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Your name is pounding through my veins

Can't you hear how it is sung?

And I can taste you in my mouth

But all the words escape my lungs

And I whisper only once

The Secret's In the Telling; Dashboard Confessional


If I had to pack one more box of clothing, Alice was going to get a very nasty phone call from me. It's her fault I have all of these ridiculous clothes to pack. I huffed as I folded another sweater. I was half tempted to call Edward and beg him to come help me (or offer him a special form of repayment for his 'troubles' with helping me pack if he so chose to pack with me), but I knew I couldn't do that. He has been completely stressed out for the past two weeks, trying to get everything set up for our move to Greensburg. He found a job teaching at a private school in that town, and since the school year is starting in two months, he wants to get us settled in as soon as we can. This meant that he signed a mortgage off on a beautiful house, and is planning to get us moved in by the end of the week. Seeing as it's already Tuesday, and we barely have the bedroom and bathroom items packed, I'd say that's impossibility. Although, if that's what he wants, I'll try my best to get it done.

Right now, Edward's at a conference in Greensburg, which is about four hours away from Pittsburgh, to discuss the curriculum which he will follow for the year. That is why he's been stressed out; he's so unsure in his abilities. He's afraid that he won't make the class fun for the students, or that he won't be able to teach them properly. But, I'm always reassuring him when I have the chance, which is really all that I can do.

He's due home tomorrow, but that still seems too far away. It's horrible that he's only been gone for three days, and I'm a complete mess. I have no clue what to do with myself when he isn't around. I'm a love-sick fool, I guess. How disgusting.

After finally finishing up the bedroom packing, I made myself a dinner of stir-fry. When I finished eating, I sat on the couch and put in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to pass the time. Edward always calls me after dinner when we're apart for a night or more. It's nice to hear his voice sometimes, the rich, bass tone that filters through the phone is enough to make a girl sigh. Seriously.

The movie was over two hours later, and Edward still hadn't called. I wouldn't lie and say that I wasn't worried that something was wrong, because I was. I dialed his number, but got his voicemail after a few rings. I didn't bother to leave a message; no one even checks those anyway. I took a shower, and did my nightly routine to pass the time, even though it was only eight o'clock. By nine thirty I was showered, my hair was straightened, I'd brushed my teeth, and changed into my pajamas. Unfortunately, Edward hadn't called by then either. I sent him a text message asking if he was okay, and when I didn't get an answer for twenty minutes, I had decided to just go to sleep.

For some reason, I didn't feel as though he was hurt and that's why he wasn't answering me. I felt rejected.

And I never remembered rejection to feel this depressive.


I was almost sick to my stomach by the time Bella had sent me a text message asking me if I was okay. I knew she must have been waiting for me to call, and probably felt let down that I didn't. In all honesty, though, I knew I couldn't keep the secret if I would have called her; I would have completely ruined the surprise.

With that in mind, I spend down the street, finally approaching the only place I truly feel at home. I parked the car, and all but ran to the front door. I had to take a few deep breaths to slow my ever-fastly beating heart. I unlocked the door, and quietly tip-toed to the bedroom. My Bella was sleeping peacefully on the left side, leaving my side of the bed clear for me. I took a moment to appreciate the beautiful sight she was when she slept, and then took off my tie, dress shirt, and pants for a more appropriate outfit for sleeping in. I kept my boxers on and threw on an old University of Pittsburgh t-shirt that my parents had gotten me when they found out I had gotten accepted there.

I was so excited to be with Bella again I could have jumped straight onto the bed, but I knew I had to contain myself; it was, in fact, two thirty in the morning, and I'm not so sure she wanted to be woken up so early.

Instead of acting like a teenage boy giddy with the feeling of having a girl in his bed, I got under the covers, and snuggled Bella into an embrace, kissing her cheek before I dosed off.


When I woke up, I felt much more well rested than I had since before Edward left. I went to turn onto my side, but found that was impossible due to a weight that was holding me across my stomach. I looked down to see arms hugging me from behind, and knew that those were the arms I had missed for these past few days. I turned in his arms, and all but attacked him. I turned him on his back and straddled him, kissing his neck up and down. I felt him respond, locking his arms tighter around me and leaning his head in a better position for me.

"Bella." He sighed, opening his eyes and looking at me.

"You're home early!" I said, stopping my previous motions.

"Is that a problem, love? You seem to be quite eager to see me, and I would like to believe that is because you've missed me at least a fraction of how much I have missed you."

I laughed; he really was so romantic it made me want to scream.

