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"And thus I hand the SOS Brigade to you Mitsuki! Now Come on Kyon! Tokyo won't wait forever!!!"

Kyon sighed, put his hands in his pocket a followed Haruhi to her car.

'Don't Ask me how she got her hands on a car cause really, I have no IDEA! As for Tokyo, Haruhi wanted an adventure to the big city. So she enrolled in the Tokyo University, forcing me as well. Sigh, Without Asahina-san.'

Haruhi jumped a cheered before jumping in the car, "TO TOKYO!"


"Ichi-nii! Rukia-chan! Hurry up! The train is leaving in an hour! You two will be late!"

"Aww, Yuzu, just let them be, so what if there late? They're collage students its there responsibility, besides they probably entertaining themselves some other way..."


"Oh! Finally my dream of my son being a man will be recogni-" Suddenly an shoe connected with Isshin's face.

Coming down the stairs was Ichigo. "Could you be any louder? Stupid Midget, Hurry Up! If you didn't take so long!"

"Your the one who was taking long!"

"Shut up!"

"You, Strawberry!"

"My son and third daughter are finally going to be living on their own! DADDYS SO PROUD!!!!"

"Shut up you old goat!"

"Rukia! Give me lots of grandchildren!"

"Come on Midget, were late!"

"Its your fault, Strawberry."

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