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A dark night…

A dark atmosphere…

A dark figure…

It slowly approaches…

BGM: G Proximity (Godzilla vs. Megaguirus)

With each step, the earth shook and a tremor that could be felt miles away was created.

The massive figure slowly made its way to the city that was in sight.

His lust for destruction had once again been awakened.

With each thundering step, he came closer and closer to the eerily silent city.




With a swing of his hand, the silence was shattered as a building was torn down into pieces.

The King of Monsters, Godzilla, let out a roar as he started his rampaging spree.

The moment the monster began tearing things apart, the military was on the move. War machines off all kinds and valiant foot soldiers were dispatched through the city streets heading in the direction on the approaching monster and each took their assigned locations.

The commander of the army stood out from the hatch of his tank and said at the top of his voice, "Is everyone in his position?"

"Yes!" came the reply of his men.

"Good! Fire all you've got at Godzilla! Everyone has been evacuated from the city, so don't hold back! Even if it means to destroy the whole town, we must bring down Godzilla no matter what it takes!"

"Yes sir!"

Another ear-shattering roar was heard as the sound of footsteps became louder. A soldier situated on top of a building watched through his binoculars and the colossal 55 meters tall monster before his eyes. Chill ran down in spine as the monster tore his way through the buildings as if they were made of paper and closed in on them. Rubbing away the fearful thought, he reported to his superior through his walkie-talkie, "Commander! Godzilla is within a hundred-meter radius!"

"Good!" the commander said. "Open fire! Don't let him through!"

At his command, the tanks let loosed their offense against Godzilla when the monster showed his face in the distance while foot soldiers armed themselves and attacked using bazookas designed to pierce the flesh of the giant monster.

Shots and explosives struck the body of Godzilla, but all these were nothing but twigs thrown against him. The King of Monster shrugged them off and continued his way forward as if nothing happened.

"He's not stopping!" the soldiers cried.

"Move back and continue firing!" the commander ordered.

Everyone took some steps backwards while continuing to open fire at the approaching monster. The explosives were doing no good to Godzilla, but then the next thing that the military deployed would prove to do some effect.

"Prepare the Maser Tanks!" the commander ordered. Tanks equipped with large futuristic satellite came forth and energy surged through the body of these heavy machineries before a powerful bolt of electricity was launched across the air and onto the body of Godzilla.

Sparks and fire was set loose into the air when Godzilla was struck in the chest. Beams continued pounding against him as the Maser Tanks fired mercilessly without stopping.

Godzilla was unimpressed. Did the humans seriously think they can bring down the likes of him? Do they seriously think that the more powerful their weapons are the better chance they can bring him down? Had he possess any form of expression, the king of monster would display a chuckle on his face, but he had to admit that the beams fired at him stung quite a bit.

Annoyed at the constant firing, the King of Monsters stopped in his tracks and his mouth slowly opened as his dorsal spines gave off blue bolts, and then slowly, blue light built up within his open mouth.

Seeing this, the commander panicked and shouted out loud, "Be careful! He's going to let it rip!!"

The soldiers panicked and the tanks moved back.

Then a powerful shockwave burst out around Godzilla's mouth as a spectacular neon blue beam came pouring out from his mouth. The beam swept across the streets and instantly incinerated all the tanks and created fiery explosions which blew the unfortunate soldiers away. And like a large sword made of energy, the Heat Beam grazed through the buildings, cleaving them into two pieces before sending down onto the street into pieces.

A good number of the military force was wiped away in a single round's attack, and it was quite bit of a loss too. "Sixty percent of the fighting unit has been wiped out!" a surviving soldier reported.

The commander growled with frustration. Their operation was starting to go downhill again and all their planning beforehand had come to naught! Not willing to admit the loss, the commander shouted, "Call for reinforcement! Keep your distance and continue firing until help arrives!"

And the battle raged on.


She was, to say, pretty impress with the battle between the King of Monsters and the humans. Never would she expect to see such a sight in the outside world.

Yukari, the Demon of Boundaries, stood on top of a building that was far away and safe from the battlefield, watching the battle going, and accompanying her are her two faithful servants—Ran the Nine-Tail Fox Demon and Chen the cat demon.

"I have heard of rumors that the outside world housed a majestic beast of epic proportions," Yukari said to no on in particular. "For years I've been wanting to lay my eyes on the beast himself, but never got the opportunity to. Looks like we are lucky to be on the right spot at the right time today!"

Chen, unlike what one would expect from young children, was excited at what she saw. "Wow! Look at that giant monster tearing down everything!"

Ran turned to her master and asked her, "Master Yukari, are you sure we do not have to do anything?"

"Nah, it's not necessary," Yukari told her with a slight shake of her head. "We're not from this world, so the things happening in this world are of no concern to us. It is something that the people of the outside world should deal by themselves. We're only here to be audiences and not do anything."

Godzilla continued to battle against the military forces. No matter how hard they fought, the military was no match for the King of Monsters as he tail whipped, stomped, and incinerated everything with his Heat Beam.

