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So, this is kind of for Thanksgiving, but also ties in with Christian's birthday. It all takes place at Matt's house. There is going to be slash, but I don't have everything 100% ironed out yet. So, read, and enjoy!

Chapter One: The 'Birthday' Surprise

"Hey, Jeff," Matt said, looking away from the potato he was peeling, "So, who told you they were coming for tomorrow?"

"Oh, you know," Jeff said, not looking away from his potato, "Chris said he was coming, Adam's flying over tomorrow, Randy's going to the McMahon-Helmsley Thanksgiving dinner..."

Matt chuckled. "He'll never be the same again."

"That's for sure. I haven't heard back from Jay yet, and, oh, well... AJ's definitely coming. His flight lands at four."

"Early again," Matt said, rolling his eyes.

"He's trying to be nice," Jeff said, "He wants to be helpful. Is that so bad?"

Yes. "No, I guess," Matt said. Jeff shook his head; his brother got along with everyone- except AJ. Jeff didn't know what was really going on with them, but sometimes they would get into arguments or be out to one up each other during Thanksgiving. One time, they made a game of Spades into a sudden death match. Another year, they got into a beer drinking contest that ended up with the both of them passing out in Matt's backyard. They had to carry the idiots inside, and that was no fun.

Jeff looked at Matt, who's potato's skin was gone, but he was still peeling. "Don't kill the potato!" Jeff shouted, snatching the peeler.

Matt blushed. "Sorry," he said, taking it back. Thinking about Allen Jones always made Matt like this. Jeff couldn't understand how two such friendly guys just couldn't get along.

"So, will you behave this time?" Jeff asked, staring at his brother.

"I'm very well behaved," Matt retorted. Jeff made a disbelieveing sound, and Matt said, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You two started a food fight during dessert last year!"

"Don't worry about it," Matt said, relishing the memory of AJ's face covered in chocolate pie, crust stuck in his hair, "I'm baking them this year, remember? I won't waste them on him."

"I mean it, Matt. Behave." Matt nodded, thinking that he'd behave... only if AJ behaved.


The doorbell rang, and Jeff looked at his brother. "Go get that."

"He's your friend. You go get that." Jeff glared at him, and Matt sighed. Jeff just didn't understand; he didn't like AJ. Never had, never will. The little brat just got on his nerves so much...

Matt saw he wasn't going to win this one, so he stood up and walked to the door. He opened it, ready to face AJ, but he was surprised to see Jason Reso there, grinning wildly. "We weren't sure you were coming," Matt said, "You didn't answer our calls-"

"You thought you could keep it a secret," Jay laughed, slamming his jacket into Matt's surprised hands, "Well, you almost got me, but I have your number."

Matt stared at Jay as he came inside. "Um... what the hell are you talking about?"

Jay slapped Matt's back. "Drop the act, bud. I know."

"Know what?"

"About my birthday dinner, of course!" He hugged Matt close, the grin still on his face. "This is going to be great!"

"Jay," Matt said, "Your birthday's next week. This is Thanksgiving dinner we're preparing."

"Matt, I'm serious. The jig is up. I mean, all my best friends in one place? The Hardys, Adam, Chris, and AJ? Come on now, I'm not an idiot."

Yes you are. This IS Thanksgiving dinner. "I guess we could use some help," Matt said, shrugging.

"What's taking so long? I swear, Matt, if you locked him outside again..." Jeff walked into the living room and set his eyes on Jay. "Oh, hey man. I wasn't even sure you were coming..."

Jay just smiled at him. "Come on, Jeffers. Give it up. Thanks for the effort, but you don't have to pretend anymore."

"Pretend what?" Jeff mouthed, going over to Matt and Jay. Jay wrapped his arm around Jeff too and said, "You know, it means a lot to me that you two would go through all this trouble for me. I love you both." He kissed Matt's cheek, then Jeff's, and then said, "What do we have to drink?"

"There's some beer in the fridge..." Jeff said, pointing to the kitchen, "Soda too, if that's what you're feeling."

"Great!" Jay said. He squeezed them again, saying, "This means a lot to me, thanks!"

"You're... welcome?" Jeff said, still confused. As Jay went into the kitchen, Jeff turned to Matt. "What the hell was that?"

"He's here for his 'birthday dinner'," Matt said, putting air quotes around birthday dinner.

"But his birthday's next week."

"I know."

"But..." Jeff started, but Matt just patted his shoulder.

"Play along. This just means one less gift we have to give this year."

"True," Jeff said, nodding. "Come on, let's get a drink."


AJ arrived a half an hour later, bearing two bottles of wine. Jeff opened the door and threw his arms around his friend. "AJ!" he shouted, "How've you been?"

"Good, good," AJ said, "And you? How's retirement handling you?"

"Ugh, I'm bored," Jeff sighed, "Maybe we could switch places! I'll be TNA world champion, and you could babysit Lucas and be bored!"

