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Surviving Through Changes

Chapter 1


It is the year 2017. Five young women stand in an airport. One in particular is holding an odd-looking pen tightly to her chest as her friends approach. Her heart is breaking, but she tries to smile through the tears that threaten to cascade down her cheeks. Her blond hair was tied in a red ribbon and she wore a light blue sweater and a denim skirt while holding a large bag. Her cat peeks out of her bag, the crescent mark on his head standing out on his white fur.

She and her friends exchange a few words. One girl, a meatball headed girl, cries hysterically and makes an embarrassing scene, but the girl wearing the red ribbon smiles at her long time friends despite this. Her attention is soon averted to a mechanic voice over a P.A. system.

"Flight 101 for Domino City, America is now boarding."

"That's my flight," she tells them sullenly.

Her friend with the long raven hair and dark amethyst eyes reached into her purse and took out a pen looking similar to the one that the girl was holding. The others follow suit and they take out their own pens, except for the meatball headed girl who takes out a brooch. Each of them bring their pens together in the center of their circle for a moment, promising each other that they will reunite with their departing friend again. The woman leaving her friends begins to cry in response to the words of her friends. Her heart pounds as they say their last goodbyes, hugging her all at once.

The young woman departs seconds later, walking alone towards the other side of the airport, to her flight towards a new country, a new city, and a new life.

Yet Mina Aino never felt more depressed.

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