"How could I not miss you?" I replied. "I was almost empty without you."

"How could you be? You always have my heart with you, and I with yours. I think there's a poem that expresses this that I've come across:

i carry your heart with me
(i carry it in my heart)
i am never without it
(anywhere i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling)."

At that moment, I kissed him. I would like to say it was tender, but I'm sure that I was too forceful to make the kiss delicate. His words were always my demise.

My hands were slowly reaching up his shirt, feeling their way across his toned chest. I heard him groan, a sure sign that he was enjoying the torture I was trying to put him through.

"Too many clothes." I whispered against his lips, leaning back so that he could get his shirt off.

As he was ridding himself of his shirt, I thought it best that I do the same. I one upped him, though, taking my bra off too. When his shirt was off, he looked at me, his irises more black than they were before. He pulled me to him, his mouth latching onto my chest.

I threaded my hand through his hair, holding him closer to me. His tongue was working its magic on my nipple as his hands massaged my hips. Needless to say, I was about to combust.

"I need you." I panted, as he moved his attention to my other breast.

"Who am I to deny you of anything?" He replied, moving his hands to the waistband of my pants. In one fluid motion, both my pants and panties were off.

I smiled, so glad that we didn't have to waste precious time taking off our clothes when we could be making love.

He spread kisses along my abdomen, and started trailing lower.

"No, Edward." I told him, probably insane for turning down oral sex. "I just want you, inside me, now."

I knew he loved it when I was verbal during our intimacy, and I could tell he enjoyed this response because he all but whipped off his boxers. I started, lustfully, at his erection. It really had been too long since we had been together like this.

He flipped me onto my back, and kissed me as he drove himself into me.

It was a beautiful thing, to finally be joined again. There were no barriers between us anymore, seeing as I have been on the pill for a few months now. It was insanely pleasurable and intense to be together like this.

"Ah Bella." He groaned. "You feel like home."

I wanted to cry, because God, I had missed him so much.

"I love you." I replied, feeling that my words were still inadequate to the wonders that come out of his mouth.

He thrust in me faster now, and I peaked before he had the chance to. Though, he never failed to finish up within ten seconds of me. I was right, when I heard him say my name again, and spill into me.

We laid there, arms touching, on our backs, breathing quickly from the activity. I never knew sex to be so… invigorating.

"We waited too long for that. You're never going more than one day without kissing me." I told him, turning on my side to look at him; he truly was a sight to be seen after sex.

He mimicked me, and turned on his side also, reaching a hand out to cup my face.

"I will happily oblige to your request." He leaned in to kiss me. After we kissed for another ten minutes, my stomach decided that it was too hungry to be ignored any longer.

Edward laughed when he heard it grumble, and told me to get dressed while he fixed us up breakfast.

When I had finished getting dressed, and my sex hair was tamed more so than before, I all but skipped out into the kitchen to find Edward's perfect ass facing me as he scrambled the eggs.

I fought the urge to spank him, lightly of course, and sat down at the table.

After only a few minutes, Edward joined me, setting two plates of eggs and sausage on the table.

"This looks so good." I said, digging in.

"I always knew you had a thing for my sausage." He winked, taking a bite of eggs.

I rolled my eyes. It never ceased to amaze me how he could be so sweet and romantic one moment, and then so childishly inappropriate.

"I think you need to stop hanging around Emmett so much; you're sounding more and more like him every day." I teased.

It was his turn to roll his eyes at my comment. It was nice how free and easy everything was when I was around him.

"How was the conference? Did you go look at the house?"

"I'm sorry, I must have gotten side tracked this morning and forgot to tell you. The house is really nice. You're going to love it." He told me, his eyes shining. I loved when he got excited.

"The decided move date is still Friday then?"

"I'm hoping so. Tomorrow, Emmett and Jasper said that while you girls are hanging out at Alice's place, they're going to come over here and help us get the rest of our things packed up. After that, we'll have a going away party on Thursday. If that works out for you, of course." Edward replied, finishing up his food.

"That sounds perfect. As long as Alice doesn't turn this into a major party event. And it'll be your job to keep me away from the alcohol." I handed him my plate as he cleared the table.

"I wouldn't dream of getting your drunk, darling." He said, his signature smirk on his face.

I kissed it right off of him.

The rest of the day was spent with me and Edward in our own little cocoon; oblivious to anything but each other. We talked, and loved, and laughed, just like we had no care in the world but to keep company with each other.

And that, truly made today, a day I'll never forget.

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