When the plan goes to hell, Bella is stuck between a rock and a hard place; Victoria. Which Cullen will come to her rescue and redeem himself from that fate full day that took everything away from her? Now that it's been taken again, will Bella be able to forgive as easily as the last time?

A/N Just to clarify, Jacob and the wolf pack are not a part of this story. I am also omitting Riley so the fight is only against Victoria. This story does however take place during Eclipse. I do not own anything relating to the great SM.



Something was terribly wrong. I could feel Edward's fury and determination as he fought off Victoria. I could feel her sick delight as she ripped him apart. While Bella watched. The plan was turning in the wrong direction. Edward wasn't a fighter but I knew he would give his all for Bella, we all would. He even had the advantage, what was going wrong? My preoccupation with what was going down on the other side of the trees was distracting me. Pain ripped through my shoulder as a newborn sank her teeth in, bringing me back to the fight at hand.

The emotions flying everywhere were feeding my determination. I kept the four most important emotes in the front of my mind: first was Bella; if she lost it there would be uncontrollable consequences, second was Edward; he was her lifeline, her everything, her savior, thirdly was Victoria; hoping to feel her accomplishment slip was all I could hope for, and fourthly was my lifeline, Alice; she was always on my mind but at the moment I knew she could handle herself.

The newborns were faltering. They needed the guidance that was currently fighting my brother. Again, pain ripped through me, but this was not a physical pain. One moment he was there, the next, nothing. I couldn't recall the events that took place as my feet carried me at a speed even I didn't know I had, but I found myself in the clearing by the rock face that had a bleeding Bella curled up at the bottom. She was numb. I could hear her heart, pumping, the blood flowing, the adrenaline's sweet scent covering my senses.

Victoria's triumph and pride in herself was overwhelming. Her plan worked, she removed her greatest obstacle and was now moving onto her prize. She killed Edward and was now going to take Bella. Mate for mate. Bella's scent was everywhere, but I couldn't focus on that. The only thing that had my attention was the spark ignited by the Hell-bent beast that seethed inside of me, who only had eyes for the delusive red head that was now eyeing the broken Bella.

She had no idea I was here, but Bella did. I held a finger to my lips so she wouldn't speak and give me away. The fear in Bella all but melted away. Curious. I watched as her eyes locked with mine, and then as hers traveled around my shape taking in, no doubt, the damage from my earlier battle, then lock to my eyes again. Victoria was stalking towards Bella at an abnormally slow speed, taking in the sight of the abused human girl now sitting at attention. Bella wasn't numb anymore. She was raging, contemplative as she threw a look so black at Victoria; even I could feel the hot stare render my frozen body scorched. This infuriated Victoria.

I had to step in. Bella was going to do something audacious, something I never knew she had in her, something that would have given Edward an aneurism, where he still alive. Edward's dead. Shit. Pain shot through Bella's eyes, only making her more furious. I had to get a grip, we could all face the misery of losing him together, but right now I had to focus.

Realization ran through Victoria as she noticed she was no longer alone. With a smirk, she looked my direction and did the last thing I could have expected. With vampire speed she was at Bella's side, leaning over her. Bella didn't budge in her resolve. She slowly stood up to her full height taking Victoria by surprise. I had to admit she had me completely dumbstruck. Bella started to saunter in my direction. Locking her eyes with mine she begged me to follow her lead, hope coursed through her. I sent her a wave of confirmation, but was totally lost as to what she had planned. Stopping in front of me she took my hand and turned to look at the offending red head. Again, surprise formed in Victoria as she took in my hand clasped by Bella's.

Then Bella started talking and I bugged out. All my thoughts started running together: what will Alice see? What will she think? Will they come after us to help? There were too many flaws in Bella's plan. What the hell am I going to do? I absently noticed Bella's hand on my chest, running through my hair, kissing my cheek. The whole time I just gaped at her. Then she was moving toward Victoria again, I knew I should have stopped her but I was stuck. Victoria took this as an invitation. A flash of red hair and it ended and began all at the same time.

Victoria leaned in and her teeth made contact with Bella's most precious vein.

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