruto!" Came the bellowing voice of the white haired man standing before him. "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"Yes," Naruto took a quick glance at his watch, "it's exactly three thirty a.m. Calm down Pervert, we go through this like every night." Jiraya sighed and motioned for Naruto to follow him to the bathroom. Naruto took off his shirt as they got near the bathroom to expose even more injuries. Some old and some new. When they got to the bathroom, Naruto sat on the toilet as Jiraya got out the first aid kit.

"Here," Jiraya handed Naruto a brochure, "it's the school your Aunt Tsunade runs." Naruto looked at the brochure and then back at Jiraya. Jiraya was cleaning the cuts on his leg as Naruto crocked an eyebrow at Jiraya. Jiraya just nodded and continued to tend to the blondes wounds.

Naruto read aloud the name of the school. "'Konoha High School.'" Naruto flipped the paper open and read the introduction. "'Konoha High School is a place to send the teens you cannot handle. We will accept trouble makers, alcoholics, drug addicted, suicidal, homicidal,…' Jiraya this is a school for freaks." Naruto finally put down the brochure and looked at his uncle. He couldn't believe his aunt would run a school like that.

"You best be careful what words you use to describe those kids Naruto." Jiraya paused for a second to look at his blonde nephew. "That's the high school I'm sending you to." The second those left the poor old man's mouth Naruto jumped up and nearly tackled him.

"What did you just say Jiraya?!" Naruto all but screamed. "Why the HELL would you send me to a high school like that?!"

"For two reasons. But it is mostly for the second reason." Jiraya calmly got up and went back to the blondes wounds. "One: you know almost all the teachers there. You know, Ibiki, Iruka, Anko…" Jiraya paused and looked up at Naruto finishing with the last of his wounds.

"And the second reason?" The blonde pushed wanting to know the real reason he was being sent to that hell hole.

"You're too much for me Naruto." Jiraya sighed putting away the first aid kit. "I can't handle you. Whether you like it or not Naruto, I'm old. I can't handle staying up till three in the morning just waiting for you to come back looking like that." He spat the last word out. "I can't take all this worry. And your aunt Tsunade has people to help her with that."

"No, Jiraya, I can change. I'll be better. I swear."

"You swore the same thing when you entered elementary school, then again in middle school, and again when middle school ended. I told you if you continued like this I wouldn't be able to handle you."

"But Jiraya!" Naruto stood up as his uncle started to walk away.

"No buts Naruto. School starts in a week. Get packed because you leave in two days." Naruto clenched his fists and punched the wall. Blood started pouring out of his knuckles. He could still move it so there probably weren't any broken bones. 'Damn it. This is bad. I'm not a bad guy. I just get into fights with the kids that get in my face. Why is he doing this?!'

In the Uchiha mansion, in a dark room, lay the youngest of the Uchihas. The raven haired boy looked around his surprisingly dark room, while outside was sunny. His door locked, curtains closed, everything turned off. Perfect. He took the sharp knife which he stole from the kitchen and pressed it against his skin. A thin line of blood formed as he look around the room one more time to make sure it anyone was there. Seeing no one he took a deep breath and…

Knock. Knock. Knock.

The raven sighed. "Who is it?" Knowing if he didn't answer the person at the door would never leave.

"It's me, Deidara. Please open the door, it's something very important."

"Could you come back much later?"

The door was silent. "No. Sasuke it's very important."

Sasuke could hear his voice sounded weird. Sad. "Could you come back in about an hour of so?" The raven still pushed.

"Sasuke, Itachi's dead." Sasuke's heart stopped. He dropped the knife and ran to the door. He unlocked it quickly, tears forming in his eyes. He threw the door open to see Deidara hiding behind a very much alive Itachi. "Sorry Sasuke. He seduced me into doing it."

"JACKASS!!!" Sasuke couldn't help but scream. He was so worried about his brother and it was all just joke.

"Calm down little brother." Itachi stepped into the raven's room as Deidara ran downstairs scared the little raven would kill him. "It was a harsh joke, yes, but it was the only way to get you to open the door. I have signed you into this high school." Itachi handed Sasuke a brochure.

"'Konoha High School.'" Sasuke read the name aloud. He opened the brochure and read the list of what kinds of students they accept. Sasuke's eyes went wide. The word "suicidal" was circled. "Why did you do this Itachi?! I'm not suicidal!"

Itachi picked up the kitchen knife that was on the floor and pointed to Sasuke's still lightly bleeding wrist. "Don't tell me you're not suicidal."

"Okay, so I might be a little emo. That is no reason to send me to this mental asylum." Sasuke's anger was rising by the second.

"It's not a mental asylum Sasuke. It is just a place to help you with your problem." Itachi searched for any other object Sasuke could use to harm himself with. "Beside, Uncle Kakashi will be there to look after you. And you know some of the teachers he's friends with. Like Genma, Gai, Raidou, and Asuma will be there too." Itachi finished his search and was just about to leave. Sasuke opened his mouth to protest, but Itachi interrupted him. "I'm sorry little brother, but I have got a gorgeous blond waiting for me downstairs. So, you're going. End of story. Start packing, you leave in two days."

Sasuke walked up to his door and slammed it as hard as he could. Why couldn't he had just waited until an hour later to tell me. I would have been long gone by then.

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