Buildings collapsed, military war machines exploded, and screams of soldiers filled the air as Godzilla mercilessly crushed everything standing in his way.

"Damn you!" the commander cursed angrily at the towering monster. "You'll pay for this!" He looked up in horror as the monster moved closer and brought down his massive foot upon his tank. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

With a powerful stomp to the ground that crushed whatever was down there, the last of the military force was destroyed. Godzilla arched back and lifted back his head to let out a loud and terrifying roar that could be heard from miles.

It was a roar that signified the king's victory.

A roar that reminded everyone who heard it that the embodiment of mankind's greatest mistake will always triumph in the end…















Chapter 1
Violent Shaking of the Earth

The world of Gensokyo…

It is a spiritual world separated from the rest of the world through a hidden boundary.

A world where magic developed rather than science…

A world where one can find mythical beings and deities residing among humans…

A world that can be nightmare to inexperienced ones…

It is a world that has remained separated from the outside world for the past hundred years, and its existence is largely unknown to the people of the outside world.


Rinnosuke reclined at the chair reading the daily newspaper. It was a very usual and quiet day at Korindou.

A unique place among Gensokyo, you can say. Korindou is the only place where one can gain access to items of the outside world. Since the people of Gensokyo have very little to no knowledge about life in the outside world, the products from there are considered very valuable. They are something that one cannot be obtain so easily.

Rinnosuke suddenly responded to the sound of the sliding door being pushed aside and looked up from behind the newspaper to greet the customer. "Welcome!"

The door opened and an attractive girl dressed in shrine maiden attire stepped in. "Hey there, Rinnosuke," she said casually while waving her hand slightly.

"Quite a rare sight to see you here, Reimu," Rinnosuke greeted her.

"Yeah, I do wonder why exactly I came here in the first place," Reimu said, looking left to right with a bored look. "Well, perhaps it's to see what new stuffs you have here. But really, I'm here to get those outside world liquors called wine or something for Suika. She's grown obsessed to those lately."

"Haha, I figured it! Good still I still have stocks here," Rinnosuke chuckled as he got up and went towards a cupboard. He slid the door open and got out a bottle of wine that had English label on the side. "Yukari brought this to me some time ago saying that it is a very expensive one that had been stored for decades. The longer liquor is stored, the tastier they are! Of course, that would mean they are much more expensive as well."

"I figured as much…" Reimu grumbled while looking into her wallet.

"I'm not asking for you to pay me much. I can give discount. After all, you don't really earn much from your living."

"Yeah, donations rarely come, if ever…"

"Perhaps you should find other jobs? Demon extermination isn't so hot nowadays since humans are actually starting to get along with the likes of them pretty well."

"Nah, too bothering… That'll only take away my napping and snacking times."

"Taking it easy like always, haha!"

"Yo, wassup-ze!" said a new cheerful voice. Reimu turned around to see a girl dressed like a witch coming in and accompanying her was a younger girl dressed in blue clothing and a cap over her head.

"Marisa, Nitori…" Reimu stated.

"Hey, didn't expect to see you here, Reimu!" the witch, Marisa, said while patting her on her shoulder.

"You can thank Suika for that… What brings you here anyway?"

"Nah, I don't really have any reason here other than to kill time," Marisa replied. "I just met Nitori while doing my business and she wanted to come here to look for cool machines from the outside world, and having nothing else to do, I've decided to tag along-ze."

Nitori immediately went over to a large chest containing all sorts of mechanical devices and started digging through the pile. Rinnosuke approached her saying, "Careful now… Those things are very fragile and can break even from slight impacts."

Nitori dug up a flat piece of machine and inspected it from all sides. "What's this?"

"If I remember correctly," Rinnosuke told her, "That's called a DVD player. It's supposed to be used with a TV."

"You mean that box thing that has people trapped inside for the purpose of entertaining watchers-ze?" Marisa asked.

"Yeah, that's the one I'm referring too. Anyway, the DVD player is supposed to enhance the TV more by adding more actors to make shows more entertaining. However, you need to have something called a disk which is a container that contains spirits. Once you insert it into the player, the spirits will materialize to entertain the watcher."

"I think we should ask Sanae for more details on this…" Reimu said after being boggled by the odd definition. "She's from the outside world, so she should know these best."

"However, I couldn't get them to work at all," Rinnosuke continued. "And in the end, the disks became popular among youngsters as something used for throwing around. It actually soars through the air quite well! It does get damaged pretty quick though."

Nitori dug through the chest again and this time got out a model of a tank. "Hey, I think I know this one…"

"Oh yes, that's a miniature version of a weapon of mass destruction created by the outside world," Rinnosuke said to her. "It's called a tank. I also have a book about it!" He went over to a shelf and dug through the pile of books until he got the one he wants. "Here it is!"

He showed it to Nitori who immediately looked into the contents with interest. "Whoa! Do these really exist in the outside world? I really want to tear them open and check out how it works!"

Marisa came over to look and commented, "The people of the outside world rely on these to fight, am I right?"

