.|xXHidan [P l a y g r o u n d] DrabbleXx|.

Hidan sauntered the abandoned streets of his old village. His partner watching him from behind,

Of course the only reason why they were there was because Mr. I love money had heard there was a bounty to collect.

It had been around sunset time, the sky filled with fiery orange and red colours and the deep pine forest in the background. The streets were left abandoned and only gravel for paths,it was no surprise to Hidan that the Hidden steam village was torn down, even as a child he had remembered the streets abandoned and everyone was either drunk in bars or at home sleeping.

Hidan stopped for a second; his childhood playground loomed in his vision.

"Hey Hidan what's the hold up?" Kakuzu mumbled to the shorter one.

"Oh nothing,"

"Then get moving you useless moron." Kakuzu's green orbs locked on Hidan's back.

Hidan moved a few steps towards the park; it wasn't exactly where Kakuzu wanted to go.

"Oh I see the little kid wants to play in the park, go ahead lil' kid,"
Kakuzu sighed and pivoted on his left foot and headed into one of the bars, his target was probably there.
Hidan smiled slightly as he stuck his scythe in the sand box. He un-twined the rope he kept under his cloak and also threw that into the sand box. He walked over to the swing and sat down and began to pump himself to get a feel for it.

He may be 21 but he always loves to swing. Soon memorises began to flood his mind.

How he would always come out when it was dark when he was eleven, it would give him inspiration, he was a song writer you know.

He use to take a pen and paper and write to his God and sing it out loud, a few would walk by and give him the queer eye but other then that it was an amazing experience.

Hidan jumped of the swing and walked over to slide and climbed up the ladder then he placed his rear on the metal and slide down, he did that a few times and then went over to the monkey bars, he climbed upon them and hooked his feet under one bar and hung upside down. From the distance he began to hear some voices from the bar.
There he saw his partner walking out proudly with a limp body over his shoulder.

"Hidan we're going now,"

"Five more minutes," cried the pious man.

"No let's go."

"Augh fine ya party pooper!" with that the silver haired man let goof the bars and went over to claim his weapon.

"So Kakuzu how was the catch?"



"He was passed out..."

"Then what took so long?"

Kakuzu searched under his cloak for a pocket and took out a small device around the size of his hand, he pressed a button which turned it on and it automatically flashed to a picture of Hidan sliding down the metal slides with his hands up in the air.

He flicked though another picture that had Hidan jumping off the swing with a flabbergasted look and him hanging from the monkey bars.

"Everyone at the base will just love to see this." Hidan's face turned bright pink and he attempted to rip the camera from his partner's hands.

"I'm gonna kill you!"

"That's my line!" Kakuzu chuckled as he took of running to the bounty tradeing area.


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