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"3 years ago I met Rukia; you've already heard that story. But in soul society it's illegal to give a human shinigami powers." Ichigo then mumbled to himself, "Yea I can see why..."

Rukia then whacked Ichigo over the head, "Idiot!"

"Yea, well soul society found out she gave me her powers…" Ichigo continued casually waving his hand back and forth before he was interrupted.

Rukia cut in, in a low mumble, "More like Aizen…"

Ichigo, being irritated, snapped his head back to Rukia obviously not to happy with the interruption, "You done?"

Rukia nodded and Ichigo turned his attention back to Haruhi and Kyon, "Anyways she was forced to return to soul society and then ironically she was sentence to death."

Haruhi jumped from her seat with a sparkle in her eye, "YOU MEAN YOU TWO ARE RUNAWAYS!!!!!!!!"

Ichigo shouted back in retort, "HELL NO!!!! Just let me finish!!!" Rukia giggled behind him, Ichigo glared, in response Rukia let out, "would you like me to take over?"

Ichigo had his scowl deepen, shaking his head violently he replied, "No way! I'm gonna finish!!!"

Rukia smirked and Ichigo recomposed himself, "Anyways…" That's as far as he got before being interrupted by Rukia again.

"Forget it!" She pushed Ichigo to the side and gave a triumphant smile. "You're making it boring! I'm gonna tell the rest!" and to Ichigo's dismay she brought out her sketch pad and limited edition chappy markers he gave her for her birthday last year.

"So Central 46, the government of the soul society, was actually annihilated by Aizen and he's the one who ordered my execution!" Rukia scoffed, "It was all elaborate scheme to obtain this weird orb thingy called the hogyoku!" Ichigo glanced at her sketch book and saw that Rukia drew; Aizen standing next to a dead central 46, a hell butterfly next to him with a little speech bubble say 'Rukia Kuchiki is to be executed by the sokyoku!', and in a little mind bubble Aizen is thinking about the hogyoku. Ichigo grimaced and glanced to Haruhi's and Kyon's reactions, Haruhi was in her glory totally into the story, while Kyon stood their gaping at Rukia's horrible drawings.

Rukia flipped the page and began to draw herself in a white kimono, "The hogyoku was inside me, so he chose to have me executed by the sokyoku…" Rukia drew a little hogyoku inside her and a picture of the hogyoku.

'Hey it almost exactly the same case I found her in when I saved her.' Just then Rukia began to draw another figure, 'Oh shit! Don't tell me that's…' Rukia then continued, "… but Ichigo showed up just in time to save me!"

Ichigo's face turn to pure horror as he saw Rukia finish the crappy drawing of him, Kyon busted into hysterical laughter, Haruhi too. 'Oh God no, someone kill me now!'

Rukia glared at the three of them, but Kyon and Haruhi weren't done laughing, Kyon was the first to stop. He then attempted to get Haruhi to stop which took a while Ichigo buried his face in his hands attempting to hide.

Rukia cleared her throat not happy in the slightest, "As I was saying Ichigo saved me!..." She turned to a fresh new page, "Ichigo then turned into a giant asshole and threw me to my friend Renji who took off running with me, Ichigo kicked some ass then got his own ass kicked by Aizen." She nearly growled at the words. Ichigo looked at the sketchbook and saw he was drawn on the ground unconscious when clearly he was conscious at that time. "Aizen then used some technique made by this guy called Urahara and removed the hogyoku from me." Much to her disgust she drew herself with Aizen's hand inside her searching for the Hogyoku. [N/A that sounded sooooo wrong.]

Rukia quickly turned the page and paused, she didn't draw anything but she still kept on talking, "Ichigo returned to the world of the living, here, and then I came down her after a week or so. Our friend Orihime got captured by Aizen. We went after her in Hueco Mundo, the realm of the hollows." Rukia then began drawing us in Hueco Mundo with the giant Las Noches in front of us. "We were successful in saving her… but," Rukia paused, her eyes turned into a deep sadness, Ichigo put his arm around her in attempt to comfort her. She looked up at him and gave him a sad smile before continuing.

"Ichigo returned to the world of the living only to find the soul society was deep into the winter war. Ichigo began battling Aizen, overpowering him; I arrived just then with Orihime and the others. Aizen unleashed his bankai; it had the ability to completely swipe someone's memories and to have total control of said person. He was aiming for Ichigo but," Rukia began to gather tears in her eyes. "Orihime jumped in front of Ichigo only to be hit with the attack instead."

Ichigo pulled Rukia closer, "Rukia if you want I can tell the rest, you don't have to." Rukia looked up at Ichigo with the most tragic expression. With her voice quivering she responded, "Thank you." Ichigo looked at Haruhi and Kyon in the eyes, "Aizen can only use that attack every five years from the information Kisuke gathered. He had no choice but to retreat back to Hueco Mundo…" Ichigo began to tremble, "And he took Inoue-san with him."

There was complete silence between the four. Haruhi and Kyon sat there shocked. Rukia was now crying in Ichigo's chest. Ichigo attempted to comfort her.

Ichigo let out a sigh failing at his simple task a spoke again. "We also lost some captains and valued friends in the war, Mayuri Kurotsuchi who was previously the 12th divisions captain, Komamura, We was previously the 7th divisions captain, Jushiro Ukitake…" Rukia flinched and Ichigo brought his head to hers, "He was captain of the thirteenth division, also Rukia's captain, lastly we also lost my best friend Chad." The atmosphere in the room tensed, Ichigo left a single tear fall from his eyes. Haruhi and Kyon were lost for words.

I mean what would you say if your roommates told you many of their friends were killed because of one single man.

Haruhi smiled lightly and moved her arm around Rukia, "Your drawings were very cute."

Rukia lifted her head slightly and rubbed her eyes as though she were a little five year old and sheepishly replied, "They were?"

Haruhi nodded, Rukia gave a small grin. Ichigo muttered to himself, "I still thought they were crappy." Rukia socked Ichigo in the eye. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!?!"

The four looked at each other and laughed.

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