"Yeah, since they do not have magical or spiritual powers like us," Rinnosuke said. "Instead, they rely on science and technology to help them accomplish things. But these shouldn't be underestimated. It is said that these weapons are powerful enough to destroy mountains and burn down a whole town…"

"I wonder if I can make something like this," Nitori thought. "It would be cool to drive this around the place and show off to others!"

Suddenly, the four of them felt the entire place shaking. "What?" Reimu wondered.

The shaking started off mild, but it gradually grew stronger and stronger until they were unable to stand still and fell to their knees. "An earthquake?!" Marisa said in shock.

The entire building shook violently and things on the cupboard and shelves started falling over. Rinnosuke desperately tried to keep anything from falling down, but his limbs are only as many as a normal human (though he claims to be half-demon); he was unable to save his precious collection and everything ended up falling on top of him.


The three girls quickly rushed out of the building as it was much safer out. They crouched down low on the ground and looked around in horror as the entire place shook violently. Leaves and twigs fell down from the trees and birds flew into the air and filled the sky with loud chirpings.

After a while, the violent shaking softened and when everything stopped, the got back onto their feet. "Whoa… That was frightening…" Marisa thought. "Haven't experienced an earthquake in a while already, and it's a strong one to boot either."

"Quite unexpected too…" Reimu said. "I hope my shrine is all right…"

"Is Rinnosuke all right?" Nitori brought up.

The three went back into the building and found that the whole place was a mess. From underneath the pile of books and various stuffs, Rinnosuke poked his head out with a messed up expression. "My precious collection… All ruined…"

"At least we know he's still alive-ze…" Marisa thought.


After settling their matter at Korindou, Reimu returned to her shrine with Marisa in tow. Reimu let out a sigh of relief knowing that her shrine was all right. "Phew… It's still in one piece…"

Both the girls stepped into the shrine where they found a young girl with a pair of horns growing out of her head sitting on the floor looking bored. She turned to Reimu saying, "Sure took you a while, Reimu. I was tired of waiting!"

"Yeah, here it is, Suika," Reimu said, handing over the bag containing the drink that she wants.

"Yeah!" Suika immediately opened the cork with her bare hands and gulped down the contents straight from the bottle.

"I hope the earthquake didn't ruin anything while I was gone," Reimu said to her.

Wiping the bit of wine off her mouth, Suika replied, "What earthquake?"

"Didn't you feel the powerful earthquake that happened earlier?"

Suika shook her head. "No idea what you're talking about. There was no earthquake at all."

"Strange…" Reimu placed her hand under his chin and wondered about this. "How can the earthquake not reach here…? It's supposed to be felt all over the place…"

"Well, we can conclude that this has nothing to do with Tenshi if this is the case," Marisa said. "If she was responsible for this, then the whole of Gensokyo should have felt it-ze."

"Yeah, you have a point. It is strange though… I hope this doesn't mean something weird is happening to Gensokyo again…"


Well, I'm pretty glad about this first chapter, especially Godzilla's rampage through the city. I'd like to imagine this incarnation of Godzilla to have the same design as the one in Godzilla Against Mecha Godzilla.

This story is inspired by a certain fanart I found depicting Godzilla duking it out with the residents of Scarlet Devil Mansion.

I'm trying to put as much effort as I can into this story and hope that it won't be so lackluster compared to my previous story. Hope you all will sit through this story and enjoy! Below are descriptions for Touhou characters in case some people are not familiar with them.

Reimu: Dark red eyes, shoulder-length dark brown hair, wears large red ribbon in hair, often carries a rod with many paper seals attached in streamers. Wears a red and white dress remotely similar to a shrine maiden's outfit with detached sleeves leaving her shoulders uncovered, and a yellow neckerchief.

Marisa: Golden eyes, blond hair, a braid on only one side of her face, carries a bamboo and straw broom. Wears a navy blue witch's hat with a large pink ribbon, and a navy blue and light pink outfit with a white petticoat, and with a light blue shawl over her shoulders.

Rinnosuke: Golden eyes, short silver hair, wears a pair of glasses. His clothes are black and blue, and he often carries a small bag with him.

Nitori: Blue hair and eyes. She wears a blue dress with lots of pockets for tools around the hem of the skirt and her upper arm, and a dark aquamarine backpack with a golden key on the strap in front of her. She also wears a green hat and carries a cattail.

Suika: Brown eyes, knee-length ginger hair done up in a ponytail. Has two long straight horns on her head, decorated with ribbons. Wears a tattered pink blouse and a long purple and pink skirt. Wears 3 chain accessories.

Yukari: Dark golden eyes, long blond hair, usually carries a pink parasol. Wears a pink and purple dress, and a pink mop hat with a thin red ribbon tied in the front.

Ran: Yellow eyes, golden brown hair, wears a pink two-tailed hat with many amulets. Has fox ears which are hidden under her hat, and nine fox tails. Wears a blue and white outfit.

Chen: Dark orange eyes, brown hair, wears a green mop hat. Has cat ears, with a gold earring in the left one, and two tails. Wears a red and light pink outfit with gold trimming. Has long red fingernails.