Final Chapter
Never to be Underestimated

It has been a day since the incident with Godzilla and all was at peace.

Gensokyo was in ruins thanks to the monster's attack, but now everything was slowly returning to normal thanks to the combined help of the citizens.

Gensokyo was once again quiet and at peace like it was used to be.

Within the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu was sat down on the porch watching the birds frolic in the backwards while her bearded turtle Genji waddled in the pond.

The shrine maiden received some injuries in the violent battle, and as a result, her forehead and her left leg were both wrapped in bandages, and she had to use a walking stick to walk properly in the meantime.

As she drank tea and enjoyed the silence, there was a knocking at the door. "Coming…" she said, slowly standing up and moving awkwardly towards the entrance.

Before she reached the door though, it opened by itself and Marisa came in. "Hey Reimu!" she greeted happily. "What's up-ze?"

"You could've just come in by yourself…" Reimu thought. "Why did I bother to come fetch the door when I have a hard time moving currently…?"

Marisa looked at her bandaged leg and said, "How's your leg? Feeling better-ze?"

"I wouldn't need this if I was feeling better… Anyway, it doesn't really hurt as much as yesterday, but Eirin said it would still take a week before it fully heals."

"That's great to hear! I'm glad that it's all over now! Everything that happened yesterday is without doubt the most intense incident to happen in Gensokyo!"

"I hope nothing like that ever happens again… I'm glad it's over too…"

Suika suddenly rushed into the shrine looking very excited. "Hey Reimu! Want to have a party?"

"What for?" Reimu asked the oni.

"To celebrate the victory over that monster from yesterday! Whenever we accomplish something big, we always celebrate, right?"

"Not really in the mood..."

"Too late! Everyone is coming!"

Reimu slapped her forehead and sighed. "I knew it…"

The three stepped out of the shrine and saw several people starting to gather together at the shrine area. "You used your density-controlling powers to make everyone come again, didn't you?" Reimu asked, and Suika nodded in response.

"It's not a bad idea actually," Marisa said. "I'm in a pretty good right now and a party would make it even more exciting!"

"All right!" Suika said loudly while punching the air. "Let's get the foods and beers! Let's celebrate!" She rushed off in the direction of the storage room to gather together stuffs for the party.

Reimu sighed and said, "Ah, whatever… I'm going to run out of food after this…"

"Oh, don't think so badly about this," Marisa said, patting her back. "You never starved to death, do you?

Then Aya flew down from the air and landed in front of the shrine maiden. "Reimu! Good to see that you're in good condition!"

"Yeah, whatever…" the shrine maiden replied.

Aya held up a newspaper and showed it to her. "I've made a report about everything that happened yesterday. Everyone in Gensokyo is reading the articles currently. It's totally the biggest incident to happen in this place!"

Reimu took the newspaper with one hand and looked at the headlines. The main headline was obviously about Godzilla and there were pictures of the King of Monster as well as his battle with Baragon, and not to mention a lengthy article by Aya herself, so it was obviously full of biased opinions and exaggerations.

"I still have a hard time trying to believe that all those happened yesterday," Marisa said as she read the paper along with Reimu. "It all felt like a long nightmare-ze."

"Yeah, and I'm glad that it happened!" Aya said happily. "The boss was proud with my coverage on this matter and my salary went up by a huge amount!"

"You're always happy about these sorts of things…" Reimu grumbled. "It was a horrible experience to me…"

"Think on the bright side," said the voice of Remilia as she entered into the scene with Sakuya. "At least you're still alive. You should be thankful for that." Because vampires are weak to sunlight, Sakuya was holding a parasol over Remilia's head to keep her shaded lest her master fall over in exhaustion.

"Surprised to see you here," Reimu said to her.

"Not like I want to come, but thanks to your oni friend, I couldn't help but come over," Remilia told her. "But I was bored anyway, so I thought I might as well."

Reimu looked behind her and saw the rest of the citizens gathering together and chatting happily.

Mokou and Kaguya were throwing insults at each other while their guardians watched from the side. And Tewi secretly stuck a piece of paper that writes Kick Me onto Reisen's back.

The Prismriver Sisters were holding a small concert for the audience to listen too.

Yuyuko had a happy look on her face, implying that she was looking forward to filling herself up in this party while Youmu simply stood next to her.

Komachi was asleep against a tree while her boss Shikieiki looked at her with a pissed face.

Cirno had a small group of people gathered around her and she boasted to them about her heroic effort (plain lies) from yesterday.

"And then I produced a massive ice sword and brought it down on top of the monster, wounding him severely!" Cirno claimed to her friends.

"But you didn't do anything at all…" Daiyousei told her.

Annoyed, Cirno said to her, "Must you always ruin the atmosphere! Okay, even if I didn't do anything like that, I still did perform an attack! I'm the strongest after all, so there was no way I sat through the whole thing doing nothing!"

"Is that so?" Rumia asked.

Cirno turned to Aya and ran up to her asking, "Hey crow! Do you have a picture of me on the newspaper?"

"Wait a minute…" Aya said as she flipped through the newspaper. "If I remember correctly… Ah, here it is! Here's a pic of you which I found hilarious while I was on my way to meet Godzilla the second time!"

She handed the paper over to Cirno who quickly looked at the picture with enthusiasm, but when she saw what it was, she became shocked and embarrassed. It was the picture of lower half sticking out from the tree's knothole. She threw the paper back into Aya's face and said madly, "That's not the kind of picture I mean!"

"But that's the only one I have," Aya told her.

Frustrated, Cirno stomped the ground angrily over and over. "You should've taken a picture of me when I was posing to the monster after it got knocked out or when I was fighting it! Now nobody will believe that I'm the strongest!"

"Like you're the strongest in the first place," Marisa said mockingly.

