Carim sat alone in her cavernous office, staring intently at the slips of paper before her. They emitted a faint golden glow, but the usual cryptic text did not appear. As inconsistent as her powers were, this was the first instance of this occurring.

"Just what is it trying to say?" She wondered aloud.

"Shall I tell you?"

"Who's there?" Carim whipped around to face the intruder. He was an older man wearing a long coat and hat, a pair of glasses resting on his nose.

"I am here to warn you." He said. "For the destroyer of worlds will soon come!"


"Would you like another piece of cake, Vivio?"

"Yes please, Grandma Momoko!" Vivio held up her crumb littered plate which the older woman placed another slice onto. Vivio happily shovelled the deliciousness into her mouth.

In the year she had been a Takamachi, Vivio had only visited her grandparents and aunt on Earth once before. She had been a little nervous that time, but her extended family had been quick to fawn over her. Their bright and accepting nature made apparent, Vivio had no problem opening up to them. There was no doubt they were her Nanoha-mama's relatives.

Grandpa Shiro would always lift her up and spin her around, prompting giggles from the girl. When he let her perch on his shoulders, there was nothing she couldn't see. Aunt Miyuki would always give her big hugs, squealing about how cute the girl was, but the side she showed in the dojo was completely different. There she was calm, precise, and graceful, making Vivio swell with admiration. Finally there was Grandma Momoko, whose loving kindness permeated everything she created. From the family dinners to the cakes at the shop, Momoko's warmth was present in it all.

Vivio had yet to meet her uncle, who was usually away on business, but she hoped to see him sometime soon.

"Now I wonder where Nanoha and Fate-chan went off to…" Momoko wondered, not seeing them anywhere in the shop. They had shown up on such short notice, claiming they had vacation time so they brought Vivio to visit. While Momoko certainly didn't mind them suddenly dropping in like that, something about it concerned her.

"I'll go find them!" Vivio volunteered as she set her fork down on the again empty plate. "Thanks for the food, grandma!" She said as she hopped out of her seat. She ran behind the counter and peeked into the kitchen. The staff was there, busily preparing for the lunchtime rush, but her mamas were nowhere to be seen. Advancing further back, she found herself at the back door that lead into the alleyway. It was slightly ajar, which allowed her to hear the voices on the other side clearly.

"We sure were assigned this mission suddenly, weren't we Fate-chan?"

"Well, it can't be helped, Nanoha. It is an emergency."

Vivio perked up, having confirmed the location of her mothers. She was about to open the door and call to them when the mention of her name stopped her.

"But did we really have to bring Vivio along?" Nanoha asked.

"I can't be helped." Fate answered. "This is supposed to be a secret mission. We're here on Earth under the cover of bringing Vivio to visit your family."

"I know, I know." Nanoha sighed. "But looking after her is so troublesome."

"I agree." Fate nodded. "Let's just hope she doesn't get in our way this time."

They both veered around at a sudden noise behind them, but saw nothing there.

Moments later, Nanoha and Fate returned to the front of the shop. Nanoha glanced around and then turned to Momoko.

"Mom, where did Vivio go?"

Momoko gave them a queer look. "She went off looking for you two a minute ago…"


Vivio wiped at her mismatched eyes as she walked down the street. She couldn't believe what she had just heard her mamas say. Vivio had been really happy being with her new family, but had she failed to notice all the trouble she was causing? Certainly it took a lot of effort to raise a child… was she just being a nuisance? Vivio didn't want the people she cared about to be troubled because of her.

"What's wrong, little girl?" Some one addressed her. Vivio blinked the tears from her eyes and looked up at the man who smiled gently at her.

"Um… well…" Vivio stepped back slightly. She normally wasn't good with strangers, but something told her to be extra cautious. She looked around for some one else, but the street was oddly empty. It was just her and this man.

"Why don't you come along with me? I'll make all your problems go away."

"Um…" Her fight-or-flight response kicked in as she began to shiver, backing away ever so slightly.

"If you don't mind me saying…" The man continued to smile. "You look extremely tasty!" A strange pattern formed on the lower half of his face, reminding Vivio of the windows in the Saint Church. This was followed by the man disappearing and in his place was a grotesque creature that resembled a bear.

Vivio screamed as she took off down the vacant street, calling for anyone to save her from this creature. The bear monster skipped after her in a seemingly cheerful manner, taunting her all the while.

"You can't escape!" It said. "Just quietly let me suck your life energy! It won't hurt… much!"

"No!" Vivio shrieked. "Please, some one help me!" In her frantic attempt to escape, her foot got caught in the cracked sidewalk, causing the girl to fall to the ground. Biting back the pain, she tried to pull herself back up, but the monster had quickly closed in.

"You're mine now!" It cheered.

"NOOO!" Vivio screamed again, clamping her eyes shut. 'Nanoha-mama, Fate-mama, save me!'

The roar of an engine reverberated through the bare neighbourhood, followed by the squeal of tires coming to a stop. Vivio cracked open her eyes, and saw that a figure on a motorcycle had come between her and the monster.

"A Fangire, huh?" The figure said, removing his helmet and stepping off his bike. "Going after little girls like that is a crime, you know. You pedobear."

"You bastard… Who the hell are you?" The monster growled.

Now that Vivio got a better look at him, her saviour was wearing a familiar brown uniform with a pink camera hanging from his neck. He took out a strange device and held it at his waist, at which point a belt wrapped around him, securing it. Pulling the sides of the buckle, the object flipped sideways.

"I'm just a passing-through…" The man held out a card. "Kamen Rider. Remember that. Henshin!" The card was slid into the upturned buckle, prompting it to speak.

"Kamen Ride." A voice said. The man pushed the sides back in and the buckle resumed its horizontal position. "Decade."

Several ghostly images appeared and converged on the man. After a brief flash of light, he now stood clad in black on magenta armour. A white X shape adorned his chest.

An armoured fist met the monster's face, sending it skidding across the sidewalk. It got up and charged, swinging its massive claws at its opponent. Decade swiftly stepped into the attacks, knocking the creature's arms away and then sending it flying with a roundhouse kick.

"Well, since you are a Fangire…" Decade opened his belt again, sliding in a new card.

"Kamen Ride: Kiva." His armour changed to a red one with a bat-like motif. The Fangire got to its feet as Decade pulled out yet another card. "Final Attack Ride: K-K-K-Kiva." The chains binding his right leg shattered as he lifted it into the air and the armour opened up into a pair of bat wings. He jumped high into the sky and shot down like a bullet, the kick impacted the monster's chest with such great force that its body shattered.

The armoured warrior stood upright, lightly dusting off his hands as he did so. In another flash of light, he reverted to his original state.

"You ok, shorty?" He asked.

"Uh… yes…" Vivio got to her feet, still staring at the man in awe. "That was amazing, mister! I've never seen a mage with a device like that before!"

"Huh?" An odd look was sent in her direction. "Mage? Device? What are you talking about?"

"Eh?" Vivio looked equally perplexed. "You're not from the Time Space Administration Bureau? But you're wearing their uniform…"

"So that's what this outfit is…" He tugged at his collar. "This world decided to give me this outfit for some reason… What's your name, kid?"

"Um… Vivio. Vivio Takamachi."

"I'm Tsukasa Kadoya and I have some questions for you."