AJ laughed. "I'll pass." Jay and Matt walked out of the kitchen, and Jay ran forward, going to hug his old friend. Jeff quickly got the wine out of the way as Jay's arms wrapped around AJ.

"Allen Jones, you goon! It's great to see you again!"

"Likewise, Reso." He looked up and then smirked at Matt. "And if it isn't old grumpy!" Matt's fists clenched, and AJ snickered, "Relax, Matt. I'm just kidding. It's great to see you. How have you been?"

"Peachy," Matt said sarcastically. Jeff glowered, so Matt made his tone friendlier. "And you?"

"Couldn't be better." AJ wrapped his arms around Jeff, pulling him and Jay close. "I'm with my closest friends, I'm on the top of my game, and we're about to make delicious Thanksgiving-"

Jay pinched him, making AJ jump. Matt couldn't help but smirk now. "Drop the ruse, AJ. I know."

"Know what?" AJ asked, confused.

"Play along," Jeff whispered.

"Ah," AJ said, "Well, sorry I thought I could fool you."

"It's okay! I think it was nice you guys tried to surprise me," Jay walked back into the kitchen, ready to go back to gutting the turkey. Both Hardys hated the job, but Jay seemed to be glad for it, so they let him have it. Matt, AJ, and Jeff joined him in the kitchen. As Jeff put the bottles of wine away, AJ pinched Matt's side. Matt glared at him, but AJ just smiled.

"You don't like it when it's done to you, do ya?" AJ asked smugly.

Matt responded by pinching AJ back. AJ jumped again, and Matt walked over to the stuffing he was making. AJ watched Matt, crossing his arms. He knew he promised Jeff that he'd behave, but hey, Matt started it.

"So," Jay said, looking around, "Who wants to hear a holiday story?" Everyone wanted to hear it, and maybe the story would make the work go faster. "Alright, so, we just finished Christmas shopping last year when Adam locked the keys in our rental. And the back window was like, halfway down, so I offered to squeeze in."

"Like you'd fit," Jeff scoffed.

"Are you trying to say I'm fat?"

"Well, you're not exactly lean," Jeff said. He lifted Jay's shirt and said, "Where have your hipbones gone?"

Jay slapped Jeff's hands away. "You want to talk about missing hipbones, talk to Matty."

"Hey!" Matt shouted, "Don't pull me into this!"

AJ shrugged. "Well, it's not his fault your pauch hangs over those tights you wear."

Matt glared at him, and Jay said, "I was in the middle of a story! We can talk about Matt's little friend later."


"Matt, get over it! You have a pauch, I have one too, and we can compare with Chris and Adam when they get here. Your brother and AJ are the weird ones." Jay lifted his shirt and rubbed his belly, showing it to everybody. "Love the belly, love the belly!"

They laughed, and Jeff said, "So... you were about to squeeze through the window?"

"Right. Now, Adam decides that it would be better if he did it. So, he tries to squeeze in, and his ass gets stuck, mooning everyone in sight!"

"That must've been a sight to behold," Jeff said, raising his beer in mock toast.

"Ew, Jeff, Adam is not someone I want to think about like that." Jay shivered, and he said, "He couldn't lower the window because the car was off, and I couldn't pull him out without him crying like a little bitch. We had to butter him up- literally!- to get him unstuck. It took two sticks of butter to slick Addy up enough!"

That got a bunch of giggles, and Jay said, "I never thought I'd have to lube up Adam, but, you know, life's crazy like that."

"I'd love to lube up Addy," Jeff said, winking.

"Okay, Jeff, stop being gross!" Jay said, holding up the turkey guts.

"No," Jeff said, holding up his hands, "Next thing we know, it'll be a repeat of last year." He glared at Matt and AJ, and Jay noticed quickly.

"What happened last year?" Jay asked, grinning.

"Ask AJ," Matt said, turning back to his job.

"Matt started it," AJ spat, also going back to his job.

"Okay, color me interested," Jay said, "What the hell happened?"

"AJ said something, and then Matt threw his pie in AJ's face. Then, next thing I know, I'm under the table, cowering, while the pies I baked were thrown around. I don't even know why Adam and Chris got involved!"

"Heck, I would've joined," Jay said, "Sounds like fun."

"I baked those goddamn pies!" Jeff shouted, "I did NOT make them so AJ could shove one down my brother's pants!"

Jay glanced at AJ. "Really?"

"You wouldn't understand unless you saw the chocolate staining his pants," AJ answered.

"Although, I bet the sight of AJ's crusty, chocolate covered face would've killed you," Matt replied.

"Okay, stop!" Jeff crossed his arms, looking at AJ, who was preparing a rebuttal. "Why can't you two get along?"

"He started it!" Matt and AJ both shouted.

"Children," Jay snickered. Matt and AJ went back to their jobs, and Jay turned to Jeff. "Why don't they like each other?"

Jeff shrugged. "They just never had. I don't know why."

"Should make for an interesting birthday dinner."

"Sure, Jay," Jeff snickered, still unable to believe Jay thought this was a birthday dinner, "Sure."

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