"Oh yeah? Then I challenge you to a danmaku match!" Cirno said angrily, pointing at the witch.

"Don't bother. You're just gonna lose like always."

Reimu sighed and went farther away from Marisa and Cirno as the two argued with other. She looked up and saw Sanae walking up the shrine staircase and behind her was Kanako and Suwako who hopped on all fours like a frog. Sanae waved at her when she saw Reimu. "Hi, Reimu!"

Reimu waved back casually saying, "Hi there, Sanae."

Sanae stopped in front of her and asked, "How are you feeling now? I hope the wound is better."

"Thanks for the concern. So how are you feeling now that your parent's killer is defeated?"

Sanae let out a sigh and said, "Well… I do feel better, but I'm not sure if Godzilla really is dead."

"That's hard to say indeed," Kanako said. "The monster is known to survive pretty much anything thrown at him. It's not guaranteed that falling into the volcano will really kill him."

"Is that monster really immortal or what…?" Reimu wondered in disbelief.

"But whatever the case is," said a new voice. Reimu turned around and saw a gap forming, and Yukari stuck her body out of it, "and hello by the way. Anyway, as I was saying, even if Godzilla does survive; I doubt he'll be any threat now that he's trapped inside the volcano. At least I think so, otherwise there is a possibility that he may swim his way through the magma and eventually come back to the surface."

Hearing this, Sanae cringed in fear a bit, but Kanako held an arm over her shoulder to comfort her. "Oh, don't worry about. I'm sure we'll never see him again. Think brightly and have faith!"

"Yeah, I'm sure we won't be seeing him again," Reimu said. "Even if by any chance what Yukari said is true and Godzilla does return, I'm sure it won't be back here. You can be sure about that."

"Thanks for the comfort," Sanae said. "But still… To think that he may still surface again and cause havoc in the outside world where I used to live in…" As Suwako placed a hand next to her in concern, Sanae smiled and said, "But that's all right. I've put away my past already and I shouldn't be thinking about that. From now on, I'm starting life anew in this place."

"That's my great-great-great-great-great… Ah, forget it… That's my descendant!" Suwako said cheerfully.

Soon, Suika returned to the place carrying with her several things that she found at the storage room. Once everything was ready, the people walked up to the table for the feast and Reimu let out a sigh and then smiled before joining with them. She was thankful that everything which happened yesterday was over and hopefully nothing like this will happen again. Having a celebration after going through all those wasn't a bad idea after all, was it?

For the rest of the day, the residents of Gensokyo enjoyed the feast while the warm sun shined down upon them.


Time passed and evening gradually fell upon the countryside of Japan.

The peasants and farmers were all packing up and getting ready to call it a day. As each of them said good-bye to their friends and relatives and headed for their homes to enjoy the day's rest, the earth suddenly shook and all stopped their activities to wonder what was happening.

Suddenly, there was a loud and deafening explosion and all looked towards the source to find the side of a mountain exploding into flames. The onlookers were surprised and shocked at such a sight as nothing like has ever happened before. As they continued to watch the flames fuming from the wreckage of the mountain wall, there was a suddenly a loud roar that sounded all too familiar to them.

Not believing what they just heard, the people continued eyeing the flames and smoke, and gradually, a silhouette became visible from behind the veil of smoke and it was apparent that there was something moving behind it.

As the silhouette slowly unveiled itself, the eyes of the onlookers widened more and more until they realized what it was, and all let out cries of shock.


The alarm went on through the military headquarters and all hands were busy. Intrigued by the alarm, Sarge donned his uniform and went down the hall to the navigation room where the navigators were busy with the computers. He reached out to one of the people in front of the computer and asked her, "What's the situation here? What's with the alarm all of a sudden?"

"Sir," she replied. "A giant monster has appeared and is closing in on Tokyo!"

"Giant monster?" Sarge said curiously. "What monster is it?"

As the navigator typed her computer, she replied in a scared tone, "According to eyewitnesses and reports, it's… You won't believe it…"

"Tell me!"

"It's… Godzilla…"

A huge look shock appeared over Sarge's face upon hearing the monster's name. "WHAT?!"


BGM: Godzilla Theme Song

Screams filled the air as the citizens of Tokyo ran for their lives through the streets. Buildings were torn down and fire was burning all over the place. The earth shook violently and the pavement cracked.

Every once in a while, the fleeing citizens would turn back and see if he was getting any closer, and getting closer he was.

They thought he was no more, but yet he proved them wrong. After a day's trip through the interior magma system of the earth, the King of Monsters had finally found his way back to the surface to show his face to all.

Godzilla looked around the place. Buildings and the sight of people running all around the place; these are indeed the familiar sights that he saw all the time. He looked around and saw no more flying girls who bombarded him with projectiles. As if approving of the sight, Godzilla roared and took a swing out of a nearby building, smashing it into pieces and making the people down below scream and run for cover from the falling debris.

His dorsal plates lit up with blue light as the temporary power boost which he received in that world had already worn out. When his mouth was open, the monster unleashed a column of blue light that ripped through the air. Upon colliding with a building in the distance, the entire architecture burst into flames and bits, and then the monster swept the beam to the side, creating an entire arc of swirling blaze.

The survivors of the monster's rampage watched from the distance in a safe location. They could no believe the sight that they saw before their eyes. The city that they once lived in was now nothing but a sea of fire which burned against the darkness of the night, giving the sky an orange glow. It was like looking at the sight of hell itself. The onlookers could do nothing but watched their homes getting destroyed hopelessly by the giant monster, the very same monster that they all believe had perished.

As the intense fire continued to burn, Godzilla slowly made his way through the remains of the city and continued laying waste to the untouched parts of the city.

With a loud roar that rang through the air for all to hear, Godzilla once again proved that he is a force of nature never to be underestimated.








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