Trophy Wife

It didn't come as a surprise when Lucius Malfoy came courting.

She was under no illusion as to why he had chosen her as the object of his attentions. How many pure-blooded witches of the right age and family were available, after all?

He needed a wife who matched him in looks and bloodline. A perfect hostess. A mother to his heir. Someone acceptable to the Dark Lord, a befitting spouse for one of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's inner circle.

She fit the bill.

What she had not expected was to fall in love.

From the day they were married, there had been only one thing that mattered to her. From the day Draco was born, there had been two.

The Dark Lord never understood that.

When Lucius returned from Azkaban, she had been shaken. The sands of time ran faster there – he had aged a decade. It hurt to hold him, to touched his emaciated body. But worse than that was the first time the Dark Lord taunted him, and Lucius looked to her, haggard, anguished, empty-eyed. With a sudden, icy shock she realized that she was the stronger one now, that it was up to her to protect both her husband and her son.

And she had. Oh yes, she had.

In the ruins of Hogwarts, she watched as Potter finally fulfilled his destiny. She watched the Dark Lord die, wild exultation in her heart.

The war was over.

Draco and Lucius were in her arms, alive.

She had won.


This was written for the third round of the dyno_drabbles community's "Last Drabble Writer Standing" contest. The prompt restraints were: a canon pairing (choice of Remus/Tonks, Lily/James, Lucius/Narcissa, or Ron/Hermione), 200 - 250 words, and inspired by the phrase "The Sands of Time." My drabble won! :-)

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249 words according to MSWord.

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