Super Mario Sketch Show Episode 12

Sketch 1 – The introduction to Wapeach and Wadaisy.

Scene : A park.

One day, Mario and Luigi were sitting down on a bench with princesses Peach and Daisy. When Wario and Waluigi appeared.

Luigi: Hello Wario brothers! What's up?

Waluigi: No we're the Wicked Brothers! God! Why can't anybody ever get our team name right?

Wario: Anyway, we just thought we might tell you both that we both have girlfriends now.

Mario: Cardboard cut outs don't count as girlfriends.

Wario: Watch it smart-ass! They're real people. They're joining us just shortly after they come out the clothes shop.

Luigi: What are their names?

Wario: Wapeach and Wadaisy.

Mario(suddenly seeing a pattern in their names): Wait, what!?

An evil looking pair of women then appear in the park. They look almost like Peach and Daisy. Wapeach is short and obese just like Wario, and Wadaisy is really tall and skinny just like Waluigi. Both girls have red evil looking eyes.

Luigi (looking at Peach and Daisy and then looking at Wapeach and Wadaisy) : Holy shit!

Wapeach (Looking at Peach and Daisy): Well…well folks, if it isn't our cousins Peach and Daisy. How's it going you goody two shoe bitches?

Peach: Get lost!

Wadaisy: Like we'd ever hang out with you four anyway. Later losers!

The Wicked Brothers and their girlfriends leave. Mario and Luigi just sit stunned.

Mario: I don't believe this. O.K does everybody have an evil cousin or evil alter-ego now!?

Peach: Seems that way.

Luigi: Yeah! What's next Watoad or Wayoshi!?

Suddenly a mushroom with a black biker leather jacket, white T-shirt, sunglasses and a head like the poison mushroom power-up from the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros 2. appears along with a black Yoshi with red hair. The black Yoshi has stitches in his arm like he received it from a fight involving a knife. The two appear behind the bench Mario, Luigi, Peach and Daisy are sitting on.

Watoad: Did somebody say our names?

Mario (frowning) : I don't want to turn around, do I?

Luigi (also frowning) : No you don't.

Peach : Let's just walk forward, out of this park and not turn around.

Daisy: Agreed.

The four do so. Watoad and Wayoshi raise their eyebrows.

Wayoshi: Weirdos.

Watoad: Indeed. Let's go find our friends, the Wicked Brothers!

The End