Save Me from Fading:
Chapter 5: Refiner's fire (part one)

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Midnight came and I stood outside of Riku's house. I took a deep breath before making my final decision to see him. Riku opened the door as I made my way in. "Axel, how have you been?" Sora asked politely. It was obvious that I looked like a mess. I smelled like alcohol.

"Some how, I'm managing." I chuckled more to myself than to Sora. It probably made Sora more worried because he started to frown. "Seriously! Don't worry about me, kay? Just take care of Rox." Sora bobbed his head in agreement. I slowly made my way toward the jet black leather couch.

"Roxas..." I mumbled under my breath. Just seeing him made me sober in an instant. I lightly kissed his forehead and I didn't realize it before it was too late. "I'm sorry, Rox. I need you to trust me. I don't want to hurt you anymore." It started to rain, or I wish it did. Tears started to form and sting my eyes as they dripped from my chin. "I'll be back."

Just like that, I left him and everyone else behind. No matter how painful my decision was, I needed to stick to it. But I'll be back when the time is right. I'll come back when I prove myself worthy of having a brother like Roxas. Maybe. Who knows?

It's been three long and life changing years since I last saw Axel. My adopted brother and my lover. You could say that I've mature but some would claim that I'm still a child, like my dad. It seems like before Axel had disappeared from our lives, he told dad that he was in love with me. Dad freaked, but who wouldn't? I can't bring myself to blame dad.

I just turned 21 not too long ago and I became a bartender with Sora. We work at a bar called "Seventh Heaven". Sounds pretty cheap, but dad's friend owns the place so I can't really say much about it. I became a bartender for many reasons. First, Sora bugged me to be one. Second, people always gossip there. I'm hoping to hear any news about a blazing flaming haired man but nothing... until tonight.

"Hey Roxy, didja hear? There's this guy with flames for his hair! He's looking for, uh, Roxas Strife. Oh yeah, that's you. HAHA, my bad Roxy~" The regular was so drunk but I didn't care. A spark of excitement filled me for a short moment. I knew Axel would come back. This is his home! No one I knew had hair like that! It's Axel!

"It must be you-know-who~" Sora teased as he saw me attempt to hold in my joy. I nodded with a huge smile plastered across my face. "Xemnas, could you tell me a bit more?" I winked for good measure. "Pleaaasee~?"

"Actually, that's all I know--"


The doors to Seventh Heaven was slammed opened. There stood in the doorway was a shadow, a man with flaming red hair. All eyes were fixed on the stranger and mumblings began. The red head stood tall in his black suit and smiled a familiar devilish smile. "Where's Rox?"

All the eyes came on to me now. I blinked a few times before realizing that his voice was familiar. Axel? I'm not sure. I need a better look. "Yes?" I answered questionably. Three years can really change people you know?

"Hey." His voice sounded very smooth. It always drew me in. I felt my face heating up but I wasn't sure why. The man started to walk closer to me. He was Axel. How could this NOT be Axel? His hair, his eyes... his tattoos? No, the tattoos under his eyes are wrong. It's not upside down rain drops.

"Ax... Axel?" I stuttered and by this time his face was inches from mine. The man chuckled out a musical sound. Different from Axel's, whose was harsh. His crisp green eyes stared into mine.

"Ahaha! This Rox guy even thinks I'm Axel!" He grabbed my tie and pulled me closer. My face must have been beat red. I've never been so close to such a handsome man-- besides Axel of course. "No, I'm Axel's twin brother, Reno." My mouth dropped wide open. I must have looked stupid because he started to laugh again. Sora tilted his head slightly as he continued started at this Reno guy. Axel's twin brother? No way.

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